This is a series where I make a satire of a famous movie director as he/she attempts to direct the new TDRR 2. Hope you like it!

Director : M Night Shymalan

Producer: Welcome, M.Night Shyamlan. Now could I be the first to thank you for agreeing to direct and supply the script for the new Total Drama Ridonculous Race 2. It's a huge honour to have an experienced movie director direct for us.

Shyamalan: Not a problem.

Producer: Now, to business. The main reason why I called you here is there's some concern about the script you wrote for this series. We are concerned because well you know, you made films that audience and fan don't ... well, appreciate it.

Shyamalan: Like what?

Producer: Well ... like 'The Last Airbender' which was panned by fans and critics.

Shyamalan: Bah! They don't appreciate a work of genius! They don't see the film the way I see it. I see it as a masterpiece!

Producer: Ok.... well back to the script. As we told you, we read your script and has some major concern. Do you mind?

Shyamalan: Sure, go ahead

Producer: Ok. Problem #1: Why are you bringing back Amy and Samey back? Aside from Samey, every Total Drama fans hate Amy.

Shyamalan: To play with their mind. They never expect this at all...

Producer: But everyone hate Amy!

Shyamalan: I know. But I have confidence to make Amy a good character, which will be a twist. What a twist!

Producer: No, we're not including that!

S hyamalan: Ok ok ok .. fine. We don't need Amy if you want that. She is only 1 twist removed so far.

Producer: Ok, that's sorted. Problem #2: The dialogue between Noah and Emma. For us, most of the itme it sounds dreary, boring and most of all pointless!

Shyamalan: What do you mean? The dialogue is perfect. It beautifully develops their relationship further.

Producer: Really? All they talk about is their past and job and that's it. (Referencing to overuse of exposition in the Last Airbender) The audience want to see interesting new development between those 2, not old stories that everyone knows back in Ridonculous Race!

Shyamalan: What's wrong with retelling the audience?

Producer: A lot if you considered how much time their dialogue takes in each episode. Look, I know we made a mistake of similar nature with Carrie and Devin. But your one .... demands a lot of focus on Noah and Emma. And according to your script, they gonna be in the race for a very long time. With a boring script, like this how will this fare with the audience and fan?

Shyamalan: It's genius. I want to play with the audience's mind by asking a lot of 'What if' question. What if Noah betrays Emma? What if Noah is the villain? What if Noah is a werewolves?

Producer: Ummm.... what?

Shyamalan: Exactly. You never know what is true or not. Lots of potential twists. That's why they need a lot of screen time.


Shyamalan: I know. Unexpected, eh? What a twist!

Producer: *Groan* No no NO! That is not gonna HAPPEN! You better rewrite their dialogue again!

Shyamalan: Ok, calm down. I'll add more twist in their dialogue if you want.

Producer: NO! Revise and rewrite the dialogue again with more expression. (Trying to regain his                       breath back) Ok Problem #3: Where's the challenge in the script? 

Shyamalan: What?

Producer: The challenge. You know, contestant have to do challenges to win the race. Have you ever seen Amazing Race?

Shyamalan: Amazing Race? Oh yeah, challenge. There's challenge present in the race.

Producer: But you only made 1 mention to the challenge in each episode.

Shyamalan: Who cares about the challenge when there are background on each character to talk about?

Producer: But it's call Ridonculous Race; not a freakin' "Who do you think you are?" show

Shyamalan: That's a damn good show.

Producer: My god... (Look at the last page of the script) WHY DO U ADVERTISE IT AS A HORROR SERIES?

Shyamalan: Everyone love a good horror series, eh?


Shyamalan: Technically, the Goths in the script are vampire so this is a horror series.

Producer: GET OUT OF HERE! (Throw script at Shyamalan)

Shyamalan: Okay okay calm down, I go. One day, you'll rue this day. (Exit)

Producer: (regain his breath back) Okay, who's next?

Well, who I should do next? I think of doing Michael Bay next.

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