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    Cameron, Mike and Zoey, are, to me, three of the most controversial characters on this wiki (or pretty much anywhere). People either really hate them or really love them, so I thought why not make a blog where people share their opinions? I'll go first with what I think and then you guys can write down your own opinions of why you hate/love each character! OK, here goes...

    I honestly didn't mind Cameron in TDRI. The way he was put on the show made him kind of like an underdog and I always lve underdogs. I was happy when he won in my country and excited for his return in All-Stars. However, when he came back he got on my nerves. He lasted way too long and I really didn't get why he got trnsferred to the Villains. I guess, in conclsuion, he was…

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    a LOT of people (including me) hate Total Drama All-Stars. It was bland, annoying and predictable. Here's how I think the elimination should've gone:

    Elimination 14th- Courtney (Eliminated in Heroes vs. Villains for being a very bossy leader.)

    13th- Duncan (Eliminated in Evil Dread for being a big threat.)

    12th- Lightning (Eliminated in Saving Private Leechball for not being too handy with the weaponary.)

    11th- Zoey (Eliminated in Food Fright for not concentrating on the challenge and focusing on Mike.)

    10th- Mike (Quit in Moon Madness for realizing that Mal had been reawakened. He wanted to seek professional help.)

    9th- Heather (Eliminated in No one Eggspects the Spanish Opposition when an immunity idol was played against her at the ceremony (by Alejandro). …

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  • GwenwinsTDI

    Hey everyone! GwenwinsTDI here with her own rankings. I will be doing the first generation first and then move on eventually. So here goes!

    Hated Characters

    25. Blaineley

    Blaineley was a wasted opportunity. She could've been a great evil person if she'd debuted at the beginning of the season like everyone else, but her debut was far too late and she ended up being a boring character despite her end speech (which was pretty much her only purpose in the show). So she's the worst character in my opinion.

    23/24. Duncan/Courtney

    OK, Courtney was OK in Island, but Duncan wasn't. Duncan got WAY too much screen time and should've been eliminated instead of Courtney in Island. From that point on, in true Total Drama fashion, Duncan stuck around for a co…

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