Another new blog… man, I suck at making new episode. But you know me … a man with logic … but useless at consistency!

However, this is the ultimate logic challenge. In this article (and maybe a series if it’s really popular), I will discuss on the future consequence if a scenario has been altered. From there, we look at each character’s development and action in each episode. Who knows? Maybe there could be events that could change the whole season and maybe the whole franchise! After all, anything could happen…

But enough jibber-jabber. In this article, I will talk about Courtney. For a long time, Courtney was widely debated and polarized the fandom since her introduction in TDI. You either like her or hate her (I’m neutral… duh). And it’s all because of a moment when someone switch the votes in the voting box in revenge…


What if this never happened at all?

Basically, this made me wonder. What happen if Harold instead of Courtney was eliminated in Basic Straining? You may think that there’s hardly any impact. After all, Harold was the next contestant to be eliminated after Courtney in “X-Treme Torture”.

But this is where you are wrong. Harold may have been the next one eliminated but you have an angry Courtney on the other side. But if Harold was eliminated instead, then we don’t have an angry Courtney… and voila, everything change. But the question still remain … Will Courtney be the determined girl we know back in TDA? And could she be maybe the most favourite character in this franchise? Well, this is what the article is all about.

First of all, I will go through each episode in each season (if it’s possible at all). And in each episode, I’ll the main event and analyse each character which may change due to the scenario. Ready? Let go!

Basic Straining

Alternate Event

Chris caught Harold trying to switch vote in the vote box. To prevent this happening again, Chef locked it up in his kitchen.

In the elimination ceremony, Harold accepts his fate as he was eliminated from the competition.

After Harold’s farewell and departure, Courtney and Duncan shared another kiss and went back to their respective camper house.

Major Events in this Episode

  • The voting box hasn’t been replaced/altered
  • Harold was voted off instead of Courtney

Character Notes

  • None so far

Remaining Contestants After the Episode

Killer Bass Bridgette Courtney DJ Duncan Geoff
Screaming Gopher Gwen Heather Leshawna Lindsay Owen Trent
Out Harold

X-Treme Torture

Information about this episode

  • Challenge: Participate in 3 extreme challenges
    • Sofa-Diving
    • Moose-Riding
    • Ski-On-Mud
  • Original winner: Screaming Gophers
  • Original contestant eliminated: Harold

Alternate Event

Remaining Team

Killer Bass Bridgette Courtney DJ Duncan Geoff
Screaming Gopher Gwen Heather Leshawna Lindsay Owen Trent

The episode starts with Chris flying his plane above their camp, announcing the challenges and annoying the campers. When he announced that the winning team will be allowed to use the mobile shower, Owen wasn’t impressed. But Heather insists on the importance of it and orders Owen to perform or else, causing Owen to choke on his marshmallow as Har… wait he’s gone. Never mind, somebody will slap Owen, causing Owen to spit out the marshmallow which later hit Heather in the head.

After breakfast, Owen ate all of the leftovers and all contestants left for the challenges. Then… Wait a minute, something is missing…

Original: Chef Hatchet founds the note which contain a haiku. And when Gwen and Bridgette pick it up and read it, they later argue with each other on who wrote it but at the end, forgive each other at the end and became good friend.

But here is the issue: that note came from Harold who was eliminated. As a result, Bridgette and Gwen wouldn’t talk or interact with each other in this episode. Both could be friend in the future but remember, this episode was a significant development in their interaction with each other.

Anyway, the first challenge is “sofa-skydiving” where a contestant will have to skydive to the beach and land on their team’s sofa bed. Obviously nothing will change as DJ and Trent do it for their team.

And the result wouldn’t change either as Trent forgets to open his parachute, resulting in a serious injury. Meanwhile, the Killer Bass quickly moves their sofa bed and DJ lands safely, winning their first challenge.

Next up: Moose-riding. Even though the result may be the same as Leshawna beat Geoff in this challenge, Courtney scorns Geoff for not taking the challenge serious enough and then waits for Duncan’s response. Initially quiet for a few second, Duncan eventually supports Courtney and also criticises Geoff. Although displeased, Geoff understands and apologies. Meanwhile, Bridgette and Gwen are just outside supporting their team.

So it’s 1:1 for both team as we reach to the final challenge: Water-skiing on mud to collect flags.

On Screaming Gophers, we have Heather on Jet Ski and Lindsay as skier.

For the Killer Bass, we have Duncan on Jet Ski and … ummm, well Harold isn’t here. In this situation, Bridgette and Courtney are the only one left. But determined to not let her team down again, Courtney elects to ski.

First up: Heather in jet ski vs Courtney in ski. Then a famous moment as Heather lost her shirt, exposing her breast. From this, it causes Harold to not only lose his attention but also the challenge against Lindsay, resulting in his elimination. But instead, we have Courtney in ski. She wouldn’t be disturbed by Heather but she wouldn’t react quickly enough, crashing onto the same rock that Harold hit in the original event. Worried, Duncan shouts to Courtney if she’s alright. She later replied that she will be alright. For Heather… well you know what happened.

Determined, Duncan drives the Jet Ski but Lindsay is way too good and the Screaming Gophers wins the final challenge as the Killer Bass can’t do anything but must eliminate someone in their team. But here’s the big trouble; there’s no Harold! You have to know that all of them are not willing to vote each other off. Bridgette because of Geoff.

Courtney because of Duncan.

DJ, Duncan and Geoff due to their male friendship.

However, DJ tells them that he’s willing to go home as he prefers to see his friends be happy than winning the million dollar. Even though all of them accept his reason and all voted him off, all of them are saddened to see DJ leaving the island. The most saddest of them all is Owen who misses DJ’s food. But hey, you have Chef here...

Major Events in this Episode

  • Bridgette and Gwen are not close friend anymore
  • Courtney criticises Geoff for not taking the challenge serious enough
  • Courtney does the skiing instead of Harold but still fails
  • The winner is the Screaming Gopher
  • DJ decided to vote himself off for his friends

Character Notes

  • Bridgette
    • Her interaction with Gwen isn’t strong and personal than originally before
  • Gwen
    • Her interaction with Bridgette isn’t strong and personal than originally before

Remaining Contestants After the Episode

Killer Bass Bridgette Courtney Duncan Geoff
Screaming Gopher Gwen Heather Leshawna Lindsay Owen Trent
Out DJ

Brunch of Disgustingness

Information about this episode

  • Team are divided by their gender
  • Challenge: Eat a series of disgusting meals
  • Original Winner: The Boys

Alternate Event

Team before Episode

The Boys Duncan Geoff Owen Trent
The Girls Bridgette Courtney Gwen Heather Leshawna Lindsay

This episode opens as the campers enter the main lodge and find Chris and Chef, giggling. Confused, Chris announces that both team will be merged as the girls will move to the Gophers’ cabin, while the boys will take the Bass’ cabin. He then announces that the day's challenge is to be a classic battle of the sexes. As an added bonus, no one will be eliminated, as the challenge is for a reward. (I copied this from the plot, ok?)

For the Boys, there is no trouble at all as they crowned Geoff as the leader of the boys’ cabin.

For the girls, it’s a different story as Bridgette and Courtney are shocked to see Leshawna and Gwen arguing with Heather. In a flashback, before they join the other girls, both Bridgette and Courtney promised to help each other if one of them are in trouble.

Initially, Heather greets them, offering hospitality to Bridgette and Courtney. But Leshawna and Gwen warn them the danger of Heather and her cruelty. The tension reaches to the top when Heather tapes a line down the middle of the cabin, separating her and Lindsay from Leshawna and Gwen. Though Bridgette doesn’t want to build walls in her team, she chooses Leshawna and Gwen’s side since she is better friends with them. Courtney too sides with Leshawna and Gwen due to her personal distrust with Heather.

When the new teams head back to the mess hall, Chris announces that the next challenge is "The Brunch of Disgustingness". The two teams are given a nine course meal consisting of disgusting meals. In each course, all members of one team must eat the horrible food to win that round. However, to keep it fair for the Girls, Chris tells the Boys that one of them must eat the same food 3 times. And... Well, it’s obvious to know who will do the job…

Chef brings out the first dish: bovine testicles. While the boys are not willing to eat, most of the girls eats it while taunting the boys. Meanwhile, Bridgette, being a vegetarian, refuses to eat the dish. Seeing that, Courtney tells Bridgette to eat it for the reward but still refuses. But it took Geoff’s arrival and advice that gets Bridgette to finally eat and win the challenge. Girls 1-0 Boys.

Next up: Live grasshopper pizza with tangy jellyfish and live anchovies. While the girls balk at eating it, Owen easily gobbles all 3 pieces of pizza in no time. While Bridgette helps Lindsay with meditation, Heather refuses to eat, causing both Courtney and Gwen to scorn her. But at the end, Leshawna is unable to eat her slice and the guys tie it up, frustrating Courtney as she later criticises Leshawna for not eating it.

Dishes after Dishes… each contestant struggle to eat their dishes as Bridgette further motivates her team member while Courtney continuously ‘motivates’ her team member by scorning them. But they can’t refute back as she consistently finishes her dish.

However, the score is still tied 2-2 as we arrive to the last dishes: dolphin wieners or hot dogs made from dolphins. Shocked, Bridgette outright refuses to eat the hot dogs, frustrating Courtney for the final time. Courtney shouts to Bridgette that this is the easiest challenge and tells Bridgette to suck it up and eat it as she finishes eating her dishes. However, Bridgette refutes back, stating that Courtney couldn’t eat green jelly at all. As a result, both fights and abuses each other, causing Gwen and Leshawna to intervene.

Meanwhile, the boys easily did the challenge and won.

NOTE: Remember, there wasn’t an extra challenge (which is the coach roach drink) as all of the boys are content to eat it. Originally, it was DJ who also refuses to eat it along with Bridgette which causes the stalemate and went to the last challenge but he’s out!

Geoff can refuse to eat to support his girlfriend but it was too much of a risk to let the boys down again. Better to be safe than sorry, I guess.

Suddenly, Trent, due to his weak physical status, vomits on the girls. This later causes everyone to vomits. All of them keeps vomiting until Duncan and Geoff puked at the camera lens.

Later, at the Dock of Shame, the Boys leave on their luxurious weekend retreat, while the Girls remain divided. Meanwhile, Bridgette and Courtney are on the Dock of Shame, lamenting about their love. After some time and discussion on their love, Courtney apologises as both forgives and hugs each other before returning back to chaos.

Major Events in this Episode

  • Bridgette and Courtney both side with Gwen and Leshawna
  • Due to more girls than boys, Owen was selected by the boys to eat 3 same dishes
  • While Bridgette encourages other girls, Courtney scorns and criticises other girls for not eating their dishes.
  • The climax reaches to the top when Courtney criticises Bridgette for not eating the last dish despite her vegetarian status, leading to further abuse from each other
  • The Boys easily wins the challenge, hence 3-2
  • No coach roach drink challenge
  • At the end, Courtney apologies to Bridgette and both forgives each other.

Character Notes

  • Bridgette
    • Her friendship with Courtney is stronger though still fragile
  • Courtney
    • Her determination and consistency in finishing the dishes warn other contestants that she means business
    • Her friendship with Bridgette is stronger though still fragile
  • Duncan
    • He’s most likely to be happy to win the reward, direct contrast to Geoff who’s more worried about Bridgette
    • Remember, he wasn’t really sad after Courtney’s original departure

Remaining Contestants After the Episode

The Boys Duncan Geoff Owen Trent
The Girls Bridgette Courtney Gwen Heather Leshawna Lindsay

No Pain, No Game

Information about this episode

  • Challenge: Spin the Wheel of Misfortune and perform the torture received
  • Returned: Eva and Izzy
  • Original Winner: Leshawna
  • Original Contestant eliminated: Eva

Alternate Event

Team before Episode

The Boys Duncan Geoff Owen Trent
The Girls Bridgette Courtney Gwen Heather Leshawna Lindsay

The episodes with female campers “relaxing” by the shore of the lake. Bridgette, Courtney, Gwen and Leshawna are shown discussing with each other while Lindsay simply hits Heather again.

Suddenly, the male campers return back from their yacht, happily talking about their luxurious treatment they received, making the Girls jealous.

Moments later, Chris announces over the PA speakers that as of that moment, the teams are dissolved and every camper is on their own. While there were new tension between the boys, some girls sigh in relief.

However, Chris is not done with the surprises and moments later, former Killer Bass member Eva returns back to the island. Arrived, Eva declares she's going to pay special attention to the Bass team that voted her off earlier in the competition. NOTE: Originally, Bridgette was targeted by Eva because she is the last female member of the Killer Bass. But in this event, there are 2 female members of the Killer Bass: Bridgette and Courtney

But Bridgette was the one who suggested that Eva has anger management issue, which is the most likely reason for Eva to focus on Bridgette.

She aggressively approaches to Bridgette but Courtney intervenes, telling her to mind her own business, causing Eva to backs off, more angrier than ever. Relieved, Bridgette thanks Courtney for intervening.

Chris then goes on to welcome the second returning camper: Izzy. With that, Chris tells the campers to meet in the amphitheater for their next challenge.

NOTE: I know, I know. You may realise that there wasn’t much interaction between Courtney and Duncan. But there are some good reason:

  • For Courtney, she has to deal with new girl members and most likely prefer to focus to help her team in the past episode along with maintaining friendship with Bridgette
  • For Duncan, he wasn’t that attached to Courtney … yet. Remember, he wasn’t that emotional when Courtney left.

Eva enters the girls' cabin and all of girls become scared from her entrance. When Eva questions why there is duct tape on the floor, Heather quickly rolls it up and says it isn't important. Suddenly, Eva gets into a confrontation with Bridgette about bunking arrangements, but Courtney and Leshawna intervenes much to Bridgette's relief.

In a confessional, Courtney states she will do anything to get rid of Eva. But during it, she sighs about Duncan before regaining her focus back again.

Next up: the challenge. Chris says any camper who backs down from a challenge or does not last the minimum ten seconds, will be eliminated and the winning camper will receive not just invincibility, but a luxurious trailer as well. After introducing a mask-wearing Chef as his assistant, Chris spins the Wheel of Misfortune for Duncan's challenge.

Duncan’s Challenge: “Turtle Puck Shots”

During the 10 seconds, Courtney cheers on Duncan. But suddenly, a turtle bites his crotch. Worried, she goes to Duncan but Chris intervenes, stating one camper at a time. Once the 10 seconds is up, Courtney quickly goes to Duncan and asks if he’s alright. Duncan thumbs up, bringing a sigh of relief as they shared another kiss.

NOTE: It’s important to highlight that while Courtney may be determined to win, she is still emotional and scared when something happens to Duncan.

Later is Lindsay’s turn and her challenge is “Marshmallow Waxing”. After that, she succeeds and is allow to choose the next person. Lindsay, thanks to Eva, chooses Bridgette to do the next challenge. Her challenge: Barrel of leeches.

“Good luck” Courtney whispered.

However, just as Bridgette was about to jump into the barrel, Geoff volunteers to do the challenge. Relieved, Bridgette returns back to her seat as Geoff fails the challenge. Then a montage of tortures follows.

Bridgette out due to Eva’s success … Gwen out for not handling 10 seconds of New Age music … Owen out for unable to eat ice cream without experiencing brain freeze… Izzy out for picking herself.

Courtney? She too is out as she’s still unable to dive to the green jelly pool despite Duncan’s encouragement, much to the enjoyment from Chris and Heather.

At the end, there are 2 contestants left: Eva and Leshawna. But the result remains the same as Leshawna later wins the challenge, angering Eva.

Onto the campfire ceremony. And it’s easy to know who’s out. Everyone vote for Eva and she is out from the competition, much to the relief of Bridgette.

Major Events in this Episode

  • Courtney saves Bridgette twice from Eva
  • Courtney displays her concern for Duncan as they shared another kiss
  • Courtney is out due to her unwillingness to jump into the green jelly pool
  • Winner: Leshawna (Same)
  • Contestant Eliminated: Eva (Same)

Character Notes

  • Courtney
    • Although determined, she does show concern to her friend Bridgette and Duncan.
    • Despite her failure in the episode, it’s likely that other contestants know and respect her determination, making her more likely to be eliminated

Remaining Contestants after the Episode

Bridgette Courtney Duncan Geoff Gwen Heather
Izzy Leshawna Lindsay Owen Trent

Search and Destroy

Information about this episode

  • Challenge: Find the key to a treasure chest around the camp.
  • Original Winner: Heather
  • Original Contestant eliminated: Trent

Alternate Event

Contestants before Episode

Bridgette Courtney Duncan Geoff Gwen Heather
Izzy Leshawna Lindsay Owen Trent

The episode starts like before until the arrival of Chris in a pirate costume as he announces the main challenge: the “good, old-fashioned treasure hunt.”

Onto the challenge. It’s all normal as we only know clues from Geoff, Heather and Owen. For Courtney, unknown.

Then the challenge starts.

Heather gets her key with “help” from Lindsay

Trent too gets his key and helps Gwen get her too, sharing their first kiss together. However, Heather saw it and planned to ruin their “alliance”. And it worked as Leshawna heard Gwen stories and consults other contestants on what happened. For Courtney, she was shocked at the least.

After some time, Chris declares the hunt to be over as the contestants open their treasure. Owen got nothing while Heather got invisibility.

For Courtney, she also got nothing, much to the frustration of her. She quickly berates Chris, demanding a reward. However, Duncan intervenes, offering her part of his prize (chips and a candy bar), much to the happiness of Courtney.

In the confessional, Courtney was shown to be happy to see Duncan helping her again. But she later wonders if he really love her before the confessional ends.

Onto the elimination ceremony and again, it’s obvious to see. Due to his action which angered most of the contestants, Trent was voted off, much to the shock of Trent and the happiness of Heather. However, they realise the ultimate truth that Heather was just playing the game, shocking everyone including Courtney.

Leshawna apologies but it was too late as Trent went to the Dock of Shame and left the island.

In the confessional, Courtney promises to get rid of Heather once and for all. But she later questions herself too; asking if Duncan really love her as much as she does, due to the fact that Duncan haven’t done much for her since their first kiss. But she insists that Duncan loves her and she is here to win the million dollar and believes that Duncan will understand her. Despite that, she still displays some concern as the confessional ends.

Major Events in this Episode

  • Courtney got nothing but Duncan offers her part of his prize
  • Courtney is determined to get rid of Heather
  • However, she questions her relationship with Duncan

Character Notes

  • Courtney
    • She have developed a hatred of Heather and determined to get rid of her.
    • However, she is shown to be more concerned about her boyfriend, Duncan.
    • As the season goes on, she will be conflicted between her relationship with Duncan and her initial goal of winning the million dollar.

Remaining Contestants after the Episode

Bridgette Courtney Duncan Geoff Gwen
Heather Izzy Leshawna Lindsay Owen

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