1. Tom & Jen #FashionBloggers - I love, love, love these two!!! I like them a lot mainly because they remind me of myself and my best friend in a lot of ways. Sassy, stylish, and funny! Anyways, I just basically fell in love with everything about them. Their designs, their personalities, everything! I was so happy when they made it on the second plane because I was really worrying they were going to be behind everyone else. I'm definitely rooting for them more than anyone else! <33

2. Sanders & MacArthur #PoliceCadets - First off, has anyone seen the movie The Heat? Because these two completely remind me Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock from that movie, and I absolutely love it! MacArthur is fabulously hilarious and sassy, and was by far the most funniest character out of all of them. I loved the interaction between the two, and how MacArthur was being the dominant one. Sanders was kinda mute and boring, but MacArthur completely made up for that.

3. Emma & Kitty #Sisters - Now were getting to the teams that I absolutely loved! I really loved both of their personalities, with Emma being the serious and determined one, and Kitty being the more fun and outgoing one. I thought their interactions with each other were really funny. They are definitely my favorite sister duo to be on the show and I'm really hoping they make it far.

4. Taylor & Kelly #DaughterAndMom - Let me start out by saying that Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies, and they completely reminded me of Regina George and her mom, which I love! At first I thought I was going to hate the whole spoiled, bratty daughter storyline, but I actually thought that a lot of their lines were funny. I think Taylor will be one of the antagonists of this season and will make the show a lot more fun to watch, and her mom too!

5. Owen & Noah #RealityTVPros - These guys were instantly one of my favorite teams just because of Noah (<3). Don't get me wrong, I like Owen too, but I was really hoping he would be different, and not the same over-eating, over-farting blob like they've shown in almost every season, but unfortunately I was wrong. I think by now they've over used Owen and don't give Noah as much screen time, which I'm really hoping they change in the future. The only reason they are this high is because of Noah. (Btw, I really loved the elevator scene and how Noah has gotten used to Owen's farts xD)

6. Geoff & Brody #SurferDudes - I've never been a huge fan of Geoff, so I kinda hoping that he would return with Bridgette, but I surprisingly liked this duo. I actually wished they got more screen time, mainly because Brody didn't have very many lines. Overall, I think these two are going to be a fun pair to watch. The only thing I'm hoping for is more character development.

7. Carrie & Devin #BestFriends - Just like Ellody, I instantly loved Carrie because of her voice acting (Bridgette<3). These guys are obviously going to make it far, possibly even winning, considering they had the most screen time. Overall, I really like this team (mainly Carrie), because I feel for her being in the friendzone. I just hope they don't over do the whole crush plotline, because I feel like they over use it a lot on this show.

8. Mary & Ellody #Geniuses - First off, I instantly loved Ellody because of her voice actor (Courtney<3). Anyways, I think Ellody is actually the only one who had any lines unfortunately, because I have big hopes for this team. I'm just hoping that they don't make Ellody a complete Scarlett/Cameron rip off and that they have more screen time in the future (especially Mary).

9. Stephanie & Ryan #Daters - They were pretty absent for most of the first episode, only having one or two big moments. Surprisingly, they weren't really annoying to me, but they were pretty boring. I honestly think the producers should make them argue and bicker a little, just too make the whole "perfect couple" thing more interesting.

10. Dwayne & Junior #FatherAndSon - Based on the amount of screen time they had in the first episode, I think they will make it pretty far. I actually like the whole annoyed son and stereotypical dad storyline, but they didn't really have any funny or memorable lines. I'm hoping that they have more lines in the future so that way we can see their relationship progress throughout the season.

11. Laurie & Miles #Hippies - Now were getting to the competitors that I am pretty neutral on. I actually thought they were pretty cool. The sad thing is that they barely had any screen time, or else they would probably be a little higher. Overall, I thought they were ok and I'm hoping they get more screen time in the future.

12. Jacques & Josee #IceDancers - I really don't get the love for these guys. I know lots of people find them funny, but they were actually kinda irritating to me. I did like how Jacques was completely unaware of Josee's insults, but other than that, they weren't that funny to me. With that said, based on their amount of screen time and performance in the first episode, I do think they will be formidable competitors.

13. Leonard & Tammy #LARPers - I hated Leonard in TDPI, but in this episode I didn't really mind him as much. It might be because he didn't have that many lines, so he was more tolerable than he was in TDPI. As for Tammy, she didn't have any lines so I can't really say anything about her yet.

14. Jay & Micky #AdversityTwins - With these guys, I think you either love them or hate them. I don't really hate them, but I didn't really like them either. I felt like their storyline and personalities were complete carbon copies of Cameron. Now, I love Cameron, but I found these guys to be really annoying. But knowing the show, they're probably going to be the underdogs and make it far (just like Cameron).

15. Rock & Spud #Rockers - Another team that I thought was really pointless and boring. They didn't have very many lines, and the few lines they did have weren't really funny at all. I'm predicting them to be early boots. One of the few teams that I didn't like at all during the first episode.

16. Crimson & Ennui #Goths - I actually don't really mind these two, because they're really just there. They had no lines at all during the first episode, nor did they really do much. If they actually had lines, they would probably be higher. I do think their designs are really cool and different though.

17. Gerry & Pete #TennisRivals - I like the idea of having two older men on the show for once, but I was actually really annoyed by them. The whole rivalry storyline just wasn't really funny to me. They were one of the only teams that I really hated during the first episode (along with the Step Brothers and Rockers).

18. Chet & Lorenzo #StepBrothers - They were super annoying to me. The characters themselves are really pointless and one-dimensional. All they did in the first episode was argue with each other, and that's probably all they're going to do in future episodes too. I really hope that they are early boots.

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