Hey guys, it has been a long time since my last contact here in this wikia. And man, my memories back in time hit me really quickly.

For some of you who joined the wikia this year, there’s a good chance you don’t know about me at all. So let me introduce myself again. My name is Gordon (kinda obvious is it?) and I joined this wikia last year. Back in January this year, I took a 6-month hiatus from the wikia due to the stress and demand from my university as it’s my first semester so that comes first above everything else. However, I wasn’t all work as I also focused on making TD artwork in my spare time which you can see in my Deviant Art profile via this link.

In my first year in this wikia, I wrote semi-critical blogs on some characters and made a TD game where you draft a team out of Total Drama characters which is also in Deviant Art. But over time, my activity in wikia declined as I focused more on my uni assignment and TD artwork in DeviantArt to further enhance my drawing and animation skill as I’m currently doing a minor in animation along with a major in Computer Science.

You may ask, that’s nice. But what are you “actually” going to do in this wikia since I’m not going to help the wikia in editing the page(which I suck at and lacks motivation in). Well, I come here with an entirely different purpose. Like I stated, I tend to focus on helping this wikia in any way in my first year in this wikia.

Now, I’m focusing on what I’m currently doing and enjoying: make TD digital artwork. The activities I’m considering doing in the wikia now are:

  • Tutorial on TD Characters + Process via my experience/advice
  • Make TD artworks which are displayed on this page
  • Chat… if I have the time

For now, I’m not writing critical blog as I prefer to use my energy on my artwork.

Don’t feel afraid to ask me about non-Total Drama related stuff. I also talk about:

  • NBA – Magic Fan
  • Football – Chelsea Fan
  • Movie
  • And much more than I can think of…

Right now, I’m on holiday so I have a lot of time before my next uni semester starts again.  As a result, I got a blank spot in term of task. So what blog should I make?

Do you think I should I do a tutorial on how I draw TD Characters? Or should I do a blog where I do the most popular request from the users in this wikia? Again, this is not confirmed but this is something I could do in the future during my time in this wikia as I’m starting to get used to the demand of my university schedule.

As of right now, I'll be a lot more active in this wikia due to the free times I have now.

Hope to chat you soon!

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