I realize I may attract unwanted attention for trying to be a middle ground for the Zoey controversy, but that's not the point of this blog.

There has always been considerable controversy regarding Zoey's character (or lack thereof) since her debut in Revenge of the Island; however, the controversy has came to a head since of the airing of The Bold and the Booty-ful. Many users have staunchly expressed their opinion about her, whether it's negative or positive. Personally, my opinion about Zoey is negative-leaning neutral. If you look at my rankings of the characters, I praise Zoey for trying to be friends with most everyone (as most of her defenders point out); however, I criticize her because several Mary Sue traits apply to her (as most of her detractors point out).

Everyone has differing opinions; that's what makes us unique. Many people may share mutual likes and dislikes; however, if everyone liked and disliked the exact same things, then the world would be a very boring place. The reason I like something may be the very reason someone else dislikes it. Every person has the right to their opinion and to be able to defend said opinion, but they don't have the right to act like a jerk to their get point across or force their opinion upon someone else.

People have the right to:

  • Express their opinion, both positive and negative, without fear of retaliation.
  • Agree or disagree with another person's opinion, again without fear of retaliation.
  • Have debates or discussions over a topic.

However, people have an obligation to:

  • Respect others' opinions, even if they differ greatly from their own.
  • Be civil in their discussions and debates.
  • Not to resort to discrimination. No one should ever be attacked based on their age, gender, race or nationality, religion, sexuality, and so forth.

In the end, Total Drama is just an animated show. Before leaving a comment on this or any other blog, think about what you just typed before hitting the Enter key.

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