One Maffia and One Silent Genius is a Total Drama: Revenge of the Island game, produced by Teletoon and developed by Sorryforpartyrocking. It is unknown when the game is going to get released.


The Loading Starts with B, running after the contestants (Except Staci) in a fishnet bag, dragged in a helicopter

Starting Screen

You can either choose play to play the game, or either choose Controls for controls the starting screen has B, having his arms crossed while happy


It lets you play the game


When you go there, you'll see a board with the controls and B is standing right next to it thinking


The Contestants (Except Staci) have been kidnapped by a hispanic maffia gang named Los Guartos, their goal is to kidnap some TV-Stars so they chose Total Drama, so it's up to B to save the contestants, as for this, you must guide B so he can save the contestants.


Cutscene 1

The Cutscene is with B and his Mechanical Brother sitting on the couch watching Total Drama The Revenge of the Island, but he saw a big fishing net, grabbing the contestants and hooking them up, Chris and Chef had a big panic, B was really shocked, so B nods to his mechanical Brother with a angry face and made plans to save the contestants

Asking Around

In this Gameplay, you need to guide B and his Mechanical Brother by talking with people about the contestants.

Ms. Wilkins (Cameron's mom) Dialogues

Ms. Wilkins: Oh man!

B: Hello Ms. Wilkins, are you alright?

Ms. Wilkins: Not really B! Because my Cammy Bear is kidnapped by a gang!

B: Don't worry Ms. Wilkins! Me and my Mechanical Brother are going to rescue the contestants plus, a video chatting program is installed in him and can send a television to the person and then talk with it! MORE COMING SOON

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