I believe I asked a question at the end of the last blog. So what’s our answer?


This episode begins with a wakeup call in the middle of the night where we find out that the teams have merged. We also find out that Chris is giving them a midnight meal because according to him, his practice of feeding the contestants is “illegal”. We’ll see how much Chris will follow that law an-

What did you just say? Haven’t they been foraging for food? It’s kind of like on Survivor where everyone has a bag of rice, but they have to get everything else. And this island clearly has berries that nobody died eating. So what gives?

Anyway, they have to drink a blended mess that looks like my face and the winner gets to be the seeker at a game of hide-and-seek. And believe it or not, Sugar wins.

Meanwhile, Dave tried to impress Sky by finishing his drink first and then boasting about it to her face. You know, when I first saw that moment I thought it was out of character. But then something popped up that made me backtrack to an earlier episode. And it turned out that there was a scene where Dave and Sky were picking berries and Sky was rambling about how much she loved gymnastics and Dave is thinking about love instead of listening. And then he makes an inappropriate comment and admits in the confessional that he doesn’t always say the right things to girls he’s about to be friendzoned by. It was then that I realized that this mistake wasn’t too farfetched. Anywho, Sky gets mad and friendzones Dave; although I’m not sure if it’s technically a breakup. Then Chris starts narrating what we just saw and it looked like Sky was gonna stand up to the host. But no, instead she goes right back to hating Dave. It even gets him to throw his shoe and howl like a wolf.

But then we find out something interesting. Apparently, the drink everyone just consumed gave them food poisoning and one of the symptoms is strange behavior. Oh…so I guess that’s why Dave went from wanting Sky to see him drink to boasting about the fact that he finished his first. I guess that also explains why Jasmine suddenly possessed Sky and made her hate Dave. Okay, it makes sense now.

It also causes Max to barf on some computer hardware inside an artificial tree, but I’ll get to that later.

So we get back to everyone getting food poisoning. It turns them all into zombies and they start trudging. But guess who didn’t get food poisoning? That’s right, Jasmine and Shawn. Oh wait, Jasmine barfed and Shawn can barely stay awake. Why do they get off lucky? Oh…so we can have a zombie movie and a make-up…I think.

Jasmine and Shawn climb up a tree and suddenly the others have the ability to climb too. But hold on: they could barely stand, slowly walk, are tired, and by the looks of things, aren’t very coordinated. So how on earth can they climb this tree? Oh wait…it’s to force conflict.

So Shawn sacrifices himself to save Jasmine and Jasmine wins immunity with Sugar. And I guess because of that, she forgives Shawn. Okay, let me get this straight…Jasmine wanted to throw a challenge for Shawn, but Shawn (having no idea about this) hits her because it’s a part of the challenge and he actually wants to win for his team (as a normal person would). Jasmine takes this personally and hates Shawn for like five or so episodes all because Shawn was only playing the game and also because she was expecting Shawn to go easy on her as well in the midst of a challenge. And then she makes up with him. Okay. Well at least that forced drama is over.

At the elimination, Dave made a button promoting his campaign to kill- I mean vote himself. How did he get that button made on an island with literally no resources? Did he ask Chris to do it? What?

So it turns out that Dave voted for himself and that makes him eliminated. But Chris said that Sky would have been eliminated had it not been for this event. What? Why were they so harsh on Sky for reasonably getting upset over Dave’s bizarre comment? She could have also been “acting strangely” from the drink. I guess you can’t really blame either because they were both intoxicated, but you’re really going to go that hard? Why didn’t Scarlett vote for Max? Did everyone forget his past crimes? You know, the ones that were supposed to get him eliminated? Now that the teams are merged, Scarlett could make a good argument to have him voted off. I mean, that’s what she’s trying to do. Even though her plan to make Max look bad would no longer work, she could at least destroy him at the social game. He’s socially awkward with his diabolical mannerisms. Blow up his ego; make him act very annoying. The worst he could do at challenges at this point is win for himself, so Scarlett: take the easy way. But no, I guess these people only play by week.

Oh…wait! Scarlett, I know what you can do! Remember how he barfed on the computer tree? It screwed up everything on the island! Everything is chaos! Tell everyone he did it! Tell them he ruined their lives!

And we’re at the end of the episode. While there were some logic issues and obnoxious loopholes that only serve to add conflict, this episode does help the season out. Jasmine finally realizes how much of a narrow-minded idiot she has been, there was actually some subtlety when it came to Sky’s and Dave’s actions. Also, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what’s gonna happen with the computer going haywire.

…And that’s about it.

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