I think that the majority of the eliminations were planned by Chris. i.e. who was allowed to go home and who should stay. You could check in these episodes:

Walk Like an Egyptian Part 1

Chris "eliminated" Ezekiel because he was constantly annoying him, so he threw him out of the plane. But in the end he was forced to have him return because Duncan left, which he was really discouraged about.

Walk Like an Egyptian Part 2

Chris constantly reminded Team Victory how Ezekiel kept doing these wrong things. I bet he even told them that he was going to let everyone go safe to the next destination so that he could have Zeke confess that he lost the stick, causing his teammates to be upset with him and eventually vote him out.

Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan

Nothing really here. But he didn't stop Harold from jumping off so that DJ could officially be eliminated. Perhaps trying to keep the "animal curse" around for ratings.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

Chris could've helped Bridgette get out of her pole situation by giving her some water but drank it all for himself. Most likely wanted to get rid of Team Victory at this point.

More proof coming later...

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