Hello Total Drama Wiki! I'm a blind, Canadian 17 year old guy who has started getting into Total Drama this year. I just started watching season 1 this week. Now here's a little more about me.

About Me:

I like rap battles (a rap battle was actually what got me to look up Total drama in the first place) and I love the YouTube series Bad Creepypasta. I recommend you all go check it out and tell me if you like it. I also like really any kind of music, but rap and R&B are my favorite genres of music. Some of my favorite singers are: R. Kelly, Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland, Ludacris, Ciara, Eminem, Nas and more. I like rap battles as I mentioned before and I'm actually part of a rap battle community that makes series like Epic Rap Battle Parodies and stuff. I'm in the middle of writing a battle at the moment too.

Why not just write this on your user page?

I bet some of you will ask that. I decided to write this on a blog so I could read what you guys think of me in the comments. My screan reader (it's called JAWS) doesn't work very good with message walls so that'swhy. If you wanna know anymore about me, leve a comment or contact me with the contact info below!

Contact Info

Skype: (the best way you can find me) Zomby.creepypasta1. My name is Tyler Leroi, The Best Human Being on Planet Earth! I picked that name to represent the YouTube channel MichaelLeroi which hosts Bad Creepypasta. My real name is Tyler St. Vincent. Email: I'd recommend you contact me on Skype, but sending me an email works too. I hope you welcome me here, and that I enjoy my time on this wiki!

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