Checked my user profile. “1,249 Edits since Joining This Wikia 7 February 2016”.


That was my initial reaction when I realised that I have been a member of Total Drama Wikia for nearly a year now. Ironic since I remembered my original plan to retire from this wikia at last November back in last March due to upcoming future commitments after high school, including university and China holiday which was on November and December.

But no. Here I am. Still a member of this wikia. Despite the amount of time I wasted on this wikia when I should have study for my test. Despite all of the troubles occurred in this wikia. Despite all of the trouble created by my high school and final test. And yet… I’m still here. That’s a personal achievement. Not big but an achievement nevertheless. J

I think it’s obvious to say that I enjoyed my time in this wikia (ok, 70-80% of my time). The one thing I love about Total Drama Wikia is that I can talk to other people about Total Drama since most of my friends in real life are either uninterested or simply watch Japanese anime with their favourite anime girls as their laptop wallpaper (and there’s a lot of those). But other users in this wikia have other similar interest so it wasn’t all Total Drama every time I came onto the chat which basically makes this wikia a lot more enjoyable to visit. J

Even though I’m hardly active in this wikia nowadays (Back then, I literally checked TD wikia recent change every hour, especially for Cap This!), I will still maintain my commitment to help this wikia in any way… if I have the time and energy left in the future.

Now, as you may all know, some users have their wikiversary before me and that’s great. I read it but the main problem is it all kinda sound the same to me. You know:

“’Input name’ is a great friend to me… best user in this wikia”

Now, I understand if those users don’t have the time to complete their wikiversary blog but since I’m on holiday now (Uni starts on March for me), I said to myself: “Hell, why not instead of saying how great my friends or other users are, I simply highlight how influential or unique or hilarious they are to me via stories and moment with them?”

And this is why I have started writing this blog a week earlier. I’m doing this blog one step at a time as this will easily be brain-draining. Typing… trying to remembering my moment/time with every user one at a time… all while trying to write unique parts for each user… I will be dead if I do this in one shot. Dead before my wikiversary. You don’t want that, do you? (Unless your name is NEWTU)

Anyway, enough chit chat. Let go back to my time in this wikia, starting with the day I watched Total Drama back in 2009.

How did you become a Total Drama fan in the first place?

It all started back in 2009 when I was just switching TV channels. Nothing interesting to watch… Play School… Gravity Falls… Steven Universe… those are boring shows… And then BOOM!! Total Drama Action was shown. Yep, not TDI. I couldn’t remembered the first episode I was watching but I was so fully focused and attached to it. After that episode, I checked and watched Total Drama Island and then… I became a Total Drama fan ever since.

I also watched Total Drama World Tour and part of Revenge of the Island. And then suddenly, I gave up watching Total Drama when I started high school in 2011. It was perhaps because of my new friends I made in high school that they recommended to me other shows that they watched and loved. The main one are South Park, Doctor Who and Futurama but not Steven Universe and Gravity Falls.

Anyway, Total Drama hasn’t come back to me throughout my high school experience (I was still watching South Park and Doctor Who) and it was like that until last year when I encountered this wikia by mistake. Thanks to this, not only I became a Total Drama fan but I’m also interested in animation and visual effects mainly because animation has moved me a lot emotionally and I’m interested in doing in the future. To give you an example, my all-time favourite movie is Dumbo which was made back in the 1950s. Hence, that’s why I’m doing a minor in animation as a secondary interest while doing a major in computer science which is my primary interest and career field.

P.S. I haven’t seen Gravity Falls and Steven Universe yet. I added it as a joke because so many users ‘apparently’ like it. If you don’t get the joke, read below.

P.S.S. If you are going to comment on how stupid I am for calling Gravity Falls and Steven Universe ‘boring’, read above.

P.S.S.S Why are you reading this? Read Above.

Why did you come to Total Drama Wikia in the first place?

First of all, I came to Total Drama Wikia by pure mistake, ok? There, I said it out first.

The main reason why I came to Wikia in the first place was for study purpose. Back in that time, I had a software class and one of my classmates decided to create a place where we can share notes and help each other online. Initially, that sounds great but unfortunately, most of us got lazy and our wikia went down in a week or so (I can’t find it anymore).

And then I made a mistake. While most of them simply moved on and studied for their final test, I decided to check other wikia. I checked South Park, Doctor Who, EPL … you know, the one I was interested back at that time but not Total Drama. And by pure luck, I stumbled into Total Drama Wikia. Visiting each character’s info page such as Owen (one of my old favourite TD characters), it bought me back my old memories of Total Drama back when I was 9 years old. Later, I found out about Total Drama Ridonculous Race and decided to watch it for my own sake.

And now, I’m a huge Carrie and rejuvenated Total Drama fan. And still a member of Total Drama wikia. All of this caused by one of my mistake. Surprising, eh?

P.S. My username is Gordon003 due to my old school user name. I have no idea why I haven’t change it but I think it’s pretty catchy and quick to say my username. Plus 3 is view in Chinese tradition as a neutral number. So it’s not good or bad and I’m a bit like that. So I sticked with it ever since.

Any fond memories in this wikia?

Hmmm…. That’s tough. Not because I have a lot but I can’t remembered any due to my last year of high school. I meant, I could talk about how calculus works or how Hamlet is the worst Shakespearean play of all time. But for now, I’m not bothered.

As of right now, there wasn’t a special moment that I want to mention at this part as I will talk about it at “Users I encountered in this wikia” which is later.

But I do have one good moment I can talk about. I remembered that every time I feel frustrated or tired from my school works, I just go the wikia and chat to other users for fun. It’s not a lot but when you have a lot of school works under pressure, sometime you just want to get away for a few minutes and do something not work-related. And users in this wikia has given me the fun and most importantly, relaxation which I needed during my high school time. So thank you guys for helping me keep my sanity throughout my tough year.

That also explained why I made quick and simple blogs at the start of my time here. Very crappy blogs but I did it quickly before I work on my school works. I got criticism but at that time, I couldn’t care less (Obviously, I now do). But like I said, I want to simply focus on something that isn’t related to school works.

Another special moment is the MSR and meeting Stryzzar in real life in his home town but that will be discuss later (and also how much trouble I got into in order to meet him).

What is your future in this wikia?

Like I stated, university is coming up for me in next March so I will be busy in the future. But if there’s one thing I wanted to do this year, it’s my desire to make another TD game.

If you guys haven’t noticed, I made a TD game last year on Flash where you make a team out of Total Drama contestans. Sure, there was a lot of point and click involved… Sure, it didn’t capture the real magic of Total Drama at all… but it’s the first game I made for fun. And I’m doing this for good reasons – enjoying Total Drama while improving my programming skill. Doing all of this while studying for my final test. That’s why it took me 6 months to make my first TD game: TD Draft Game. But I have some fun and appreciate people’s comment and love to my game.

Don’t believe me? I made an early blog based on my idea back in March. I didn’t touch it until June when I finally plan and made it into a reality after my disastrous attempt of an educational game which I hate playing (even though I got 89/100 from my software teacher).

So yeah, in the future, I want to make another TD game. But time will tell…

Did the wikia changed your opinion/view at all?

Yes. Before, I respected Tyler and hated Zoey. Now, it’s in reverse. *Evil Laugh*

But there’s more. This wikia has changed some of my personal views. There is a lot so I list them all in points. When I first joined this wikia:

  • I thought I’m a Total Drama fanatic. Now, drop ‘atic’ at the end.
  • I thought Total Drama is popular in North America and Australia. But it’s popular worldwide, especially in Poland and Argentina in regard to some of my friends both here and Deviant Art.
  • I liked the fandom. Now, I remain bitter to the fandom due to the extreme hatred and poison I have seen in this fandom.
  • I preferred South Park over TD. Now, it’s in reverse. (Thanks to Carrie…)
  • I planned to do accounting as a minor to my computer science major to be on the safe side. Now, I’m doing animation and visual effects as a minor as I love the idea of moving pictures which is further supported by Total Drama.
  • I thought I’m quite young for this wikia. Now, I feel old.
  • I liked Total Drama. Now, I love it.
  • I don’t like doing artwork and animation due to bad art experience. Now, I’m rejuvenated and like to do media arts in the future.
  • I thought I couldn’t write a good blog at all. Now, I can… a bit.
  • I was a huge Owen fan. Now, I’m a huge Carrie fan.
  • I don’t care about Tyler. Now, I… nope, I still don’t care about Tyler at all.

Any regrets or actions that you wish you shouldn’t have done in the first place and do you want to take it back?

Of course! I always have regrets or actions that I should haven’t done in the first place. But I wouldn’t take it back as I learnt a lot from my past mistakes. Sure, I made some stupid mistakes (e.g. my first blog which was criticized for poor grammar) but I learnt from it and become a better overall person. If I have one tip, it is:
“Don’t be scared. Trying is better than not trying at all” (Excluding trolling of course).

Any Shoutouts to other users in this wikia?

And this is why I started writing this blog a week earlier. I want to ensure that each users have a different and unique story from me. Of course, I will say “He/She is a good friend/user to me… blah blah blah” but I want to focus more on how each users specially affects/influences me via our interaction in any way.

To ensure this is all fair, this list is sorted alphabetically. So if you want to blame somebody for being low, answer my question. Who decided your username in the first place? You.

P.S. If I haven’t list you here, then I’m sorry but I did the biggest test of my life last year. I mean, how can I remember EVERYONE in this wikia??

P.S.S After each username is my opinion when someone ask me to describe the user. That is entirely for comedy purpose.

All right. Here we go.

1. Alheatherfan (Inactive) – “My Aussie Deviant Art Friend who I helped”'

“I thought we were going to be on a beach”

I know you mostly via Deviant Art. I haven’t seen you for a long time but I’m really happy to have you as a friend. And it all started when I was bored and wanted to make an artwork but have no idea and creativity at all.

Also, I fully appreciate the gift (an artwork) you made for me in recognition of my contribution to you. I love it! I miss you! J

Link to my artwork for Alheatherfan: Link

Link to Alheatherfan’s gift to me: Link

Best Moment: Your Gift. That means a lot to me. J

2. ArtDraw12 – “The Other Chewy”

“With pleasure. I enjoy the times we talk to each other on the chat, and I hope to talk to you more often. :)”

Oh well, let me see. Hmm… Oh well, I know we haven’t chat to each other a lot but I still glad to have you as my friend in this wikia. I like your “Say Something Positive About” and “Total Drama Horror” blogs even though I haven’t comment a lot. The main reason is because I simply don’t have the time to read and I’m far too behind to vote, hence I’m not up to date (In regard to your Total Drama Horror anyway). But oh well, I hope to read your blogs and chat with you a lot more in the future… if I can.
Best Moment: Reading your blogs.

3. BookLover (Inactive) – “Kind, Intelligent User”

“You're pretty funny and nice, also I love your game ^^ Nice to meet ya!”

I miss you but I understand the need to focus on your school works. Maybe I should have taken her path in the first place… Anyway, I miss you.

Best Moment: Chatting to you.

P.S. I also appreciate your support to my TD game.

4. Bubble-Blitz (Inactive?) – “Kind Artistic Maniac”

“You're very nice to me and to others.”

I MISS YOU A LOT, BUBBLE!! I miss your craziness and your funny conflict against NEWTU (especially with the Brazil episode with a purple fruit… I meant, what is that in the first place?) I love watching you RPing with other users which is very interesting to watch. I also particularly enjoy helping you edit your fan fiction, even though it lasted for 1 episode. (Sorry, I was busy… busy is now my word for “sorry” last year.)
I also love your artworks. It looks so beautiful and I do believe you have the talent to be in the creative industry in the future. If one of my artworks I made at your age was claimed to be good enough for me to enter creative industry according to my previous art teacher (and it was crap when I checked it again this year), then how much potential do you have? Your imagination is your limit. I hope to see your future artworks.
Overall, I love having you as one of ‘My Special Baes’, Bubble! J

Best Moment: Working with you.

5. Chewy57 – “My Football Friend who support the wrong club in the wrong league”'

“You're a very nice person and I enjoy talking with you. Also, fellow Football fan :D”

As far as I know, we are the only football fans in this wikia (or soccer if you’re an American and can’t spell “football” and Liverpool fan don’t count ;)). I enjoy chatting to you not only in Total Drama but also in football, especially in regard to  Euro 2016, football transfer and when we mock each other’s favourite football club (Mine is Chelsea FC while Chewy is Bayern Munich… never heard of that name if you ask me). Memorable moments include when we tried to make a football team out of Total Drama contestants. Or when we discussed football trade and rumour which is interesting and funny.

Best Moment: Mocking other football team… mainly Man United and City.

P.S. Go Bayern!! I hate Arsenal not because of my Chelsea love but one of my irl friend supports them. Beat them so I can mock him further. J P.S.S. I’m calling it now! I really believe Bayern can win the Champion League! J (Mainly because I don’t like the other teams in the Champion League)

P.S.S.S. Lewandoski has just won the Polish Football of the Year… no surprise.

6. Cloudy – “My Aussie Companion” (Inactive)
Another Aussie in this wikia. I still miss you despite the conflict which I won’t dwelled on. I enjoy chatting to you in the past and I wish you good luck for your upcoming high school test.

Best Moment: Chatting to each other about Australia.

7. DarkMaster – “A user I often look up to”
At the start, I only know you as Gogo’s boyfriend.
But since that, I now know you as a friend. Not only we had a good time chatting to each other but I also fully appreciate your help to me when I fell to hard time or I wasn’t being myself due to high school stress. Overall, you are the guy that most people should look up to for motivation and support. I hope we can chat to each other a lot more in the future.

Best Moment: Your encouraging word to me at hard time.

P.S. I fully support GogoxDark.

8. EpicDestroyer – “The Analyser”
I know we haven’t chat to each other a lot but I have to say one thing: I’m very impressed with your analysis blog. While I have only made 2 analysis blogs (Courtney and Zoey but both are short), you literally made blogs that are very detailed and simple to understand. At the end, I’m literally speechless. Like, I have nothing to say as you have said everything I need to say. Nothing but respect to you, Epic. I look forward to your future blogs.

Best Moment: Drinking water after reading your analysis blog (Seriously, I was that confused).

P.S. Can you do my tax invoice?

9. G&T Forever – “Challenger”
A user that I remembered in the past. We haven’t chat to each other a lot but we did play Draw It! Challenge with RBW and other users and it was fun. J I still miss you.

Best Moment: Playing with you in Draw It! Challenge

10. Glenn31 – “Umm….”
To be honest, I haven’t really got an opinion on you, Glenn, as we hardly chat to each other. But if there’s one thing I can give out, it’s that you surprise me in a good way. I don’t know you a lot at the start but as time goes, I started to appreciate and respect you as much as I respect to my friend in real life. And that’s pretty hard for me in regard to the danger and vulnerability of the Internet that I take those issue seriously.

Best Moment: Exceeding my expectation of you as a chat mod.

11. Gogogadget – “CS Friend”

“You are....AWESOME SAUCE! And it's awesome talking with you and venting about CS things together! Stay cool”

One of my earliest friend in this wikia and for good reason. I’m not gonna repeat what most users said as they basically said what I want to say about Gogo; she is the nicest user in this wikia and her relationship with Dark is so cute (but not as cute as Carrie and Devin).
However, another reason I’m glad to have Gogo as my friend is because both of us are doing computer science (well, I’m starting it next month anyway). Hence, at least I have someone to talk to about the beauty of computing and programming (even though it’s tiring and kinda repetitive). Plus, I’m intrigued by your future CS projects.
Also, thanks for the shout out in your 3rd years wikiversary in regard to my final test. It’s nice knowing that people have faith in you for the upcoming big test.

Best Moment: Finding out that you also do CS.

P.S. Thank god the nickname you gave me hasn’t catch on. I would go nuts if people comment “Oh look, here Waffle and Mr Blik… and Gordon!” every time I enter the chat. I can live with “Moose” but not that!

P.S.S. I may need your help when I do my CS degree.

12. Gruvias – “Deviant Art Friend”
I know you more via Deviant Art than Total Drama Wikia. But I love your TD character ranking as it’s nearly the same to my ranking (at least I agreed with most of them). And I also enjoy reading your fan fiction in Deviant Art. J Keep it up!

Best moment: Finding out that you are also a Carrie fan! J

13.   FireEater – “User that I respect”

Great! Now we're official. I look forward to more of your blogs :)

Like Gruvias, I know you mostly via Deviant Art. For me, I particularly like your stance toward Courtney’s extreme haters and how you support your statement with evidences and reason, something I hardly see in this world. Unfortunately, I don’t make the type of blogs that initially connected both of us in the first place (Character Analysis) but I hope to chat with you more often on those type of issues and perhaps debate about them.

Best Moment: Reading your Courtney defence blog in Deviant Art.

14. Jack – “The user who has no computer. And I want to know: HOW??”

“I always thought you were a nice person, and a great person to chat with. Glad to be your friend!”

My response on Jack speaks for itself. HOW CAN YOU DO ALL OF THIS WITH NO COMPUTER? I MEAN, IN WHAT POSSIBLE WAY? To be honest, I can’t see myself without a computer for a day. You have to kill me before I kill you to get a laptop/computer.
Anyway, I know you are a true good friend to me. I hope to chat with you in the future.

Best Moment: Realising that you are here longer than me but without a laptop/computer.

P.S. if I have the time, I can check your series “1000 ways to Leave Total Drama” in the future. But I can’t guarantee that.

15. JimboyKelly – “A good contributor to any wikia”

First of all, congratulation for your promotion to rollback in CN wikia. I don’t know a lot but based on other users’ opinions, you deserve it.
Unfortunately, we haven’t chat to each other a lot but I hope we get to know each a lot more in the future via here and Deviant Art. Who knows? Maybe we do an art collab together in the future in Deviant Art…

Best Moment: Checking out your artwork in DeviantArt which looks pretty cool, especially with your TD swimsuit artwork.

16. Maria – “I like Samey.”

Best Moment: Pizza.

17. Max – “Where is he anyway?”

Did I miss something? Anyway, I miss him.

Best Moment: Bad Memory, sorry.

18. Mint – “Moose-Caller”

Every time I enter the chat, “MOOSE!!” Yeah, I have no idea where did you get that one from.
From my view, you are always a crazy Izzy girl to me… which is not a bad thing for me to be honest. At least I can see the funny side of “Moose”…
Stay crazy, girl!

Best Moment: That roast .

19. N3 – “A person I will follow everywhere”

This is troubling for me. I know you are a good person and admin but I can’t find any other unique way of describing you as most of Gogo’s  and others opinion on you literally capture all I need to say about you. Overall, I hope I can chat to you in the future, just not in IRC please.

Best Moment: Cap This! Activity. So far, I think I only won twice.

20. Pierzina

I know we got off a bad start when we argued each other on social issues. But I'm super glad that we cleared up and agreed to admit our mistake and forgive each other. I hope I can chat to you in the future! :)

Best Moment: Stephanie fan! :)

21. PhoenixDragonSamurai – “Nothing but huge respect”
I only know you via the MSR. But it’s one of your warning that kinda started my transition in this wikia. Before, I treated the wikia as a joke-relief as I prefer chatting than editing. Then one night, I decided to edit… for fun. And well, I broke the rule as I edited the same page over 5 times in 1 hour which is … well, against the rule and I got a friendly warning from you.
If it wasn’t for your warning, then I wouldn’t even participate the MSR at all to be honest! Hell, I would do absolutely nothing but chat online in this wikia. So, thanks a lot for making me realise the consequence of doing something before thinking.

Best Moment: Link

P.S. Glad to see you come back here! J

22. Quest – “My British Companion Friend”
I’m Australian… You’re British. Reaction: I WANT MY INDEPENDENCE!! REPUBLIC FOR AUSTRALIA!! Nah, it’s a joke. I’m not that political… But I’m glad to know you as a person. We have some fun chatting to each other on chat and I hope to chat with you in the future… despite the “historical grievance” between our respective countries.

Best Moment: Speaking basic French with you on chat. Je m’appelle Gordon. Mon anniversaire est le vingt-trois septembre. Ca va?

P.S. Just to let you know, I got roasted in a French speaking contest some time ago by my mum’s friend’s daughter who also live in England. Let just say she basically killed me in swearing contest… and got away with it!

P.S.S. Long Live the Monarch! Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne for 65 years? Wow!

23. RBW – “Did you say RBA or RBW?”

“You're a good fun person to talk to on chat.”

I’m going to let other users speak for me first.

Gogo: ”You are such a great friend and such a wonderful person.”
BlueAnt22: “RBW is really one of the best users here, he has great opinions.”

I support their statement. But instead of saying the same thing, I will tell you a funny story which involves with my school economic course and your annoying username “RBW”. First of all, this didn’t actually affect my final score at all as it was a practice test so I was lucky.
In my economic course, a VERY VERY IMPORTANT TERM is Australia Central Bank “RBA” (AKA “Reserves Bank of Australia”). For you not doing economic or commerce, the main purpose of RBA is to ensure that inflation is controlled via their manipulation of interest rate. For example, if inflationary pressure increased, RBA should increase interest rate for reasons that are too difficult for some of you guys to understand.
Now, I remembered RBA’s purpose so it was easy for me to answer question regarding to RBA… aside from the name itself.
Because RBW got so many exposure in this wikia at that time, I wrote by mistake “RBW” instead of “RBA”. So instead of “RBA decide the national interest rate”, it is instead “RBW decide the national interest rate”… which is fully wrong. But I was tired… and it was midnight. So I didn’t recheck my work and quickly submitted it to my teacher for marking in the next morning.
Enter the next economic class and we all got our practice test back. As soon as I get it back, my teacher asked a question to me:

Teacher: (Point) What’s RBW?
Me: (Look at the paper and found the mistake) Ummm…. I have no idea to be honest. I was meant to write RBA but….
Teacher: Hmm? How can you make that mistake?
Me: I don’t know, Miss… Brain Failure. But I can promise that I wouldn’t make that mistake again.
Teacher: I hope so for your sake.

And from that moment, I didn’t make that mistake again but I still have that practice test paper with ”RBW”. And you could actually see it in this link.
But aside from that, I love chatting to you and listening to your opinion on TD character, especially on Courtney and Tyler. But I don’t have much to say because other previous users has pretty much said what I want to say.
Final note? Thanks to RBW, I hate Tyler. Nah. What you read before is wrong. Again, what you read before is right. Nah, it’s wrong. Sikes, it’s wrong again. J

Best Moment: Ummmm….. too much to choose.

P.S. The dialogue isn’t exactly the same but you get the idea.

24. Rohan – “The user I helped a lot”
You may have been banned indefinitely from this wikia but I really hope that my help to you hasn’t come to waste. I know you wouldn’t read this but I hope everything goes right for you in the future. Well, at least I appreciate by the fact that you made a page based on the interaction between you and me. That’s something I value. J

Best Moment: Interaction Page you made.

25. Sarah the Fan Girl – “South Park Fan girl”
What happened to you? Before, we had enormous fun mocking both South Park and Total Drama and other users in chat. But now, we hardly chat to each other. I understand your personal circumstance and we did have some personal conflict at recent time but I still miss your craziness and your jokes, mostly on South Park. Come back soon!

Best Moment: Chatting with you about South Park.

P.S. If there’s one thing I like to mention, it’s that you changed my opinion on Wendy. Before, I didn’t fully appreciate her and instead treat her as a side character. Now, she’s in my top 7 South Park characters. J

26. ScrawnyLittleWhiteBoy – “Cody in real life”
You are the most recent user I know in this wikia but for good reason. I have fun chatting to you and hope to do so in the future.
The main fact that you are in 11th grade even though you should be in 7th grade astounds me. But the funniest thing about you is by the fact that your life is mostly related to Total Drama Cody. Hell, even your name is Cody! XD
Overall, I hope I can help and get to chat with you in the future.

Best Moment: Link

P.S. I tried my best to ensure no grammar error in this part. After all, me fail English? That’s unpossible. J

P.S.S if you have joined this wikia earlier, I would love to get your help in ‘Hamlet’. Seen that you like Shakespeare. Tell me. In the play “Hamlet”, do you think the main character Prince Hamlet is mad or is just faking madness? For me, he is faking madness to hide his true identity in his kingdom. Disregard this question if you haven’t read Hamlet. (I prefer Macbeth over Hamlet tbh)

27. Shadowshroom (Inactive) – “Good Crazy RP TD fan”
“You are a really nice person! You are really fun to talk to in chat and you're also really nice! So why not?”
One of my early friend in this wikia. Back then, I was a nobody who just want to have fun. I enjoy talking an RPing with you, especially on TD elimination game. It was fun and it emphasises to me that I’m in this wikia for fun. I will never forget those moments. J

Best Moment: RPing with you.

28. Stryzzar – “The worst user I ever met in my life”
I just want to highlight the trouble you bought to me to the audience and other users:

- You forced me to edit during MSR. That’s why I only made around 120 edits. If I work for fun, I would make 10,000 edits.
- You forced me to drive all the way to Melbourne in order to meet you in real life. And to make it even worse, you purposely gave me the wrong destination, causing me to drive not to Melbourne but instead to Phillips Island, south of Melbourne. And by the way, it is nearly 1000km away from Sydney to Melbourne and I drove 50% of the total journey… in a learner license!
- You forced me to run around Melbourne by giving me useless instruction that lead to a place that’s far away from my current position.
- And all of this trouble just to chat with you for 2 hours… IS IT EVEN WORTH IT??

In a word, yes. First of all, I want to say to the audience that you didn’t forced me to do all of them. Firstly, my addition to the MSR is purely my choice. And secondly, it was my parent’s decision to go to Melbourne due to Chinese New Year (hence, my inactivity in January).
But it was by mistake that we both meet each other as I initially wanted to test your knowledge of Melbourne (and you got it right). When we both agreed to meet each other at a landmark place called McDonald, it took some time for us to know and recognise each other. (I mean, do you have the courage to say “Are you Stryzzar?” to a complete stranger? I give you $5 bucks if you can do that.)
But we eventually met each other and had fun discussing about our common interests. This wikia… Users in this wikia… Doctor Who… South Park… Australia’s current situation…and of course, Total Drama.  In summary, we had a lot of fun chatting to each other, especially for the first time for both of us to meet our online friend in real life.
Conclusion? Best user in this wikia in my opinion. If it wasn’t for you giving me the opportunity to participate in the last stretch of MSR, I don’t think I will last long in this wikia.

Best Moment: Meeting you in real life.

P.S. If you are triggered by my initial response and want to complain, then clearly you haven’t read my blog fully.

P.S.S. I fully appreciate your tips for university. I promise I will “work hard” and get to my lecture.
lecture lectures.

29. TDI13 – “ALL BOW DOWN TO TDI13!”
I couldn’t remembered my first comment on you, Ryan. Give me a few minute. Checking my contribution history…
[http:// Link] to blog comment

"I don't know you but I have nothing but HUGE respect to you. Happy 7th wiki-anniversary.”

Today, it’s still the same. But this time, I know you and I have both FULL respect and appreciation to you in term of your contribution to this wikia.

Best Moment: Being shocked when I realised that you have been in this wikia for 8 years (7.5 to be exact) this year.

30. TRRFan6 – “Best Artist in this wikia”
What more could I say? Other users called you the best artist in this wikia and for good reason. I love your artworks in Deviant Art; it looks so cool, especially with your Total Drama Lady Gaga influence artwork with Lindsay and Izzy. I do admit that sometime I get jealous when I compared my artworks with yours. But then again, I have only done digital media art for a year now. (I started it long time ago... I still remembered the trouble of Photos Photoshop)
Overall, I’m glad to have you as my friend. J

Best Moment: Checking out your artwork in Deviant Art

P.S. You should have seen Lady Gaga’s performance in America NFL Super Bowl. It was spectacular!

P.S.S. Favourite Lady Gage Song – Bad Romance

31. Wii – “My Soul Mate”
“Someone who Likes SP too! And we also have the same birthday! :D It's nice to talk to you!”
Honestly, what’s the chance of meeting somebody who has the same birthday as you? Around 50% if you have 23 peoples with you (I didn’t calculate that; I just remembered it from the back of my head).
But you are more than the person who share the same birthday. I fully enjoy chatting to you on both Total Drama and South Park.

Overall, I’m glad to have you as my soul mate. J

Best Moment: Realising that we both have the same birthday!

32. WM – “Executive of this wikia”
What can I say? You are a massive contributor to this wikia and that’s true dedication. But what can I actually say? We had some fun chatting to each other over time but basically that’s it. I hope I can chat to you more in the future and good luck with Project 10. I will participate in Project 10, don’t worry. J

Best Moment: That comment in relation to NEWTU. XD

Honorable Mention: Project 10 which I look forward to.

P.S. I appreciate your confidence in my blog series with NEWTU. It meant a lot to me when I know people like what you do.

33. For other users – “Sorry but blame my high school”
I’m a normal human being. How can I remember all of you? Anyway, if I know you, I like to chat and interact with you in the future. Or if I don’t know you, then sorry but I don’t have a lot of time but I would like to meet you in the future. You can check other people description of me in this page.

Where can I express/share my view of you?

You can share your view in my extension page here.
Link: This is entirely for comical purpose.

Any final word?

For new users, don’t be shy and chat with us online. This wikia has users that are kind and willing to help you in any way.  Just enjoy interacting in this wikia. I did so why not you?

Well, it’s time to finish this blog. This has been the longest blog I ever written… ever! (The second longest is only 3000 words.) Anyway, this has been Gordon003 … bye!

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