Cameron, Mike and Zoey, are, to me, three of the most controversial characters on this wiki (or pretty much anywhere). People either really hate them or really love them, so I thought why not make a blog where people share their opinions? I'll go first with what I think and then you guys can write down your own opinions of why you hate/love each character! OK, here goes...


I honestly didn't mind Cameron in TDRI. The way he was put on the show made him kind of like an underdog and I always lve underdogs. I was happy when he won in my country and excited for his return in All-Stars. However, when he came back he got on my nerves. He lasted way too long and I really didn't get why he got trnsferred to the Villains. I guess, in conclsuion, he was an OK character.




I love Mike because he was so awkward and just so goshdarn funny. I agree that he may not have accurately portrayed DID but he was still pretty rootable. I was upset that he got 6th in TDRI and felt so bad for how he got treted by Mal in TDAS. The only thing that was a turn-off was the restart button. That's why he is not my FAVE character, but I till like him.




BLAND BLAND BLAND. I HATE Zoey. She had nothing going for her in DTRI other than that Commando Zoey stuff and that was only brought about because she was so relaint on Mike. Actually, her whole character was just based on Mike. Her only actions were brought about because of Mike. She was bascally a Sadie to Mike's Katie (or the othr way around if you like Sadie more). I really hate Zoey.

Your Turn!

What do you think of Mike/Cameron/Zoey? Do you love them or hate them? Leave your opinions in the comments! I <3 comments, as you know XD. --Gwen

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