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Hey, so I know that I'm way behind on this. I haven't been around the wiki in a while because of school and stuff. But I've been hearing rumors about there being a season 6 and in that season, we're not going to be seeing too many of the All-Stars (I think we're only getting 2 or 3?). I dunno. But I was also looking at Julie Giles' conversation threads and she implied that there were going to be old contestants. So, I guess that probably means that we're going to see our underdogs again. I really want to know who they are, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'm guessing the theme is going to be based around Total Drama Island once again and I also heard that they're getting rid of the 13-episode seasons, which is a good thing. I'm pretty behind on this and I know I'm kind of rambling on this, but yeah. I know that we aren't supposed to know so much about this season this early on in the game, but what else have we gathered about the season?

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