Gordon: Are we on now?

Cameraman: Yes

Gordon: All right. Hello. And welcome to my Q & A show, where I answer fans’ questions on Total Drama. Who am I, you may ask? Well, I’m Gordon. You may remember me from my first blog which was a disaster, my Courtney blog which was overshadowed by the hatred of TopTenList and finally Deviant Art which was overshadowed by the brilliance of Bubble-Blitz . Yep, that’s me; always 1 step behind everyone else.

But enough about me. Let talk about the main topic: Total Drama Pahkitew Island. Before, it is the only TD season I haven’t seen until yesterday as I was binge-watching TD Pahkitew Island. With my new knowledge, I’m confident I can answer any questions from the fans. To let you know, we get all of the questions in many Total Drama site, mainly Total Drama wikia and Deviant Art.

(Sit Back)

So how many questions do we have for tonight?

Producer: 8.

Gordon: (Quickly jump off his chair) How many??

Producer: Only 8. All of them are from the Total Drama wikia. Other sites and blogs has no response, Gordon. Apparently, most Total Drama fans are interested with something called “James”. I have no idea.

Gordon: Oh, that’s just great!! (Sigh) Well, let do what we have for now. Let answer those 8 questions from the fans. Give me one now. ... Ok, this one comes from Swampbender55 . The question is:

What's your opinion on this cast in comparison to the last two sets?

Well, I put it plain and simple: the Pahkitew Island cast is great! Most of its casts are exaggerated but in a good way. You have a wizard, an ultimate evil genius who isn’t one, a princess and a lot more: all funny and unique characters concepts. But I’m also glad that the cast is not all exaggerated as there are normal characters which are Sky, Dave and Jasmine. But each cast are unique in their personality and comedy which is why I love the cast a lot. You can see that the cast are simply designed for fun.

But in comparison to the last 2 sets, there’s a glaring problem with the Pahkitew cast: connection. I felt that it’s harder to emotionally connect to the Pahkitew cast than the other cast sets. I mean, what makes Total Drama so great is the emotional connection between the characters and the audience. For example, I relate myself to Courtney as we both get really frustrated when nothing works for us. Another one is Lindsay just because it is. But for the Pahkitew cast, I can’t really connect myself to the cast other than … hmmm maybe Dave I guess? But this is a 13 episodes season and it is clear from this cast that the writers want to have some fun and chaos in this season which I don’t mind at all.

So in my opinion, yes I love the Pahkitew cast but I will take the original Total Drama cast over the Pahkitew cast any day due to my personal connection to the original cast.

Ok, here’s the next question which comes from …

(Producer goes to Gordon and whispers)

What? So there are 2 questions which ask the same thing?

Producer: Yes.

Gordon: Oh boy! This just get better and better. (Calm down) So where are the duplicate questions?

(Takes 2 question cards from the producers)

Ok, this one comes from TheEpicDestroyer and … (read again) Clyde!?

(Takes a deep breath)

Ok, so the question is:

Do you agree with the objective view that Rodney is a horrible human being? TheEpicDestroyer

What do you think of Rodney overalls? Clyde

Hm. Not bad as I expected, especially from Clyde (smirk). Anyway, Rodney. As far as I’m aware, there are a lot of hatred on Rodney due to his constant girl obsession. So what about me? What do I think about him? Well, this won’t be popular but my best description is sympathetic. Why? Due to my memory of a John Steinbeck’s novel I read before and love: Of Mice and Men. You see, I like Lennie from ‘Of Mice and Men’ due to his simplistic and caring nature who simply needs help from others, just like Rodney. So it makes sense and kinda biased for me to sympathise Rodney quite a lot. But man don’t we need to constantly see his love affection EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s alright first but gets more annoying and painful every time we listen to him in the confessional, worsen by how much screen time he as. At the end, I’m kinda glad he’s gone early.

So for me, Rodney is a simplistic confused man who doesn’t know what love is at all. But do I agree that Rodney is a horrible human being? No way!! Remember, he came from the farm just like Beth. Like Beth, he has no social skill or interaction but his character development mostly revolves around his “love”, which gets annoying and sets him far away from Beth who I like. So overall, I have no hate but I have no like for Rodney.

All right, what’s next? Ok, this one comes from TheDipDap1234 who asked:

What do you think of Samey's skirt?

(Face palmed)

OK, do I have to answer this? I specifically said NO PANT QUESTION!!

Producer: But people want to know. Even RBW , the winner of MSR, want to know too.

Gordon: I'm sorry but what the what?? Who's RBW??

Producer: RBW is Raised By Wolves. He's well known for winning the MSR, Mainspace Race which is a prestigious event held in Total Drama wikia. You get his attention, you get everyone attention.

(Pointing to the question)

And also, this is a skirt question, not a pant question like you said.

Gordon: (groan as he realises his mistake) Ok fine. I will do it. So what’s the question again?

What do you think of Samey's skirt?

Oh.. hm Samey. (Thinking) Oh no….

Producer: Yes, you need to answer it wisely and carefully.

(Gordon pondering for some time)

Gordon: Ok. Samey’s skirt is … um (thinking)…. um good and I like it!

(Suddenly brace for any Maria anger/outburst)

- A few minutes later -

So are we good? Is there any problem?

Producer: Well, we lost TV rating in Mexico, Gordon. Apparently, the chicken didn’t believe you and as a result, the Mexican people didn’t believe you too, especially all of the Marias.

(Gordon goes back to his seat)

Gordon: Well, that’s great!! Everything’s against me!! (tries to relax) Anyway back to the question.

(Read the question again)

You know what? I’m not gonna talk her skirt. Instead, I will talk about Samey as a character. Obviously, we all feels sorry for Samey due to Amy’s inhumane treatment to Samey. So it’s really satisfying to watch Samey stand up to Amy with help from Jasmine. But it’s such a shame that there wasn’t enough interaction between Samey and Jasmine as I feel those 2 had a lot more potential. Sure, they had very important interaction but I wish they interact more. Who know, they could be best friends with each other at the end! Also, I sometime wish people can appreciate the good side of Samey ALONG with her character development. In that way, I have huge respect to Samey not only for standing up to Amy but maintaining her personality during Amy’s inhumane treatment.

(Take a deep breath)

Ok, that’s enough questions so far. Be back for the next part in Gordon’s … Total.. Drama … Question & Answer!

Producer: And ….. cut!

Gordon: I swear to God. If there’ll be another pant question, I’ll..

- TV commercial -

Next Part coming up.

So what do you think? Good or bad?

If you love this, please comment below as I want to see how people think to this.

If you want to ask me a question on Pahkitew Island, just put it in the comment and it could be in the next part. Thanks for reading! :)

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