Hey everyone! GwenwinsTDI here with her own rankings. I will be doing the first generation first and then move on eventually. So here goes!

Total Drama First Generation Contestants Edit

Hated Characters

25. Blaineley

Blaineley was a wasted opportunity. She could've been a great evil person if she'd debuted at the beginning of the season like everyone else, but her debut was far too late and she ended up being a boring character despite her end speech (which was pretty much her only purpose in the show). So she's the worst character in my opinion.

23/24. Duncan/Courtney



OK, Courtney was OK in Island, but Duncan wasn't. Duncan got WAY too much screen time and should've been eliminated instead of Courtney in Island. From that point on, in true Total Drama fashion, Duncan stuck around for a couple more seasons only because they had to have someone make merge a lot. Now, to Courtney. When she returned in Action I was OK with it but then she got annoying with her berserk-ness. Her return in All-Stars was the worst. She caused Gwen's character to go down a bit and it turned out that she didn't really like Gwen at all. AND SHE ISN'T A HERO. NoT AT ALL!!

22. Alejandro

Alejandro was pretty much a Justin substitute which made me feel cheated out while I was watching World Tour. He wasn't really a newcomer. I mean, Heather could've fallen for Justin instead of Alejandro, but instead they just had to make a suspiciously similar substitute. And don't get me started on All-Stars.

21. Sadie



Sadie was a clone of Katie (who was in my opinion, an awesome character) to the point of it being annoying. Could've had her own personality once Katie was eliminated, but instead sat around like a big blob. Perhaps if she had had more time to develop she would've been higher on my list.

20. Sierra


Aww...don't care.

Sierra was, like Alejandro, a substitute of Beth and Izzy. Right down to being a fangirl (Beth) and crazy (Izzy). She could've blossomed and become her own character but she just revolved around Cody. Even in All-Stars...seriously. This is why I hated World Tour.

19. Tyler

Tyler who? He could've been a little developed more and not been too clumsy. And CHICKENS? Really? How about a more interesting fear?

Meh Characters

18. Eva

Eva Fails

See? Totally evil!

I have to say that Eva does have her strong points as a character, like being able to be funny despite her obvious impersonation of the Hulk. However, she simply wasn't developed enough. She would've made a great TDA antagonist instead of Justin.

17. Justin

Justin is perf


Justin was kind of OK in Island. I mean, he did very little to really make me like or hate him. However, in Action he got kind of annoying with his sudden evil nature. I mean, I understand that the writers wanted him to get more screen time but they could've tried to make his evil nature appear more naturally as opposed to suddenly being there. I'm kind of glad he faded into the background after that.

16. Geoff



Geoff was a great contestant in Island and my only problem with him was how overly-excited he got about partying. However, when he faded to being such a bland character after that I lost interest in him. He was OK in the Aftermaths, but it's kind of sad that we never really got to see him get farther in the competition. And his evil nature in Action is definitely a reason why he is low on my list.

15. Noah

The only reason Noah is this low is because of his lack of screen-time. Other than that, he was a good character. I liked his sarcastic nature, but it could've been dimmed down a bit at times. So, he ends up placing 15th.

13/14. Owen/Izzy These two characters are honestly, pretty annoying at times. They do have their funny moments, like Izzy going gun-crazy and Owen imagining everyone is his favorite food, but Owen is too much of a screen-hog and he kind of went downhill after Island (as did most people). Izzy is also a little too crazy for my liking, but their funny moments end up outweighing their annoying moments in my opinion, so they place 13th/14th.

12. DJ

DJ was a funny character in Island and Action. I really liked how he seemed to be friendly with everyone but still have a personality in his own right (ahem Zoey ahem). I didn't like it when he got the animal curse in World Tour however. He got kind of too "momma's boy-ish" when that occurred and that didn't really seem right. I wish that hadn't happened because, up until then, he was my second favorite-character. Ah well. Ψ 11. Bridgette

Bridgette was like Geoff starting from Action onward, which kind of made me dislike her a bit, but her Island appearance was great. I really liked how caring and positive she was unlike some of the other girls, who I end up liking more than her for some reason lol. I think that if she could go back to being the same as she was in Island I would move her up the list a little bit.

Liked Characters

10. Ezekiel I LOVE Ezekiel because of his parody of Gollum from my all-time favorite series Lord of the Rings! The only problem I have is that he didn't make it far in Island and ended up getting abused by Chris. C'mon writers! Let Zeke thrive some more instead of keeping him in the dust. He should've appeared in All-Stars, seriously.

9. Cody

Cody TDWT Rank


Cody was probably the most relatable character to me because sometimes I can be awkward and clumsy as well (gasp!). He also had great storylines and great development but could've been less annoying at times. I was kind of upset he got the boot so early in TDI but he was an awesome competitor in Season 3! Really hope he comes back for the Ridonculous Race.

8. Heather



Heather was a great contestant in general. She never got below 10th, developed nicely from TDI-TDWT (along with her hair XD) and managed to cause a LOT of drama. The only problem I have with her is how dumbed down she became in All-Stars (Yes, Mr. McGurrin I'm talking to you) as well as her relationship with Alejandro. Ugh. That's all I have to say.

7. Trent

Trent confessional makeup


I like Trent because of how great he was at understanding Gwen's personality in TDI. He managed to step up and be a great friend and boyfriend to her at a time when few others were able to do that. My only complaint is him in TDA. Need I say more?

Hint for Number 6-4 Had greatly improved placings in TDA.

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