a LOT of people (including me) hate Total Drama All-Stars. It was bland, annoying and predictable. Here's how I think the elimination should've gone:

Elimination 14th- Courtney (Eliminated in Heroes vs. Villains for being a very bossy leader.)

13th- Duncan (Eliminated in Evil Dread for being a big threat.)

12th- Lightning (Eliminated in Saving Private Leechball for not being too handy with the weaponary.)

11th- Zoey (Eliminated in Food Fright for not concentrating on the challenge and focusing on Mike.)

10th- Mike (Quit in Moon Madness for realizing that Mal had been reawakened. He wanted to seek professional help.)

9th- Heather (Eliminated in No one Eggspects the Spanish Opposition when an immunity idol was played against her at the ceremony (by Alejandro).

8th- Cameron (Chosen to be eliminated in Sukcers Punched by the Villains for being a finalist.)

--Merge-- 7th- Alejandro (Everyone was afraid of his almost winning the challenge in You Regutta Be Kiddin Me so he was voted off.

6th- Sierra (Eliminated in Zeek and Ye Shall Find when Ezekiel kidnapped her and she was never found.)

5th- Jo (Eliminated in The Obstakill Course when she beat up everyone as part of her new aggressive stratagy and used Sam to help her almost win.)

4th- Scott (Eliminated in Sundae Mudy Sundae for being the only villains left.)

3rd- Gwen (Eliminated in The bold and the Booty-full despite winning immunity because her contract stated she couldn't make the finals again.)

2nd- Sam (Lost to Linddsay in The FInal Wrecke-ning when he got hit by Chfe.

1st- Lindsay (Won because she managed to pull the sword.)

What do you think? Please comment! I <3 comments!

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