Okay I’m not gonna lie…

Episode Three wasn’t as good as the first two.

That’s not to say it was bad or something, there were just more problems in it that brought it down. So what are they you may ask? Well let’s see…

The episode starts with Samey going back out with Jasmine for foraging. I’m glad that this episode has continuity callbacks, so that’s good. So anywho, Jasmine is like ‘You need to show your sister who’s boss!’ and Samey’s like ‘I can’t!’ and Jasmine’s like ‘Yes you can!’ and Samey’s like ‘Okay.’

We then have a scene where the Pimapotew Kinosewak are having breakfast and Amy is doing what she does best: taking credit for stuff Samey did. Can you just shut up? And then Samey stands up to her saying ‘I did that! And you’re a poopyhead!’ and then Amy’s like ‘Stop teasing me!’ before she starts crying. And then everyone else is like ‘Samey you jerk! Y u do dis!’


Okay, so Rodney says that Amy did, but while Amy is the more outspoken of the two, you could also make the argument that he just said that to get on her good side. You know, because he loves her. In addition, Jasmine doesn’t stand up to Samey when she claims that she actually collected the berries. In fact, Jasmine says something pretty stupid. Something along the lines of ‘Samey, this ain’t the time.’ But isn’t this the perfect time? This clearly illustrates Amy being a jerk to Samey and if there’s any time to call her out it’s right here. But that’s nothing compared to how everyone else acted. Have they been paying no attention at all? I mean even if the identical twin thing confused them, then Jasmine should have at least done something. Especially if she’s completely able to tell them apart. Well now it looks like everyone wants to vote off Samey. I guess the script is all powerful.

So while we’re on the subject of politics, it looks we have another romance lingering; this time between Shawn and Jasmine. It’s one-sided for the moment and he pretends to deny it, but I think it’s revealing itself quite a bit. As much knowledge as Shawn has about survival and zombie movies, I would actually be surprised if he is able to let go of his feelings (if they exist).

I’m sorry, I just need to go back to Amy and Samey real quick. I didn’t want to digress from the topic of politics, but this tidbit just has to be said. Okay, so after Amy pretends to cry in front of everyone, she goes into the confessional and she says something really weird. I believe she wants to legally change Samey’s name to like ‘Sparagus’ or something. I’m not sure if it’s a joke, but it does raise an eyebrow. Given all the crap that Amy gives Samey, it makes me wonder about their home life. I might be overanalyzing this or maybe Amy could have just been bluffing, but it’s a thought that will stay in my mind moving forward. If I see anything else suspicious I’ll point it out.

Back to the story.

Looks like it’s time for a challenge. And it seems as if we just have a balloon fight with various things in there. I think Chris said there were bees in there, but why isn’t there any buzzing. And also there must be a lot of bees in there because it’s full just like the other balloons. But it’s a cartoon so I’ll let it slide. So if I go this right, then it’s a last person standing thing. And the people team up to do stuff.

In this challenge, it looks like Sky’s great athleticism persists…I guess. But then Dave says in a confessional that she’s great at everything. Is she a Mary Sue? You know, like that other girl. So anyway at least here they try to deny their feelings. They don’t act like they were made together; they actually have to warm up to each other. Even though it’s obvious how they really feel, it’s nice to see a relationship grow unlike another one I know of.

Meanwhile, Rodney starts to fall in love with Jasmine again and we get the same joke from last week. Please don’t tell me this will be some sort of running gag!

Hey look, Ella put a smiley face on her balloon. How cute! But in all seriousness, I was a little worried that Ella would grow on my nerves in Episode Two and this one doesn’t help. She just seems so incorruptibly happy and it’s not endearing. Even Chris can’t get to her or anything! Now that’s not to say I don’t like overly happy characters, but this is getting a tad bit annoying.

Also, looks like we have some Max and Scarlett going on. I’m starting to think that they’re going to team up and actually become bad guys. Hopefully that doesn’t happen but…we still haven’t seen official alliances form. Sure we have friendships and conflicts, but so far nobody has gone up to anybody and asked ‘Do you want to be in an alliance?’ The closet thing we get is after the challenge when Amy tells everyone to vote off Samey off-screen.

Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Okay, so Amy and Samey want to take out some people on the other team and Jasmine is there for support I guess. The three bicker until they burst their own balloon; costing them the challenge. Amy then acts like a whiny, bratty two-year-old. She literally says the line ‘I’m telling!’ like she’s a whiny, bratty two-year-old. And then afterward, Samey looks like she’s gonna eat the death apple that Jasmine warned her about. Amy tells her that everyone knows about her strategy I guess and takes the death apple to eat it. And then later that night her mouth becomes all swollen. Even if this was part of Jasmine’s plan, she could have at least told the others the real story about Amy being a jerk. But it doesn’t matter, because Samey stands up to Amy I guess and forces Amy’s comeuppance. Okay, I guess maybe Jasmine does know what she was doing, but I was honestly hoping that they could have used their words instead. Like Samey could tell the others Amy is lying and if they don’t believe her, Jasmine can just come up and tell her everything. And the problem with that is that now it makes Samey kind of look bad. Everyone still think she’s mean one that would switch around with her own sister. Unless Jasmine actually talks, then Samey could be in some serious trouble.

So on the whole while this episode wasn’t as good as the first two, it did allow some characters to interact some more. We could be seeing several relationships form, friendships and conflicts are starting to solidify, and I guess things are speeding up. Aside from the logic errors I just pointed out, I guess there’s not too much to be upset about.

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