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    Hey guys Wildfire here and I said 3 weeks ago I would do Siennas audition but School got in the way.but I have been reading the total drama seasons and speculating what's going to happen while we wait for TD Daycare. the most despair inducing total drama season (even though little Courtney is pretty cute) either way enjoy.

    In a normal bedroom with pink decorations a blond girl is talking Good morning everyone I am Sienna swigler tank when I saw this global takedown audition slip I thought that this was a great idea i have a YouTube channel with over 10'000000 followers Called Sienna1234 Vlogs i do Live vlogs with the craziest dares and challenges and viral content better than Logan or jake Paul or Pewdiepie but I just want to be seen as a n…

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  • Wildfire0078

    Chris McLean has started a new season of total drama with 24 new contestants.

    You are Harold a scrawny geeky smart nerd with a obsession with ninjas.

    While on the war plane to Pahkitew island you see your other contestants. some look friendly while you see people like Heather and groan.

    So who to you talk to

    A: Cody Sam and Tyler

    B: Gwen Heather and Courtney

    C: Leshawna Trent and Bridgette

    D: Scott Lightning and Brick

    E: Katie Sadie and Eva

    F: Sky Shawn and Topher

    G: Izzy Leonard and Anne Maria

    H: Duncan Geoff and Zoey

    A Chosen

    Cody Sam and Tyler are having a Dicussion about the latest video games you are surprised to see tyler talking about the opposite of sport. it turns out that he loves sport video games and found a way to make friends with Sam bec…

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    Hey Guys Pokemania here and today the Results are in for our player Character And our winner is Harold!!! Being the only one who got more than one

    The CYOA will start on Sunday but what is Robotic Revenge. well Chris McLean has turned Pahkitew Island into a Robotic cyber space with deadly robots around everywhere. and even more secrets of the island to find this will be the toughest season ever!!!

    I hope you make the right choices GP out

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    New CYOA

    November 2, 2017 by Wildfire0078

    Hey guys GP here and today I have a new CYOA starting up next week. but there is a twist 24 Handpicked contestants from the first 3 casts have been chosen to compete in a new season at Pahkitew Island. and we will play as one of them and try to get them to the end and win the million!!!.

    Here are your choices on Monday the results will be revealed!!.





    Katie and Sadie









    Anne Maria










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  • Wildfire0078

    Sin 1 Heather Could've DIED in that freezer Chris.

    Sin 2 okay where's my bee pun!!

    Sin 3 Oh the Hints.

    Sin 4/5 That's Digusting Also Poor Heather...

    Sin 6 Where the HELL is most of the gopher members. especially Owen he would never miss Breakfast DETAILS Writers!.

    Sin 7 also most of the bass members are missing.

    Sin 8 wait we're seeing Bunny again. didn't he appear about 10 episodes ago once again DETAILS.

    Sin 9 that bunny could've got food poisoning.

    Sin 10/12 okay if there is a coffee machine in the KITCHEN!. Then why is everyone eating chefs slop does he slit their throats if they don't eat it. + 2 sins for lack of Details.

    Sin 13 Chris won't kick of Duncan for that.

    Sin 14 classic trust chellenge yay..

    Sin 15 there is everyone who missed breakfa…

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