Ever since the fan network request forced the main couple "Gwent" (Gwen and Trent) to break up and paired Gwen with Duncan in a fake love relationship, many viewers have been devastated.

I don't understand why some fans liked DunGwen that is completely fake love by psychology. Just because they had a few things in common does not mean the two of them are compatible. DunGwen should break up permanently.

Tom Mcgillis (the show's creator) does not support DunGwen either. He actually prefers Gwent as well.

Gwent was considered as true love because the couple truly understood each other and had meaning in several ways.

There are still hopes that Gwen and Trent will reunite in future seasons of TD. Is there a way to increase the chance of getting the couple "Gwent" back together?

In my hopes for a future season, there would be an Endurance parody where Trent and Gwen would be paired up together as a team.

Also, I think people shouldn't judge characters by stereotypes. They should see the quality of the characters not by first look or dramatic interactions but by character personalities and good things they do.

For example, Trent is underrated because his stereotype is not too appealing; but what about his good personality further down? He isn't shallow and has good depths. It's just that not many people bother to look up his good side.


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