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    It’s over. And here’s what I’ve got to say about it.

    Now, this last reaction blog is going to be a little different than the others I’ve done. Instead of going through the whole episode, I’m just going to talk the highlights and my overall opinion.

    So regarding the episode, it was good but there was plenty of stuff that held it back in my opinion.


    What did it do wrong?

    I think the first thing that should be addressed is the helper thing. Similar to All-Stars, they did not bring back everyone else, which really disappointed me. But unlike All-Stars, I can at least give this credit for not killing the others on screen. But with that said, the helpers they chose to bring back are the freakin’ obvious ones: Jasmine and Dave. I was also put…

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  • Gumball2

    Well let’s not waste time here. I’ve got a finale to get to!

    This episode starts with a weird segment of Sugar trying to kill Sky. My guess is that the South made her too stupid to know anything about subtlety. Or maybe it’s this show.

    Meanwhile, Shawn briefly laments the loss of Jasmine before coming to realize that now he can have the money all to himself. Um…I don’t think that’s what she meant, Shawn. I think she means that you have to split the money no matter how she turns out. But at least he doesn’t have to worry about her anymore. She’s no longer here.

    The challenge is made up of three parts and each will be made up entirely by the contestants. And I’m not gonna lie, that’s kind of a good idea. Of course, everyone tries to make one th…

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    We have made it to the Final Four and it looks like our competition was completely unexpected. We have Jasmine (didn’t see that coming), Sky (hmm…), Sugar (umm…), and Shawn (those were some tight eliminations he got out of) and we’re ready to dive into this episode of Pahkitew Island.

    So it looks like this season has bought into the idea that love means alliance as Sky thinks that since Jasmine and Shawn are dating, there’s an alliance that’s out to get her. To her, the only option at this point is to get Sugar to create some form of tiebreaker in the case of a vote. The only problem is, Sugar is freakin’ disgusting. Right now, she’s eating a cabbage so that she could…recreate the Cannon of Shame? Well gee…um…’kay.

    Meanwhile, Shawn and Jasmine ar…

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    So I just saw Episode Ten. How did it turn out? Will the upward curve continue?

    Well we are immediately engulfed into the conflict; the island is in chaos! Furthermore, we get Sky’s emotional turmoil resulting from Dave’s elimination in a confessional…and that’s about it. It’s looking like Jasmine’s brainwashing might be getting to her, but we got more important things to deal with at the moment.

    We find out that the entire island is operated entirely by a computer…


    Given the size of this island, why would you throw so much money into its construction? You would need the budget of at least a couple blockbusters to do that. Is this set like ten years in the future? Is that why Chris is at the ancient age of thirty…question mark. How old…

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    I believe I asked a question at the end of the last blog. So what’s our answer?


    This episode begins with a wakeup call in the middle of the night where we find out that the teams have merged. We also find out that Chris is giving them a midnight meal because according to him, his practice of feeding the contestants is “illegal”. We’ll see how much Chris will follow that law an-

    What did you just say? Haven’t they been foraging for food? It’s kind of like on Survivor where everyone has a bag of rice, but they have to get everything else. And this island clearly has berries that nobody died eating. So what gives?

    Anyway, they have to drink a blended mess that looks like my face and the winner gets to be the seeker at a game of hide-and-see…

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