We alway discuss on who is the best and worst team. But what about an individual? What happens if every characters from TDRR are separate like Total Drama Island? What could it have happen? This list is my top 36 individual characters in TDRR. The main criteria is their impact on the race without their partner in TDRR

Here we go!

36th - Leonard (The LARPERS)


35th - Tammy (The LARPERS)

Better than Leonard, at least.

34th - Taylor (Mother and Daughter)

Really, really annoying

33rd - Mary (The Geniuses)

Like Miles, she hasn't said much.

32nd - Miles (Vegan)

I don't like Miles because she is a vegan. It's because she hardly did anything compared to Laurie. Decent but not excellent contestant.

31st - Kelly (Mother and Daughter)

Unlike Taylor, I actually likes her and feels sorry for her when Taylor keep critising her. But she isn't a good contestant

30th - Ellody (The Genuises)

The only reason I prefer Ellody over Mary is because Ellody interacts and speaks with other contestants like Geoff

29th - Spud (The Rockers)

He is like the male version of Miles and Lindsay combine; doesn't speak and recognise the severity of situation. However, I like his performance in Finland which is mainly why he's 29th place..

28th - Tom (Fashion Bloggers)

I admit the Fashion Bloggers can be boring at some time but I admired their sophistication although Tom sometime overracted in big situation.

27th - Jay (The Adversity Twins)

The Adversity Twins might be very weak but are very strong in determination. But Jay is slightly worse as he doesn't face as much challenges as Mickey.

26th - Jen (Fashion Bloggers)

The reason I pick Jen over Tom is she is more determined, shown when she sacrificed her hair for their shopping bags. Shame she couldn't use her determination more on the challenge.

25th - Dwayne (Father and Son)

Dwayne is controlversial and I like that. True, it may hurt some of the audience but to me, it is quite funny. Extra point for trying to connect with Junior despite the lack of respect Junior has of him at the start

24th - Chet (Stepbrothers)

Stepbrothers are very mixed.Sometime, it's fun to watch them fight each other. Sometimes it's very annoying to watch fight each other again. The reason I prefer Lorenzo will be explain later.

23rd - Mickey (The Adversity Twins)

Mickey is the best of The Adversity Twin because of the number of challenges he done despite his fear of nearly everything. A very underrated characters.

22nd - Lorenzo (Stepbrothers) 

I prefer Lorenzo over Chet because I just Lorenzo somewhat.

21st - Stephanie (The Daters/Haters)

I may be getting dislike for putting Stephanie quite high in my list due to her constant complaining but she is a really good contestant who could do anything at her best.

20th - Rock (Rockers)

Rock is an interesting and funny character for me. Shame he was let down by Spud.

19th - Laurie (The Vegan) 

I really Laurie mainly because of her aggressive nature. My favourite moment is when she beat up Don when she found out she eat meat for no good reason.

18th - Garry (Tennis Rivals)

I really like Tennis Rivals, they are just funny as hell. But I prefer Pete over Garry which will be explain later

17th - Devin ( Best Friends)

Now here's one confession I have: I really likes the Best Friend. However, I must agree that their plot runs too long and takes so long for them to actually admit their love. to each other. However, I like when Devin talks with the Goths.

16th - Jacquees (The Icedancers)

Without Josee, Jacquees is quite bland and could possibly by a good guy.

15th - Pete (Tennis Rivals)

I prefer Pete because he look like Chris, who is my favourite host.

14th - Noah (Reality show pros)

I like Noah as he is quite unique. Bonus points for his relationship with Emma, which will be very very interesting 

13th - Ennui (The Goths)

Initially, I put the Goths very low as there is only Goth in Total Drama: Gwen. But the writers did a very good job with them. But I prefer Crimson at number 7th because he is a lot more scary.

12th- Brody (Surfers Dude)

He may be a clone of Geoff but at least a very good one. His relationship with MacArthur is questionable but interesting one.

11th - Sander (Police Cadets)

I LOVE the police cadets due to the lunacy they bring to the race, especially MacArthur. For Sander, I like her as she is the voice of reason and control. Without Sander, MacArthur wouldn't last long even though she doesn't listen to Sander

10th-  Ryan (The Daters/Haters)

I kind of feel sorry for Ryan as his appearance was often ruined by Stephanie complaint on his rather good performance. I really like him when he starts interacting with Carrie. At least, it brings some fresh air to the race.

9th - Geoff (Surfers Dude)

I rated Total Drama Island characters really high because I love TDI and will always be my favourite season. I also like that Geoff is being himself unlike Total Drama Action AfterMath. Shame he didn't say Carrie sound like his girlfriend, Carrie. That would so funny.

8th - Emma (The Sisters)

I like the Sisters as they work well together as a team. Emma is cool, calm and really focuses on the competition. But I prefer Kitty a lot more as she creates a better identity around the Sister team due to Kitty's optimistism and selfie-taking. My favourte moment of Emma is when the Sister team was eliminated as Emma said that her experience with her sister was better than a million dollar which is a really powerful and meaningful lesson even for the audience.

7th - Crimson (The Goths)

Read Ennui

6th - Junior (Father & Son)

I really like Junior. He is a lot more mature and logical compared to his dad, Dwayne. His relation with Carrie is really interesting but the writers didn't develop it any further which is a bit disappointing.

5th - Kitty (The Sisters)

Read Emma above.

4th - MacArthur (Police Cadets)

Without the Police Cadets, there wouldn't be a more fierce rivalry between the Icedancer and another team. Even though her action is sometime questionable, her reaction against the Icedancer is gold comedy, often taking each other both down in a hilarious way.

3rd - Carrie (Best Friend)

Ok, I am really biased now. You may ask, why I put Carrie in my top 3? The main reason is she brings emotions to the race. We can only sympathises her as she keeps saying that she loves Devin but was constantly denied by Devin. Like I said, the plots run far too long but be honest, everybody is happy to finally see Carrie and Devin confess love and kiss each other for the first time, regardless of the plot.

2nd - Josee (The Icedancer)

I admit: I was a bit shocked when I put Josee over MacArthur. But the reason I did that is because she is the perfect villain for this season. Her rage compliments her villain status even better. Without Josee, the race will be too boring and consists of only minor conflict that wouldn't bring the best sides of team and definitely MacArthur. 

1st - OWEN! (Reality Show Pros)

My belief is without Owen, there is NO TOTAL DRAMA! Owen is star of Total Drama and will be until the end. His farts and jokes will never end and that is the good thing. Nothing, I mean NOTHING can replace Owen!

Well that is my list! If you want to sare some of your opinion, please comment below.

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