• HF250

    TDWT Winner Rant

    April 25, 2011 by HF250

    Since the finale of TDWT aired on Canada, i've been thinking, why do you consider Alejandro as the winner? Sure, he won in Canada, but i'd like to point out that his verson of the finale was mader after Heather's.

    Proof: Australia always airs the "original" winner, they aired Owen, Beth and Heather winning, their version of the TDA Special was different because it was the original one, also, ABC3 didnt have a votation (like almost every country) because they only had Heather's ending. How do I know that? Well, Alejandro's ending was sent to Venezuela (place where they dub TDWT in spanish) weeks after they already had finished dubbing the whole season, Jesus Hernandez (voice of Alejandro in spanish) even said that Alejandro was the alternate …

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