• GothGirlXenon

    Ever since Total Drama was brought to America, Cartoon Network has altered this show in many ways.

    It seems like Cartoon Network has been purposely ruining this show for some reason.

    CN has censored almost every Total Drama episode, preferred unjust season endings where the less deserving finalist wins, sent a network request to break up good couples just to create a fake relationship with horrible chemistry, and requested poorly written episode scripts.

    Does anyone think Cartoon Network has been ruining Total Drama Series and also believes that CN needs to stop messing with Fresh TV's work and ideas?

    I was hoping Netflix would take over this show's broadcasting completely, but sadly this show is still on Cartoon Network.

    By any chance does CN …

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  • GothGirlXenon

    I thought of bringing up a fan topic regarding Total Drama couple songfic themes.

    So far I only have songs for 3 couples.

    Gwen and Trent/Gwent - "Love Again" by Cascada

    Courtney and Duncan/Duncney - "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga

    Cody and Sierra/Coderra - "Stalker Girl" by Arrogant Worms

    Does this topic interest you, and can anyone else think of any good songs that fit the TD couples?

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  • GothGirlXenon

    Since there are always 2 canon endings per a season of Total Drama Series, there also has to be some cut/edited scenes and audio from the episodes.

    Some people have been looking for the lost footage of Gwen's opening scene from Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island in English and alternative audio clips from TDA.

    By any chance were the unaired video and audio clips still produced?

    Gwen's ending in TDI was produced in English, but the graphics of the footage were slightly blurry.

    If anyone can find the lost footage and audio, can it be posted on this wiki?

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  • GothGirlXenon

    There are some Total Drama fans who want the creators and Fresh TV to come up with a TD video game based on the show.

    If they did come up with something like this (besides the sponsored games on TV websites), what would be the game's objective?

    In my theory, I was hoping of features that don't involve character shippings, conflicts, or sabotage; but playing as a character who needs to complete challenges and avoid obstacles.

    For the playable character, I was thinking of a canon character in the show or your own customizable avatar.

    Do you think Fresh TV and video game companies should ever consider making a game based on this series?

    People are currently discussing the same topic on YouTube.

    Here are a few videos:…

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  • GothGirlXenon

    Have you ever wondered what might happen if zombie fighter Shawn met the "zombified" contestant Ezekiel?

    How do you think Shawn and Zeke would react to each other?

    Fresh TV's Tumblr post about this

    SwitchBoardNetwork's video with this topic

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