Hey, this is Gordon003 or Gordo for short. And this is a discussion between me and NEWTU who some of you know. Now, even though we are friend to each other, we both have conflicting opinions on various issues and lead to interesting discussion on questions concerning on Total Drama and the future of it. Hope you enjoy and why not comment on your view on those question?


Gordon: Hey guys. Welcome to the first discussion in Total Drama with me, Gordon003, and NEWTU AKA Nobody Else Wanted This Username! Here, we answer and discuss on 5 questions that mainly concerned the Total Drama fandom and its series altogether. Are you ready?

NEWTU:Yeah whatever.

1st Question: Should we bring song back from World Tour?

Gordon: What’s your response, NEWTU?

NEWTU: No. They did that in World Tour because Glee was popular at the time. Now, Glee is deader than dirt. Thus, bringing back songs would be...questionable at best.

I won’t deny that some songs were great. I could listen to 'Before We Die' all day but most of them were cringy at best.

Gordon: That's interesting because I will also say no. But for a different reason as the song dominate Total Drama World Tour a little bit in my opinion.

NEWTU: Not to mention the 'Sing or you're gone' rule which only applied when someone pointed it out.

Gordon: That one too. Overall, the songs are good but it does have the potential to ruin a season fully if not used wisely.

NEWTU: The songs were an experiment. 30% worked. 60% did not. The other 10% were meh. By the fact that more than half is terrible, I would say no more music.

Gordon: I’ll be happy to have 1 or 2 songs though. But not every single time.

NEWTU: If you want to do a future season gimmick, here is an idea.

After every challenge, one member from each team swaps sides. It might get a bit convoluted but it would keep things fresh. Schemers could not make any long-term plans due to certain uncertainty on who will be their allies the next day.

Gordon: I will accept that if it means that Carrie can compete with Ryan for only 1 race.

But anyway, overall, it's understandable that some fans want the song back but they must also understand that it must have character development and plot. Otherwise, we are just watching another version of Glee or High School Musical.

NEWTU: Indeed.

Gordon: So at the end, we both say no but for different reasons.


2nd Question: Does Courtney deserve another chance?

NEWTU: I remember seeing this question actually. And my answer is both yes and no.

Yes: I would like to see Courtney back to her old self.

No: I think she has been used too much and fallen too far.

But both statements counter-act each other. At the end, if you ask me, her haters are more right. She has been in Total Drama Island, Action, World Tour and All-Stars.

Gordon: For me, this is a very difficult question.

On one side, her fans will say that she hasn't got the fair treatment and chance and that makes sense.

But on the other side, her haters will say that she got way too many chance and is annoying as hell.

For me, I think she deserves another chance of redemption.

NEWTU: But she has had 3 whole seasons to fix herself. Instead, she has only got worse and worse.

Gordon: Well, why not this time, just finish Courtney once and for all? End all of those doubt and theory and let her finish in peace.

NEWTU: One problem. A character being 'redeemed' should not instantly equal 'Character wins the season'.

Gordon: I know but I think Courtney deserves to have all of her problem solved once and for all.

NEWTU: Maybe but not by being on yet another season. Let her find her peace elsewhere. It's clear that the more she comes back, the worse she gets.

Don’t they call that Deteriorating Theory or something?

Gordon: That's true. But like I said, there are way too many reasons for and against to bring Courtney back.

NEWTU: Perhaps.

Gordon: But at the end, I support the return of Courtney while NEWTU has his doubt.

NEWTU: Can I ask the next question?

Gordon: Sure. What is it?

3rd Question: How serious should Total Drama be?

Gordon: You go first. I assumed you have a lot to say in this matter.

NEWTU: Yes I do. First of all, Total Drama has NEVER been serious, not even Season 1.

The Racoon-Tron, Surviving many cliff falls, and the entire flooded island episode are proof of that.

Gordon: But it was a success. So what are you try to say?

NEWTU: I am not saying it was not a success. I am saying TD has never been 'super-duper realistic serious'. Just that it's levels of 'how silly' has fluctuated over the years.

Gordon: But if you looked at most cartoon, you will find that most popular cartoon are never designed to be serious. For example, if South Park is serious then Eric Cartman should be in prison for life.

NEWTU: I know, I know. But this is Total Drama we are talking about. We have had some silly occasion seasons like Island and RR. And we have had some Super Cartoony Silly Season like ROTI and Pakhitew Island.

Gordon: Let me ask you a question. What’s the main purpose of cartoon?

NEWTU: To entertain.

Gordon: How can you entertain while being serious?

NEWTU: Well…

Gordon: You can pretend to be serious but you can’t mix real seriousness with cartoon.

NEWTU: But 'serious entertainment' has a specific audience in mind.

Look at CSI or Lost or West Wing. Those were super serious shows and yet kept many people 'entertained'. But maybe not with laughing.

Gordon: But that's drama and M-rated. Total Drama is a show for 9-12 years old and should remain so.

NEWTU: And here we are. We are above that age range… and we still watch it … and discuss about it.

Well, like I said: it's less 'how SERIOUS should it be' and more 'how SILLY should it be?'

Because it's never been 100% serious or even 80% serious. Well maybe 75% serious if we wanna stretch it.

Gordon: But Total Drama should not be serious as it's a cartoon, not a drama series.

NEWTU: I am not saying it should be.

I am just saying that crap like Two Headed Mutant Bunnies and falling 10k feet onto concrete and coming away with only bruises should go. That’s ridiculous.

Gordon: That's extreme. That's what cartoon can do. It’s meant to be humorous. Isn’t that the main point?

NEWTU: Yeah, it is extreme and you know that TD has done it before. There is humorous moment and then there is just flat out ridiculous moment. There is a line in the sand between those two. Humorous is silly, but not too implausible. Example: Some of the more goofy parts of The Talent Show Episode.

Gordon: I guess. But once it become serious, it will lose its appeal to younger audience and us fans.

NEWTU: It does not have to be super serious. I am not saying that at all. I don't need hyper realistic TD. I don’t WANT that.

I am just saying that all that super stupid stuff like Toxic Animals and Surviving Impossible Conditions is stretching it too far

Gordon: I could agree to an extent. But I think it’s important to emphasise that this is a cartoon, not a darn drama action series.

NEWTU: I know it's a cartoon. You can have cartoony things to an extent.

People becoming instant block of ice when falling into cold water? That's fine.

People leaving impact silhouettes? That's fine in moderation.

Stuff like that is fine. But like I said: Stuff like falling 30k feet onto concrete and living or beating up a shark with hands and feet is not fine.

Gordon: But there are funny.

NEWTU: Maybe to some but they are so ridiculous and cartoony that it's more detrimental then what not.

Gordon: ....but Total Drama is a cartoon.

NEWTU: Does not mean is has to have Looney-Toon Antics all the time.

Gordon: Maybe but Total Drama has its own humorous appeal.

And that's why I love Total Drama: outrageous dangerous challenge but realistic human interaction.

NEWTU: Well, like I said, I like some of the outrage to an extent.

Gordon: I think we went on this question for too long. So at the end, you like to make Total Drama somewhat a bit serious while I wanted Total Drama to be chaotic as possible but not at the cost of character development. Next Question.

4th Question: Alejandro is criticised by some to be "too perfect" for an antagonist. What do you think of that view?

NEWTU: What do you mean by ‘too perfect’?

Gordon: I guess it mean "no weaknesses".

NEWTU: hmmm…. My answer is complicated because it will be yes and no.

Yes: He was way too perfect to start off with.

No: But in all fairness. In World Tour. He was new and no one knew his weaknesses. He had not left an impression on anyone yet. Plus at the very end, his heart for Heather was his downfall.

Gordon: I will actually say yes to be honest. If you compare him to Heather in TDI, he hardly had any setback compared to Heather. Plus, he managed to do everything without anyone's help.

NEWTU: But that's because unlike Heather, he did not start pissing everyone off immediately. He only had to get mean around the second half of the season.

Gordon: True but an antagonist must have a weakness. That's the basis of a story.

NEWTU: Fair enough. Like I said, he had zero weaknesses to start off with. If they had given him a weakness to start off with, they had him lose that weakness at the end of the second half, with character development. And then he would evolve his a new weakness that was his heart to Heather.

See what I am trying to say?

Gordon: I like that but I just feel that the other characters don't have their revenge on Alejandro.

NEWTU: Maybe not individually but getting trampled by the whole group.

Being burnt by lava and then being put in a Robot for 2 years I think that's Universal Punishment enough.

Gordon: The revenge is perfect, I will admit.

Overall, I say yes; Alejandro’s perfectness is a bit too much. Meanwhile, NEWTU stay at the middle. Final Question.

5th Question: Which season should be next? Total Drama or Ridonculous Race? And which team do you want to bring it back?

NEWTU: Ridonculous Race, of course.

Total Drama has had 6 whole seasons. Ridonculous Race has had one and has shown great promise. Let it try again for a second season. Do what made the first one so great and improve upon it.

Gordon: That's true but I have a feeling that some fan will prefer Total Drama to see their favs once more. But I agree, Ridoncolous Race have loads of potential in the future. So Ridoncolous Race for me too.

Since this is quick, who do you want to see in the next season of Ridonculous Race? One team only, Personally, I like to see the Best Friends but I want the Geniuses to come back.

NEWTU: I am split between Tennis Rivals and Geniuses.

Gordon: The Tennis Rivals have no more gas.

NEWTU: They had gas. They just never got off the ground.

Gordon: They are too old anyway. While the Geniuses have legit potential to be in the top 4. They have a lot more to give.

NEWTU: Too old? What does their age have to do with anything? They got 4th place in Morroco. So it's not like they couldn't do well at all. And that was out of 18 teams mind you.

Gordon: Have you seen them in France? Fatigue will catch up to them as the race goes on.

NEWTU: You can't say that. They have been Tennis Players all their lives. I'm sure they are not that fragile.

Gordon: Retired.

NEWTU: I still like them.

Gordon: Nah, I’m not sold. If you think about it, the Geniuses have the brain. Admit it, the Geniuses deserve more. It will be interesting to see how they complete the challenge in their way.

NEWTU: Brains means very little when the whole goal of the game is to MOVE. But I admit that the Geniuses deserve more. But if I got one more pick, I would totally bring back Gerry and Pete.

Gordon: And if I have one more pick, I would bring back the Best Friends… and then you will kill me, will you?


Gordon: On that matter, we should end the discussion now.

NEWTU: Yes. Best to.

Gordon: Anyway, thank you for reading our discussion. If you have a Total Drama question that is in your mind, why not input your question in the comment section below for future discussion. Thanks for reading! :) (Or "Congratulation for reading" if you are in America)

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