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I was wondering if the creators of Total Drama would ever come up with a season of the show based on the actual reality show "Endurance" that aired on Discovery Kids and the Hub some time ago. If they ever did create an Endurance parody, the season plot would be about many teams each consisting of a boy and a girl represented by a different spectrum color competing for a grand prize.

Since I'm a really big fan of Gwen and Trent, I was hoping the creators of TD would pair them up as a team if they did create something like Endurance; in hopes that this main canon pairing would get back together.

Examples of what may be in the TD Endurance Parody:

  • Right to stay mission
  • A boy and a girl contestant/character for each individual team (Gray Team, Brown Team, Red Team, Orange Team, Yellow Team, Green Team, Blue Team, Purple Team, or other color to represent a team) that would be sorted out by catching a ball or winning a partner mission
  • Challenges that rely on different skills
  • Pyramid pieces from winning challenges to use in the final challenge
  • Samadhi; an item won in a challenge that can be used to handicap an opposing team
  • "Temple of Shame" (parody of Temple of Fate) to eliminate losing teams in an elemental rock, paper, scissors type of game that is basically fire, water, wood
  • Final challenge of finding the gold pyramid under the silver pyramids
  • Grand prize for the winning team

This idea may be plausible for future TD seasons and I was hoping something like this would come up.

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