Hey, guys! You may know me for my article/blog on Courtney which is on about the hatred on Courtney from the fan. Anyway, the new concept I thought is a TD discuss show. It’s inspired from TV shows Oprah. Basically, the audience are the TD fans as we hears their opinion and argument around the main issues in TD, supporting or opposing it. Meanwhile, I’m the host and I said if I agree or disagree with the argument or opinion, providing reason to explain my decision.  The main purpose of this is to see 2 different sides together, making an interesting discussion. Anyway, this is a pilot episode as I’m not sure if people like it or not. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy (or not)!


Gordon: Oh, we’re on now? Hi and welcome! This is the show where the audience, the panels and I discuss on the main issue revolving in Total Drama. There will be some angry words, some threat and violence but I hope we can learn something from here. This is … Total Drama Q&A!

(Cue theme song – I don’t have one)

Yes. This is the first episode of I hope, a memorable season. Tonight, the main topic is about Zoey. The main question is “Does Zoey deserve the hatred from the fans?”

I start first. Personally, I don’t like Zoey. But the hatred on Zoey is absolutely incredible. I never seen a character more hated than Courtney, which is what we are discussing about. So how it works is the I ask some audience member to express their opinion and argument on the topic and I answer it. Plain and simple/

Oh right, let begin, should we? Who want to go first?

Hater #1: Hi. First of all, I really hate Zoey. She’s so bland and has no identity at all. Her relationship with Mike is rushed and undeveloped. She’s nothing more than a Mary Sue. She ruins Total Drama fully. Isn't that enough to hate her already?

Gordon: Ok, that’s a lot to take in. For me, I agree with some and disagreed with others. First, she’s bland. I agreed and disagreed with that statement. True, she’s bland but is that the main point of her character in the first place? After all, she never experiences friendship or love at all. But the problem is her development. Another character that has a similar problem to Zoey is Princess Anna in Frozen. But the execution of those 2 characters is totally different.

In Frozen, Princess Anna learns the value of friendship and true romance through her journey with Kristoff as they interact with each other. That’s a different story for Zoey, though. I feel the writer focus too much on Mike in their relationship and not enough on Mike & Zoey together. Instead of watching those 2 together, we watch Vito with Anne Maria which makes Zoey question herself. How’s that good character development for Zoey? In the end, the writer focuses too much on Mike’s issue, not giving enough time to develop Zoey properly.

Her relationship with Mike is really undeveloped. Most of the time, there’s nothing but him with Anne Maria as we watch Zoey heartbroken. If the main purpose of watching Vito kiss Anne Maria is to make us sympathises Zoey, it doesn’t work. IF YOU WANT US TO SYMPATHISE A CHARACTER, YOU MUST FIRST MAKE INTERACTION THAT’LL MAKE US GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THEM! And that’s why I don’t feel and like Mike & Zoey as couple, opposite to Trent and Gwen.

But there’s still hope after Mike’s elimination. There’s still a chance the writer can develop her to make us like her. But I say its half-half: half well done but half-wasted. Sure, Zoey forms a friendship with Cameron, which I fairly like. But when she reaches her temper, she turns into “Commando Zoey”, the more physical Zoey. Now, I’m mixed with that. Some people said  it further develops her. Yes, it might show the full physical potential she has but does it develop her in term of her characteristic? No. But I do appreciate Commando Zoey as she finally understands the value of friendship via Cameron. So to answer your first question, yes. She’s bland but it is due to the massive focus on Mike's issue.

Your third argument is she’s a Mary Sue. I agree with that. Just because she’s a lonely girl who wants friendship doesn’t mean she immediately has great physical ability. Hell, she’s more athletic than Lightning! That doesn’t make sense.

And then you said she ruins Total Drama fully. Well, I agreed both Mike and Zoey ruined TDAS but not in TDROTI. Sure, the character and couple development for Zoey is poor but at least the concept of Zoey is a nice idea and I’m kinda glad she’s there. Now, who’s next?

Fan #1: For me, I love Zoey as she's pretty and innocent. I also like the fact that she’s being nice to everyone, much like Bridgette & Owen.

Gordon: I think there’s a better word to describe Zoey: relatable. Like I said, I like the concept of Zoey. Remember, she’s is a ‘kind-hearted girl who grew up without any friends.’ She’s so relatable to people who has the same issue of making friends. Like you, I also like that she’s so nice to everyone. But then again, she never have any experience with friendship so it makes sense for her to be nice as she indicated that she want to makes new friends, not enemy. Again, so relatable to some people which I like. But that’s half the story.

The major problem with Zoey is we don’t care enough about her. What I mean is Zoey is not a character that makes me say “Hm, I actually care about her”. The writer hasn’t done enough to convince me to care about her. Like I said before, if you want us to like Zoey, make us care about her first. And I don’t think watching Mike with Anne Maria will make us care about Zoey. Next

Hater #2: Before, I like Zoey as I can relate to her. However as the season goes, she took the turn for the worse. I think everyone can agree that the reason we all dislike her is because she spent all of her time around Mike. She completely relies on Mike to save her every single time like he's her own private-super-hero.

One point in that season where Zoey really pissed me off is when she voted off Dakota, because she thought their friendship is "unhealthy" for her. WELL, I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO MAKE SOME FRIENDS, DON'T YOU? Very hypocritical girl.

Gordon: Hmmm. I will agree at some degree that she spent all of her time around Mike. But remember, she has no experience with love. Like Princess Anna in Frozen, they really love the first man they sight and not willing to let go of it until they’re betrayed or frustrated. They both don’t know what love is. So it’s kinda understandable that she spends most of the time around Mike but like I said before, I actually don’t care about them.

And in term of her completely relying on him, what do you expect? She has nobody to go other than Mike. So it makes sense. But I agreed that Mike saving Zoey is overused. There should be 1 important scene where Mike saves Zoey and then both finally realise that they love each other, not multiple scenes which serve no purpose to their character development.

In term of Dakota’s elimination, I fully agreed. It doesn’t make sense for Zoey to vote off Dakota as her reason is poor. Isn’t her main purpose is to make new friends?



Gordon: So what is my opinion on Zoey? Obviously, I don’t like Zoey but I understand reason to like her, even though it’s quite inferior in term of the argument to hate Zoey. But the thing is both argument are different to each other. The positive is her personality as she’s so relatable to people. The negative is her character development and progression. She has so much potential but she’s poorly executed by the writer. So kudos to people who like Zoey only for her personality.

You can call Zoey a b%^# but it does show the problem of us, the fans. When we see the first pic of a couple in TD, we will be like “OMG! BEST COUPLE EVER! CAN’T WAIT!”, hyping them to a whole new level. But when we watch it and don’t like them, we will be like “THEY SUCKS!” while secondary character couples (e.g. Dakota & Sam) thrive. All I can say is the hype from us increase our expectation of that couple to a new level that will never be achievable. And Zoey is a victim of the hype, I’m afraid.

All in all, Zoey is a character who simply didn’t live up to the huge expectation from the fans. I still disliked her but I don’t hate her as much as other fans.

Anyway, this is the end for this discussion and this episode. This is TD Q&A!  Thanks for watching and good night!

So what do u think?

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