Hey guys, it’s me Gordon003! You may remember me from …. I don’t know. Anyway, here I’m gonna talk about a current TD game project I’m doing. As you can see from the title, its called “TD Draft Team Challenge”. This is quite an ambitious task for me but it’s something I like to do (which is programming). So here are some known facts so far.

What’s the purpose of this game?

Basically, the main job is to make your team via draft and play your team against other draft team in a match.

In the match, your team are versing the enemy team by challenge in TD. Each challenge has its specific benefit (e.g. Dodgeball from TDI requires Athletic Ability and Teamwork while the detective challenge in TDA requires Intelligence and Teamwork).

During the challenge, you select either 1, 2, 3 or even 4 characters against the opponent selection. After selecting, the stats will combined from the selected characters and the team who has the highest combined statistic score win that challenge.

Characters could further influence the game by their special ability (e.g. Strategic) but the type and effect of special ability is still at work.

But how the game actually works still at work as I'm more worried about the drafting.

Which application will it run on?

This game will run on Adobe Flash Player. The main reason is because I still remembered my old fun day with Flash game, mostly from And plus, I recently programmed a game in Flash before. So why not?

Another good thing about Adobe is you could also run the game on Internet Explorer/Google Chrome.

But you can also play the game on Deviant Art


How long will it take?

My wild guess said that it will take at least 3 months. I know it’s long but I have tests at hand. This is a project I like to do in my free time.

First, I want to get the draft right. I need to list all characters present in TD. Which will take a long time.

Do you need some assistance?

No kidding! This is such a big project and required some help, especially for character rating. Someone recommended me to make a voting poll but I’m still undecided. But I’m definitely needed someone to give me another perspective on each character.

Other issues I need help in:

  • Menu Background Design
  •  Draft Background Design
  •  Process and Events during the competition between the 2 teams (e.g. Should I have elimination ceremony?)
  •  Character Image – Could get better one tbh
  • Character’s Voice
  • Character’s Special Ability – so far I got Insane, Evil and Strategic
  • Background Music
  • Character’s rating – May do it via voting poll

Here’s all of the info so far! (I guess)  If you have further question, just comment and I’ll answer them. But for now, I’m still planning but I made the draft to show that this is a serious project. Thanks for reading and I hope you support me.

Game Link

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