Sin 1 Heather Could've DIED in that freezer Chris.

Sin 2 okay where's my bee pun!!

Sin 3 Oh the Hints.

Sin 4/5 That's Digusting Also Poor Heather...

Sin 6 Where the HELL is most of the gopher members. especially Owen he would never miss Breakfast DETAILS Writers!.

Sin 7 also most of the bass members are missing.

Sin 8 wait we're seeing Bunny again. didn't he appear about 10 episodes ago once again DETAILS.

Sin 9 that bunny could've got food poisoning.

Sin 10/12 okay if there is a coffee machine in the KITCHEN!. Then why is everyone eating chefs slop does he slit their throats if they don't eat it. + 2 sins for lack of Details.

Sin 13 Chris won't kick of Duncan for that.

Sin 14 classic trust chellenge yay..

Sin 15 there is everyone who missed breakfast. did they need to go to the toilet like Beth did?.

Sin 16 That smirk on Courtney's Face.

Sin 17 You are STILL going on about that that was like 8 episodes ago. by now I think you would've forgiven him.

Sin 18 Great..

Sin 19 by pairing Heather and Gwen together. EVERYTHING could go wrong for the gophers. this is rigged!!

Sin 20 Chris doesn't even notice Heather. taking the equipment from Gwen.

Sin 21/26 Also Heather had a cold at breakfast but now she's perfectly fine. how did this happen did the magic healing fairy come visit Heather before the challenge. + 5 sins

Sin 27 those traps could kill you Harold.

Sin 28 somethings extremely fishy about what Heather is doing to Gwen. if she falls down and injures herself badly. + 2 sins if not - 1 sin

Sin 29 okay your just trying to kill people today Chris.

Sin 30 that fall could've Seriously injured her. I bet that if Trent tried to do it he would be in a full body cast.

Sin 30 dang that did not turn out as I was expecting it. - 1 sin

Sin 31 it's obvious Bridgette and Geoff will win. also Chris is really giving the team advantages to the bass this time.

Sin 32 this is so unoriginal Chris why a cooking challenge. after the last episode was all about that they should fire the guy who come up with that.

Sin 33 if she screws it up + 5 sins

Sin 34 these challenges are WAY more dangerous than all the challenges beforehand.

Sin 33 wow this scene is just perfect - 1 sin

Sin 34/39 wow she screwed it up + 5 sins

Sin 40 this is just disgusting.

Sin 41 why did you not give it back to DJ!!

Sin 42 + 2 sins because Chris said there was no antidote. yet here's a antidote out of nowhere.

Sin 43 how convient

Sin 44/45 How the hell did Sadie shoot it to all these destinations. is she the worlds worst shot ever. Also Courtney's forehead must be really bouncy.which breaks the laws of physics.

Sin 46 she's a girl Chris.

Sin 47 if it's full of jellyfish then THAT counts as injury.

Sin 48 OOH KARMA!!

Sin 49 Heather has no jaw.

Sin 50 that log was conviently placed there.

Sin 51 the cameraman can barely keep up.

Sin 52 that bomb miraculously appeared.

Sin 48 this is just amazing character development for Duncan - 4 sins

Sin 49 how the hell did Courtney appear to conviently talk to Duncan. about this act did the magic healing fairy pay her a vist

Sin 50/53 HOW THE HELL is DJ save I get he has more plot. but come on he cost you the victory by taking of his blindfold. but Courtney getting badly injured is more important to this team.

Sin 54 why is Harold scared he did the chellenge perfectly fine.

Sin 55 this line is perfect - 1 sin

Sin 55 Katie Conviently Appears.