My expectation on each character in each season was made after watching the first or second episode of each season and his/her performance from previous season.

Characters which exceeded my expectation

Total Drama Island

  • Owen
  • Mr Coconut

Total Drama Action

  • Lindsay
  • Beth
  • Harold

Total Drama World Tour

  • DJ
  • Sierra
  • Alejandro

Rindonculous Race

  • The Goths
  • The Fashion Bloggers
  • The Sisters
  • The Adversity Twins

Characters which fell below my expectation

Total Drama Island

  • All of the contestants met my expectation

Total Drama Action

  • Leshawna
  • Trent

Total Drama World Tour

  • Harold

Rindonculous Race

  • The Best Friend
  • The Daters/Haters

Biggest Surprise - Goth Team (Literally had no expectation of them at all. But my god, they are so good at ruining Ridonculous Race.)

Biggest Disappointment - Best Friend (Really had high expectation. But as they progress, they get worse and more lucky. But still my favourite team in Ridonculous Race, no doubt about that.) 

P.S I didn't include Total Drama Revenge of the Island, Total Drama All Star & Total Drama Pahkitew Island because I hadn't watch those series yet.

Remember, this is my opinion!

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