Hi everyone I am GreenPokeMania but just call me GPM. Everyone on this wiki knows that season 6 of Total Drama was just announced and the hype train has just left the station!!!!!. I might be a bit early but I think that a good way to speculate season 6 would be to all predict the cast together, this is a mini activity and my first blog. But first here are the rules of this game. Since we don't know how much contestants this cast will have you can predict with any number of contestants in it. Getting the correct number of contestants will get you 5 points. Correctly predicting a contestant gets you two points. If you want to compete please enter by signing up. And finally NO sockpuppets they ruin the feel of online activitys like this. If I see a sockpuppeter more than once I will report you. Whoever gets the most points after the cast is revealed will win!!!

So start speculating and don't forget to sign up.

Competing Users

Make it Prize Time!







Awesome Owen1


Everyone Thanks for signing up. If You are competing You can think about Your prediction. But You only get one chance to predict.

So Start Predicting!