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  • Gsu eagle 31049

    As the blog's title suggests, if I had the authority to alter Total Drama's continuity, this is how I would do it. This blog is very much subject to alteration.

    • Alter the way World Tour handled its 3 team setup. Instead of the second place team also getting immunity, only the first place team received it, and the losing teams had to vote for one person to eliminate. The two affected players would have to compete in a head-to-head challenge with the loser going home.
    • The events of All-Stars never occurred. However, I would still break up Duncan and Gwen to have her and Trent get back together.
    • Camp Wawanakwa neither becomes radioactive nor sinks.
    • Dakota never becomes a mutant.
    • Mike's personalities are reduced to just two: Mike and Mal. Also, NO... RES…
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  • Gsu eagle 31049

    Five years. On one hand, that's not a long time in the grand scheme of things; on the other, particularly to those born after 2000, it can seem like an eternity. Has it really been five years since I started the Total Drama Minecraft project?

    As you may (or may not) have noticed, my output on the project has slowed significantly over the last several months. This is mostly due to real life and partly due to the future of the Total Drama series being put into serious doubt up until recently. Does this mean this the end of the TD Minecraft project? The answer: not necessarily. As I said, I haven't been as active as I once was, but if I get an idea I can't keep to myself, I'll share it then.

    I thank everyone who has supported the project over the…

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  • Gsu eagle 31049

    It's hard to imagine, but it's been three years since I started the Total Drama Minecraft project.

    I use a specialty program called MCSkin3D to create skins. Technically, any bitmap image editor (e.g. Photoshop, GIMP,, etc; I don't recommend using MS Paint due to its lack of support for transparency and layers) can be used; however, MCSkin3D provides a real time skin rendering. To create the renders you see on the wiki, I use a program called Minecraft Skin Viewer.

    On the wiki, a little over 300. On my DeviantArt account, that number probably comes close to between fivefold or sixfold (maybe more; I haven't kept an accurate count) of what's on the wiki. There, I have several sub-projects, including outfit swaps (of which accounts f…

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    I realize I may attract unwanted attention for trying to be a middle ground for the Zoey controversy, but that's not the point of this blog.

    There has always been considerable controversy regarding Zoey's character (or lack thereof) since her debut in Revenge of the Island; however, the controversy has came to a head since of the airing of The Bold and the Booty-ful. Many users have staunchly expressed their opinion about her, whether it's negative or positive. Personally, my opinion about Zoey is negative-leaning neutral. If you look at my rankings of the characters, I praise Zoey for trying to be friends with most everyone (as most of her defenders point out); however, I criticize her because several Mary Sue traits apply to her (as most o…

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  • Gsu eagle 31049

    I should have made this blog last month; however, May 22nd marked the one year anniversary of the Total Drama Minecraft project. Technically, I uploaded the first skins on the 18th; however, the project as originally intended was completed on the 22nd. I thought I would share some of my thoughts on the project.

    I attribute the scene in "Eat, Puke and Be Wary" where Lightning punches a tree trying to get "steak". I immediately knew it was a reference to Minecraft. Also, I was the one to point this out in the episode's reference section.

    I haven't ruled it out; however, I don't have the resources to run a server. If someone wants to use my skins for such a server, I wouldn't mind it at all. All that I ask that you attribute me for my work.


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