• Grappling Hook55

    Hello! In this blog, I would like to know your Top 3 good guys and bad guys in the Total Drama series. You can choose from anyone from any season. Please comment your the top 3 good guys and your Top 3 bad guys! I am trying to build up ideas of a season 6 roster! You can make a 4th place if needed. Also, let's say Gwen is your favorite character (Gwen is being used as an example), you would only put Gwen down once. It can be ANY character of your choice.

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  • Grappling Hook55

    Warning! This blog may include spoilers!

    Hi! I'm Grappling Hook55. I started watching Total Drama a little while ago, and I couldn't stop watching it. It's so funny how different personalities interact with each other. Anyway, I started to think, "I wonder what will happen in Season 6." So I posted some ideas of what could happen in Season 6. Please tell me some ideas of your own too! P.S. I'm always updating this blog.

    This season will have anyone who has been eliminated to the least 2 places, like how Ezekiel and Eva were the first two voted off, will have a chance to compete more than last time. I also picked random characters from all seasons. I also came up with characters myself.

    Returning Contestants:







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