Hey everyone GP here and today I will be starting a new fanfic I was oringally going to do a CYOA but I felt there were to much on the wiki I hope you Enjoy

Chris: Two Years ago I had 14 new faces battle it out for 1 million dollars some friendships were made while some enemy's were also made but in the end Zombie conspiracy nut Shawn won the Massive Prize

This season were at another new island Sacred island home to the 4 elements

Fire Water Air and Earth

All the contestants from the previous seasons except that crappy "host" Blainely are competing and here they come right now

From TDI Gwen Duncan Courtney Heather Alejandro Owen Sierra DJ Noah Lindsay Tyler Geoff Bridgette Izzy Eva Katie And Sadie Justin Harold Leshawna Cody Trent And Beth

All of them are dropped from the helicopter they were in and fall in the freezing cold waters of Sacred island

Chris: Now from Revenge of the island Say hello to

Lighting Jo Mike Zoey Cameron Scott Sam Brick Anne Maria B Dawn And Staci

Same thing happens to them as the first cast did

Chris: Now from Pahkitew Island say hello Sky Shawn Jasmine Sugar Max Rodney Topher Dave Scarlett Ella Amy and Samey Leonard and Beardo

They plunge in screaming

Yep it's going to be a Slammer! Here on Total Drama Sacred Island


There is a shot of the beach then some dark green runners are shown

Jo: yes first place knocked out everyone!!

Lighting: come on!! SECOND he runs to a turtle and just kicks it

Anne Maria: Come on Chris!! now my clothes are wet

Leonard: come on teleportation spell work!!

Heather: in your dreams

DJ: HELP ME!!!! He is Nearly drowning

Brick: Never leave a man behind!! he just swims to DJ like a torpedo to save him from drowning

Chris: Alright we nearly got everyone the screen just shoots to everyone recovering from the swim some people just spilling out the water in there shoes while some are just talking

Brick: MADE IT!! He is holding DJ in his arms

Sky: so the Jamaican boy nearly Drowned

Chris: yep

Sky just walks to DJ and starts doing CPR on him DJ is just crying while the nicer people feel sorry for him the meaner people are just glaring at him

Sky: Got you!

Chris: Enough about that lets get you guys into teams

The scene cuts to a valley everyone is sitting on logs ready to find out what team there on there still wet

Chris: alright everyone this island is more dangerous than any other island the island is split into four parts Fire Water Earth and Air these will be your teams if I call your name please stand on the red carpet

Chris: Eva Tyler Izzy Courtney Harold Duncan Heather Alejandro Mike Amy Dave Max And Scarlett you guys are team fire!!

Duncan: nice Fire we can smash the other elements

Chris: if I call your name please stand on the Blue carpet

Justin Katie and Sadie Cody Bridgette DJ Geoff Owen Dawn Cameron Samey Sugar and Sky you guys are Team Water

Katie: Oh my gosh Sadie were on the same team


Chris: If I call your name please stand on the Brown carpet

Leshawna Sierra B Jo Lighting Brick Anne Maria Beardo Leonard Rodney Topher Shawn and Jasmine

Chris: you guys are on team Earth

B: Just smirks

Chris And the rest of you and the Sky Blue carpet

Noah Beth Lindsay Trent Gwen Sam Zoey And Ella you guys are on team Air

Sam: Nice wind attacks awesome!!

Chris: Everyone go get your beds sorted and then we will go to our first chellenge!!

Owen: What about Lunch

Chris: You will get lunch if you win the chellenges if not enjoy starving!!

Everyone just groans at this


Everyone is walking to there new quarters with Alejandro leading the way

Alejandro: amigos we will find our fire and get lunch and defently beat that butter donkey Owen

Everyone: Yeah!!

Courtney: look I see the camp grounds its a volcano...

A giant volcano they look up to they walk inside there are hot lava pools and tiki statues everywhere

Harold: this looks like the volcano from DarknessII Awesome

Mike: this just looks dangerous..

Max: Look at all the equipment!! I could build a doomsday machine here

Izzy: yes I can just jump into the pools and get burned she tries to jump but Courtney stops her

Courtney: STOP I don't want to lose a member on the first day!

Eva: guys I found the beds everyone goes downstairs where bunk beds await

Courtney: AGAIN

Everyone finds there beds here's how they go

Harold bunks with Mike

Courtney bunks with Amy

Heather bunks with Alejandro

Izzy bunks with Dave

Max bunks with Scarlett

Eva bunks with Tyler

Duncan gets the lone bunk


Justin is leading the way they are nearly there

Sammy: how long do you think to go

Sky: No Clue

DJ: I think we made it people

They go inside there are aquariums with fish in them beachs and swimming pools

Bridgette: Nice a beach!!

Owen: it's beautiful

Dawn: The fishes are lovely!!

Sammy just presses a button leading them to there rooms and they figure out there bunking situations

Bridgette bunks with Geoff

Sammy bunks with Dawn

Katie Bunks with Sadie

DJ Bunks with Sky

Sugar Bunks with Justin

Cody bunks with Cameron

Scott gets the lone Bunk


This team is just walking in mud? Wierd

Anne Maria: AMAZON! Why the hell are we walking through MUD!

Jasmine: calm down we will be at our site in about 2 minutes

Anne Maria just glares with hatred

Brick: Guys were here!

They walk in it's a mountain with rocky cliffs and mud pits

Anne Maria: MORE MUD!!

Rodney: Calm down it reminds me of home

B just points somewhere

There's the beds except there dirty sleeping bags

Anne Maria: where do I put my hairspray?

Brick: there's a cave somewhere we can put our stuff there

She just tries looking for the cave

TEAM AIR Ella: Everyone we will find our headquarters no matter how tough or how dangerous we will prevail!!

Everyone just claps at this

Beth: wow she's like a real princess!!

Lindsay: She's amazing!!

Trent: guys there's our headquarters

It's a birds nest with wind and many breeds of birds

Lindsay: look at the rainbow bird!!

Sam: the orange bird looks Cool to me

Ella: ones hatching!!

The egg that just hatched is a bird with a black and white colour sceme it takes interest at Ella and tries to peck her

Ella: oh my we must get it done crackers

Gwen: I just found our beds

Once again it's bunk beds

Lindsay bunks with Beth

Sam bunks with Noah

Gwen bunks with Zoey

Ella bunks with Trent