• Green Pokemania

    Sin 1 Heather Could've DIED in that freezer Chris.

    Sin 2 okay where's my bee pun!!

    Sin 3 Oh the Hints.

    Sin 4/5 That's Digusting Also Poor Heather...

    Sin 6 Where the HELL is most of the gopher members. especially Owen he would never miss Breakfast DETAILS Writers!.

    Sin 7 also most of the bass members are missing.

    Sin 8 wait we're seeing Bunny again. didn't he appear about 10 episodes ago once again DETAILS.

    Sin 9 that bunny could've got food poisoning.

    Sin 10/12 okay if there is a coffee machine in the KITCHEN!. Then why is everyone eating chefs slop does he slit their throats if they don't eat it. + 2 sins for lack of Details.

    Sin 13 Chris won't kick of Duncan for that.

    Sin 14 classic trust chellenge yay..

    Sin 15 there is everyone who missed breakfa…

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  • Green Pokemania

    Hey guys GP here and I thought I'd put up my season 6 predictions. I will be going though all 3 casts and making a 31 person cast.


    Zeke I feel that he won't compete but I hope there is a episode where zeke and Dakota return to normal.

    Eva It's been so long since she's competed I would love to see her compete again.

    Noah That final scene in Got Venom makes me think that Noah and Owen were called back to TD Why would fresh turn it off before Owen revealed the show?

    Justin some people want him back some people don't but the fact that Christine Thompson said that some favourites from TDI were returning. makes me think that he will come back Maybe.

    Katie and Sadie YES PLEASE

    Tyler YES he's a funny guy who has potential to win plus more lyler …

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  • Green Pokemania

    Hey everyone GP here and today I will be starting a new fanfic I was oringally going to do a CYOA but I felt there were to much on the wiki I hope you Enjoy

    Chris: Two Years ago I had 14 new faces battle it out for 1 million dollars some friendships were made while some enemy's were also made but in the end Zombie conspiracy nut Shawn won the Massive Prize

    This season were at another new island Sacred island home to the 4 elements

    Fire Water Air and Earth

    All the contestants from the previous seasons except that crappy "host" Blainely are competing and here they come right now

    From TDI Gwen Duncan Courtney Heather Alejandro Owen Sierra DJ Noah Lindsay Tyler Geoff Bridgette Izzy Eva Katie And Sadie Justin Harold Leshawna Cody Trent And Beth

    All o…

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  • Green Pokemania

    Hi everyone I am GreenPokeMania but just call me GPM. Everyone on this wiki knows that season 6 of Total Drama was just announced and the hype train has just left the station!!!!!. I might be a bit early but I think that a good way to speculate season 6 would be to all predict the cast together, this is a mini activity and my first blog. But first here are the rules of this game. Since we don't know how much contestants this cast will have you can predict with any number of contestants in it. Getting the correct number of contestants will get you 5 points. Correctly predicting a contestant gets you two points. If you want to compete please enter by signing up. And finally NO sockpuppets they ruin the feel of online activitys like this. If…

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