Well with Episode One being surprisingly good (at least compared to ROTI and All Stars), we are now into Episode Two. I saw this one last one immediately following Episode One, but it’s only now that I’m posting this reaction blog.

Why am I stalling?

So anyway, the first thing I notice is that the cut opening is now gone entirely. And furthermore, there isn’t even a recap. The episode just seemed to flow into itself immediately following the end of the last one. I got my hopes up at this sight as it could potentially mean that we could have more episode time to show something of actual substance.

Right away, we get Amy acting like a jerk when she wakes up her sister to accompany Jasmine in the quest for food. And then Amy goes into the confessional and spews out her hatred towards Samey. Apparently, she is a whole seventeen minutes older than Samey and she hates her…and stuff.

So Jasmine and Samey are looking food and oh no, Samey touches some death apple. I looked it up and it turns out it’s a real thing. According to my friend Wikipedia, this apple mainly grows in the Caribbean and Central America. Figures with Chris and his introduction of exotic species to cold Canada. And also, it might be deadly if eaten. Okay. But Samey doesn’t eat it and she gets a rash.

At this point, we get some development with Shawn. He knows a lot about nature and survival. It makes sense, so I’ll give him a point. Maybe he’ll date Jasmine who is also an expert on the subject, but let’s see what this season will do first.

Challenge time! And what? This challenge is an obstacle course. It’s slightly more dangerous than the previous challenge, but it’s not by that much.

Oh yeah, remember that guy Rodney? Well it looks he know wants to be in love with Amy, but fears of breaking Jasmine’s heart. So he tells Jasmine that and she’s left confused. Okay.

During the obstacle course, we find out that Sky is really good at gymnastics. Oh great, another far-reaching skill that just happens to coincide with this challenge! Sky, you’re starting to remind me of someone.

But we’ll get to that later. First, we get some Dave getting grossed out from getting covered with grease; the only gimmick in this challenge. To be fair, I think grease is pretty gross too. This guy gets me.

So…what else happens? Well, Samey and Amy are paired up to do like this tunnel thing covered with grease and Amy forces Samey to bring their boar all by herself. That is until the boar is scared and drags them both through the tunnel. And at this point, I have an opinion on each. Samey is alright I guess, but I can’t stand Amy. This scene is funny because it has the prissy Amy getting covered with grease. I don’t know.

You also have Sugar who falls in love with her boar. I think she was supposed to be like a pageant queen I guess. She did talk about some contests in the previous episode and she did want to put glitter on the rock tower. But I guess now she’s some gross country girl that falls in and out of love. Oh yeah, and she falls in love with Leonard I guess because she thinks he’s a wizard. About Leonard. I was alright with him in the previous episode, but he’s starting to get on my nerves now. He’s like Harold taken to the nerdy extreme. The problem is there’s no bad boy like Duncan to knock him down. Which could work if they wanted to do their own unique arc with him, but he only gets voted off here. Oh, did I mention he gets voted off in this episode?

I’ll get to that later, but first Scarlett and Max. I smell and alliance. Why do I say that? Well you have their love for science. Unfortunately, I find them both unlikeable right now. Scarlett is kind of boring and Max is kind of lame with his inventions. I know his invention only kind of helps in the challenge and I know it doesn’t ultimately determine the challenge, but I’m not really laughing at this.

So the…Pimapotew…Kinosewak win again; leaving the same losers to have to vote for someone. And it just so happens to be the other guy in the bottom from the previous week. Oh look, Sugar is in love. Look how tragic their breakup is! But we don’t have time for that! It’s time for blast off!

And we’re done Episode Two. Final thoughts?

Overall this episode is similar to Episode One. In some respects it did feel like Island with its rather tame challenge. But now that things are rolling I guess, there are some problems that I stated above. This episode only worsened my fear of Zoey’s return with Sky’s unexpected ability in gymnastics. Also, Sugar’s crush on Leonard seemed a little weird and if it was for laughs, then it didn’t work. Finally, the politics seem a little slow right now. Like, there’s literally no strategy going around at this moment. At least in ROTI Scott had a plan from the beginning. But oh well, maybe Episode Three will heat things up.

On the other hand, I do find myself liking Dave, Shawn, and Topher. They’re my three favorite characters so far. Also, I did like the challenge as it didn’t seem ridiculous (similar to the last challenge). Finally while not all the jokes worked, I did laugh at a couple of them.

So on the whole, I liked it. I still can’t wait for Episode Three to air…

Oh wait, it already aired…

Better get to work.

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