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  • I live in Sydney, Australia
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is Uni student and Amateur Digital Artist
  • I am Male
  • Gordon003

    Hello. I’m back from DeviantArt, doing art commission and stuff like that. But I have a thought about TDA and it creeps me a little. Without being emotional, can Trent make his TDA team a lot better and if so, is it enough to challenge Gwen’s team? Here, I analyse and grade the team captain original choice and then outline on what’s the best available selection if I'm in charge. Do remember that both are picking based on TDI experience, not the future. So, Lindsay and Harold don’t hold much value as they don’t show much abilties in TDI in comparison to their TDA performance.

    So, we go back to episode “Riot on Set” where Gwen and Trent are both team captain. Gwen has the advantage as she was awarded the first pick.

    Gwen Choice: Duncan


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  • Gordon003

    I just want to get this out first. THIS IS NOT AN ELIMINATION GAME OR HURT'N'HEAL!! (Credit to Stryzzar)

    Now I got that out, this is Gordon003! And man I haven't been here for a long time thanks to my uni which kept me busy from June to October. Now this is over and my uni break finishes at mid-February, I'm currently focusing on my TD artworks and one of them is an art series that's gaining momentum in my DeviantArt account. Here are some questions in regard to the art series.

    The art series is mostly decided by you and other people.

    1. Firstly, people vote on which TD girl I should do next.
    1. Next, people give recommendation to me such as outfit, pose, environment etc.
    2. And that's it. I work on my magic (AKA hard work) and voila!

    The main purpose of…

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  • Gordon003

    Hey guys, it has been a long time since my last contact here in this wikia. And man, my memories back in time hit me really quickly.

    For some of you who joined the wikia this year, there’s a good chance you don’t know about me at all. So let me introduce myself again. My name is Gordon (kinda obvious is it?) and I joined this wikia last year. Back in January this year, I took a 6-month hiatus from the wikia due to the stress and demand from my university as it’s my first semester so that comes first above everything else. However, I wasn’t all work as I also focused on making TD artwork in my spare time which you can see in my Deviant Art profile via this link.

    In my first year in this wikia, I wrote semi-critical blogs on some characters an…

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  • Gordon003

    Checked my user profile. “1,249 Edits since Joining This Wikia 7 February 2016”.


    That was my initial reaction when I realised that I have been a member of Total Drama Wikia for nearly a year now. Ironic since I remembered my original plan to retire from this wikia at last November back in last March due to upcoming future commitments after high school, including university and China holiday which was on November and December.

    But no. Here I am. Still a member of this wikia. Despite the amount of time I wasted on this wikia when I should have study for my test. Despite all of the troubles occurred in this wikia. Despite all of the trouble creat…

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  • Gordon003

    Hey, this is Gordon003 or Gordo for short. Now our first debate blog wasn’t as successful as initially planned; but our minimal expectation was met (which is get at least 100 views in DeviantArt) and we actually had a good time discussing with each other on those questions. Therefore, we decide to continue discussing about Total Drama in the future. If you want to discuss with us or have a question in your mind then make a note to me via my user page or comment below. Other than that, I hope you enjoy and have a new perspective/view on Total Drama!

    Gordon: Hey guys. Welcome to the second episode of our discussion in Total Drama. As before, it’s between me and NEWTU. In this discussion, we will talk and answer 5 main questions that concern o…

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