Hey guys! GoGoGadget831 here and welcome to my seasonal review of Total Drama World Tour! Considering that so much has happened this season, this is probably going to be my longest seasonal review. As always, I'm going to be looking at every aspect of the show and how each of those aspects were played throughout the show. These are the sections of this seasonal review: Characters, Character Interactions, Episodes, Comedy/Drama, Challenges/Songs, Continuity, How Realistic The Show Was, and Final Thoughts. Alright, let's get started!


1. Ezekiel: Oh Zeke, what happened to you man? Well, although he became much more chattier and more desperate to win this season, I was expecting him to go a bit farther than being the first one eliminated. But yet again, excluding Duncan quitting, he was the first one eliminated. However, judging by the way that he wasn't going to give up and remain on the plane instead, I thought that he would reenter the game in the future and I had pretty high hopes that he would develop into a better competitor. BUT NOPE! It all leads up to wasted potential when he becomes his descent into a feral monster. This honestly feels very unrealistic and off-putting. It's off-putting to his character, Zeke fans, and the realistic tone of the series. It's so sad that they would go this route instead of trying to make him a better and more likable character. Ezekiel fans wanted him to have more screentime, but this feral route felt like the ultimate middle finger to his fans and the character itself. It's so disturbing to watch, especially considering that I actually liked him in the very few scenes he had in the series. And unfortunately, it looks like this gag is never going to end. This guy had so much potential, but all of that was wasted for such an annoying running gag.

2. Harold: He was honestly very forgettable this season. The most that I remember him doing was stating facts every few seconds or so. It's pretty unfortunate that we didn't get to see any of his mad skills. He didn't really have any memorable moments this season, except for the way he voted himself off and the sweet way he stuck up to Leshawna when she had to face the kangaroo in Aftermath Aftermayhem. Not much to say here, but I do hope he makes a return at some point in the future, especially considering how great he was in TDA.

3. Bridgette: I was very disappointed that she didn't make it further in the game. She definitely had a lot of potential to make it far in the game, even past the merge, and I was hoping she would be a finalist. But all of that is thrown away when she falls for Alejandro and almost completely forgets about Geoff. She kissed Alejandro in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better and actually wanted to have that same accident again. But the next time it happens, she ends up kissing a pole! Even before the episode, she didn't really do anything memorable. However, she was good in the aftermath show, and the way she made up with Geoff with that song and during Total Smackdown was really sweet and definitely redeemed her character for me. She also got stranded in Siberia and had to take care of Bruno the Bear, which is a good portrayal of the animal-loving side of her, and she continued to be the good aftermath host she was. Not much to say. But next time, I really hope she goes further.

4. Leshawna: Like Harold and Bridgette, she was an early out and she didn't really do anything memorable, aside from showing off her "great" dancing. Like Bridgette, she fell for Alejandro and was an early boot. However, she did get a great moment by beating up Heather in Slap Slap Revolution and pulling that great quote, "I'm gonna seize the you!" And you are absolutely still fabulous Leshawna ;). Sadly, this was not a good season for her since she was an early boot, but it still wasn't without some positives, like a stronger friendship with Harold and flipping the birdie at Heather in the finale.

5. Lindsay: Lindsay is still the same old lovable love brain I know and love. I was pretty disappointed that we didn't see too much of her leadership skills in this season, as she definitely had really fantastic development in TDA. I was hoping she would lead her team to victory a few times in this season and show that she wasn't as dumb as she looked. But that sadly wasn't the case here. But with that being said, she definitely had some funny moments this season, like for voting for everyone in the confessional and then at another ceremony when she just admired a picture of her on the passport. Not to mention her freak-outs about not going shopping. But her best moments were finally remembering who Tyler was and working with DJ to win the Amazon challenge. Again, not much to say about her, but I hope she makes it to the final 2 in another season!

6. Izzy: When do I ever hate Izzy? The answer is never! Every appearance of hers makes me laugh and it makes me laugh hard. Even though she didn't have as much screentime as the last two seasons, she still cracks me up everytime. And for the minimal screentime she had, she's definitely made a lot out of it. From speaking camel to yodeling in a meat grinder, she's got a whole bunch of crazy under her belt. And as Noah would best say it, she's still "nutty as a 10 ton bag of pecans, smothered in peanut butter, encased in a cashew the size of China"! I really hated the way she was injured, and the song that Owen sings in the episode made me miss her even more. Her Brainzilla persona was pretty entertaining to watch in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon and I laughed hard when she hit the bomb with a hammer and blew up the studio. And that's pretty much all we see of Izzy in this season. What a shame :(. 

7. DJ: No argument, this was definitely DJ's worst season. Literally the only thing that happened to him was that stupid curse gag. That's pretty much it. When "Irene" showed up in Newf Kids on the Rock, I was expecting him to stop complaining about his stupid curse and actually focusing on the game. But no, they had to continue on with that mean-spirited gag in the next episode and make him leave on a very bad note. Worst of all, we don't even know if the curse has ended. DJ definitely had some potential, whether it be bonding with Chef or forming a strong friendship with Lindsay. But no, the majority of his screentime revolved around that curse and he honestly overstayed his welcome because of it. I hope that when he returns, we never have to see it again.

8. Noah: Noah was definitely a pleasant surprise this season. I found him absolutely hilarious here and ten times better than in TDI. His lines were really memorable, whether it be describing how absolutely crazy Izzy was or the way he says "stalkerlicious" to Sierra, his lines were comedy gold. Not to mention the hilarious way he mocked Sierra, fooled Izzy and a Sasquatch with his invisible ball trick, and described the game as a flying death trap filled with psychos. Not only did he have great lines, but he also had a pretty enjoyable friendship with Owen and a great leadership position when Alejandro went missing in I See London... It's a real shame that he didn't last longer. He had the potential to have a great conflict with Alejandro and have better development as a team leader and competitor. But noooo we need more Duncan!! But I digress. Anyways, I loved Noah's screentime this season and the writers did an amazing job with him this time around. I hope he makes it far in the Ridonculous Race!

9. Tyler: Just like Noah, Tyler was another great surprise this season. He had some great development and I have to admit that even though he still fell a lot when showing off his awesome moves, he's definitely getting better! I loved how he won a challenge for his team in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better and I liked his brief subplot of him trying to convince Lindsay that he is Tyler. He also had a small plot in which he was the one who witnessed Duncan and Gwen's kiss. So, we had a hilarious running gag when he had to hide the secret and Alejandro makes him reveal it! He also has a heart of gold, willing to do anything for the people he cares about, especially Lindsay. And kudos to him for refusing to cheat on Lindsay in The Ex-Files. His elimination was probably one of the stupidest eliminations ever. He clearly contributed to his team and did the best he could. He did not deserve it. Despite his stupid elimination, I thoroughly enjoyed him this season. 

10. Gwen: After all that Gwen went through in TDA, I was hoping that this would be her season. And to be honest, this season definitely looked promising for her. She had pretty hilarious rivalries with Heather and Courtney. Her and Courtney were slowly starting to become friends and she was becoming a team player. It was pretty funny seeing her go insane in The Am-Ah-Zon Race and she definitely had her fair share of good moments. But unfortunately, when Duncan shows up, everything goes downhill for her. Basically, the whole universe is out to get her instead of Duncan, and Gwen acts OOC and doesn't seem to regret the kiss. Then, she leaves the show on a very bad note and the triangle is never resolved after that. Yes, she does deserve some comuppance. But most of the blame goes to Duncan. After all, he was the one who cheated and broke his girlfriend's heart. He deserves the most punishment out of everyone. But sadly, he gets away with it and everyone is out to get Gwen YET AGAIN. Hello, we've seen this before! It's sad, because she had so much potential to be a decent character, but that love triangle really derailed her character for me. I still have hope for her though. On the bright side, there was an interaction between her and Trent in Aftermayhem, which makes me miss them even more :''''''(. If only Gwent could get back together...

11. Owen: Owen didn't bug me too much this season, although he should have been eliminated earlier. His fart jokes were either hit-or-miss for me, but he did have his fair share of good moments. The song he sings about Izzy almost made me cry and I felt myself connect with him in his emotional state. He does have a few funny moments, like when he acts like a viking, takes down Jack the Ripper with Noah, does the running man while singing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", and laughing at Noah's jokes. But he didn't really have any involvement in ongoing subplots this season, aside from his abrupt break-up with Izzy that was never resolved. Aside from that, I didn't have strong feelings for him one way or the other.

12. Blaineley (or Mildred): Wasn't really a fan of her. She felt like a rehash of Chris and TDA Geoff combined in the aftermath. I was pretty happy that she got comuppance at the end. But her appearance in the game was pretty pointless and I could really care less about her, though I did feel a bit bad for her when she was in the body cast. Hopefully she survived the eruption (*spoilers* She did and she was seen hugging Bruno on a swan boat in France in a TDAS exclusive clip).

13. Courtney: Just like Gwen, Courtney started off with so much potential. And to be honest, her character was headed in the right track too. She had some pretty hilarious arguments with Heather and even though she and Gwen were enemies at first, they soon became "friend-ish". That is, until Duncan shows up. She's reasonably upset about this, but after she finds out and breaks up with Duncan, she turns into a psychopath. She basically turns into a huge mess of a person, flirting with Alejandro to make Duncan jealous when clearly it wasn't going to work, and throwing challenges for her team so she can eliminate Gwen. In addition to that, she gets angry at Heather for "stealing Alejandro" from her in Niagara Brawls. She was an emotionally-confused mess and to make matters worse, her last two episodes featured her being tortured endlessly and she doesn't deserve that much torture. But kudos to her for shoving Duncan in that cake. I was expecting this to be a great season for her, but sadly, it wasn't. I hope she gets redemption in a future season....

14. Duncan: Of all the characters this season, Duncan was definitely the worst. I was very satisfied with him being the first one to leave the game. And to be honest, the season was very strong without him. Many of the characters, including Tyler, Noah, and Cody, got their chance to shine and actually have a good chance at winning the million. Sadly, he came back in the middle of the season and everything went downhill from there. First of all, he clearly said that he didn't like to sing but then in I See London..., he apparently has a band. Keep your continuity straight! But anyways, he suddenly likes Gwen and goes ahead and cheats on Courtney with no regrets. And to make matters worse, he's pretty much a Karma Houdini and gets away with every horrible thing that he does. I mean yes, we have African Lying Safari where he gets tortured by Zeke and meets his downfall. But come on, he needs punishment to make him realize how horrible his actions were. Yes, he apologized in the Ex-Files when Courtney dumped him, but that apology wasn't sincere enough. He even refuses to properly apologize to Courtney in Sweden Sour and then treats her like dirt in the next few episodes without even taking responsibility for his actions. It's also not like he contributed to anything good in the season. If you thought this guy had a soft side to him, well guess again! And to make matters worse, he overstayed his welcome and made it to the final five when he clearly didn't deserve it. Not to mention he played a major hand in getting both his girlfriend and his ex eliminated! I thought his run was horrible this season. Bringing him back just damaged his character. It made him an unlikable jerk who gets away with everything (you tried Cody) and then refuses to take responsibility for his actions. It also felt completely pointless. There's plenty of other drama you could make up for this show, like bring Ezekiel back for some redemption, have Tyler be onto Alejandro's strategy, or something. Once they resolve the love triangle thing, I hope we don't have to see this guy make it past the merge again.

15. Sierra: Either loved or hated by fans, Sierra was definitely an interesting character this season. And in a GOOD way. It was actually pretty clever how Gwen had to put up with someone creepy (i.e. Cody) and then have Cody put up with the same thing with Sierra. Although the Sierra stalking Cody jokes are either funny or unfunny for me, nevertheless, I loved her this season. Although I prefer Izzy, Sierra definitely brought a lot of energy to the season and she was an interesting addition to the cast. She's definitely different in that a fan of the show itself is competing. And for what we got, she was really funny, though she can be creepy at times. I'm in love with her voice and I just love the way she talks, especially when she gets mad. She definitely had a wide range of emotions, ranging from really happy to really sad to really mad and they were all executed in pretty humorous ways. She also proves to be a good friend too, willing to do anything for the people she cares about, especially Cody. Remember not to mess with Cody, because if you do, Sierra will come and beat you down! And her reactions make me laugh really hard. From beating down a shark to choking on Courtney, she's definitely unpredictable. She was also a team player too and she definitely made it really far into the game. She also has some great skills, from her German dance to her weaving skills. She also proves to have her limits too. It was pretty hilarious in the beginning when she kept on gushing over Chris, but then when he acts like a jerk to her in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, she loses it and starts to have a burning hatred for the guy! I was kind of unhappy with the way that she got the boot, but she only did it out of love! Despite being creepy, I thoroughly enjoyed Sierra this season and I'm looking forward to seeing her in the future. 

16. Cody: When he made it to the final three, I was very pleasantly surprised. Although I don't think he had as many good moments as say, Noah and Tyler, I still really liked him this season. I didn't expect him to make it so far, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. And for the screentime that he got, I think it was used pretty well. It was pretty funny seeing him get freaked out by Sierra's many attempts to get him to love her and the few times that he hit on Gwen were pretty funny. It was also great seeing him stick up for Gwen and supporting her throughout the game, even after she kissed Duncan. It just shows how good of a friend he can be. Not to mention that he falcon-punched Duncan! Good going, Cody! Serves that jerk-face right! And don't forget the number of times he messed with Duncan in Picnic at Hanging Dork and Alejandro in Hawaiian Punch! It just goes to show that even though he's a nice guy, he has his limits and if you cross the line, he's not going to take any nonsense from you! He got a good amount of screentime this season and I enjoyed seeing him develop. 

17. Alejandro: OH MY GOSH THEY DID IT. THEY DID A JUSTIN-TYPE VILLAIN CORRECTLY! Yeah, remember in my TDA review when I complained about how pathetic of an antagonist Justin was. This guy is the exact opposite. This is a GREAT antagonist. I could not believe the number of people that he took down. He practically annihilated most of Team Victory. He got Harold, Bridgette, Leshawna, and DJ out! Heck, he even took down Noah, Tyler, Owen, and Duncan! That's almost four times more people than Justin! Yes, he used his beauty to his advantage, but most of it was brains. He always made sure that he got out scot-free and that the other contestants got their downfalls. As he would put it, "One by one, they will all go down!" Not to mention how unbelievably beautiful he was. If only he existed in real life... Anyways, I really liked the tension he had with Heather. I loved how he would continuously flirt with her and how much he irritated Heather. Although I wasn't a big fan of Courtney and Alejandro's love-fest, I knew that in the long run, it was all strategic. He definitely had a brilliant strategy. My only flaw is that he seemed maybe a little bit too perfect and slightly flat. But later in the season, he proves to have some weaknesses, like getting distracted by Heather and having a weak stomach. Regardless, he was an interesting villain with a great strategy and great beauty.

18. Heather: This is Heather's second-best season (only behind Island respectively). I admire how the writers kept her consistent all the way through the series. She's definitely the winner in my book and I really liked the development that she got this season. Yes, she still had her hilarious sarcasm and snarky attitude in tact, but her strategy also came back too. She took a bit of a beatdown this season by getting a tooth knocked out by Leshawna and constantly getting distracted by Alejandro. But I did like how throughout the season, she tried to prove how valuable of a teammate she was. She had an enjoyable conflict with Alejandro and vowed to show that she was a much better competitor than him. She constantly rejects him but deep down inside, she secretly likes him! She definitely got through the season really well with her motivation and it was entertaining seeing her interact with Courtney, Sierra, Cody, and the other contestants. I hope the writers continue to keep her consistent in her future appearances.

19. Geoff: I know he doesn't really count since he didn't qualify for TDWT. But he did play a major role in the Aftermath episodes, so I'm going to talk about him. All I can say is that he was definitely a better and more nicer host than he was in TDA. Yes, he was a bit of a show-off in Revenge of the Telethon when he bragged that he knew what the audience wanted, but at the same time though, he wasn't that jerky. He wasn't really self-centered and he still showed strong concern for Bridgette. He also continued to have a strong relationship with her and even though they were apart for sometime (the game and in Siberia), they're still going strong and are still my favorite couple of the series. It was also amazing the way he got back at Blaineley for shipping Bridgette to Siberia. I was sad that Geoff didn't qualify for World Tour, but I'm looking forward to seeing him in the Ridonculous Race.

20. Chef: Even though Chef didn't get as much screentime as he get in TDI and TDA, I still enjoyed him for the screentime that he got. It was hilarious seeing him fighting with Chris over the plane controls, ditching him in the Serengeti, and throwing a boom box at his head in Jamaica. He didn't have as many costumes as he did in TDA, which is kind of a shame because I LOVE his costumes and his sense of fashion. Nevertheless, he was still great this season and I'm looking forward to seeing him in the future of Total Drama to come.

21. Chris: After watching this season, I have to admit that Chris has gotten a lot worse. Also, I've already stated this before, but if you want to blame someone for starting the love triangle other than Duncan, BLAME CHRIS. He was the one who busted the lock in the confessional and led to the whole thing happening for more drama. But even aside from that unfortunate implication, it seems that he has no sympathy for any of the contestants whatsoever, even his number one fan. I was enraged by the way he treated Sierra and in the finale when he showed no sympathy for the contestants and didn't even bother saving them from the volcanic eruption in the end. Not to mention not letting Tyler and Lindsay kiss, abandoning Team Amazon, and violently pushing Blaineley and Courtney off the plane. Worst of all, he didn't get any comuppance for the terrible things that he's done this season. At least in Masters of Disaster, he put the contestants' lives in danger and showed legitimate concern when it looked like they weren't going to survive. But here, he doesn't even bother! I really could not stand him this season, especially during the second half. He was mostly just annoying and all he did was gush over himself and laugh at the contestants' misery. And trust me, he gets a lot worse in later seasons. 

So, overall, while character derailment occurred in a handful of the contestants this season, there were still several positive aspects to their stay this season and there were other contestants that were actually enjoyable and got good development. Alright, time for character interactions:

Character Interactions:

1. Alejandro and Bridgette: Not much to say here. Bridgette falling for Alejandro seemed very out of character for her, especially considering she has a boyfriend whom she is loyal to (for the most part). On the other hand, it was good strategy for Alejandro to manipulate her and prove how effective of a villain he was. Glad that their interactions are over.

2. Alejandro and Leshawna: Again, not too much to say. It did feel that Leshawna was dumbed down a bit, considering how untrustworthy Alejandro is and how Leshawna was the kind of gal who knew what was right from wrong and didn't take nonsense from anyone. Nevertheless, it was great seeing her great hatred for Alejandro afterwards through that song and at the finale. 

3. Geoff and Bridgette: Still my favorite couple of the whole series. It was so sweet of Bridgette to come up with that love song for Geoff. It was normal for Geoff and Bridgette to feel nervous when facing their problems in Bridgette Over Troubled Water, but that episode teaches the clever moral about learning to face your major problems as soon as possible and solve them from there. I found it really sweet how the two made up and I'm glad to see that their relationship is going strong, considering all that they went through in TDA and TDWT. I hope they stay together forever <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. Gidgette is life <3 <3 . So, ship it!

4. Harold and Leshawna: Although not too many interactions between the two of them this season, it was great to see them interact in the aftermath segments. Of course Harold is still into Leshawna and is willing to do anything for her. And Leshawna definitely respects him and sees him as a good friend, especially after getting the boot. It was great to see him stand up for her in the kangaroo challenge in Aftermayhem, even though he got knocked out pretty badly :P. Not much to say. Would like to see more of their friendship in the future.

5. Heather and Leshawna: Wow, I thought they were friends last season. And starting from Slap Slap Revolution, they become bitter enemies once again, with Leshawna giving her the slap-down! That is weird continuity right there, but then again, I liked them better as enemies anyway. It was pretty hilarious seeing Leshawna get mad at Heather in the finale and then flipping the birdie at her. Not too much to say here.

6. Geoff, Bridgette, and Blaineley: It was actually pretty clever putting Geoff in a major conflict in the Aftermath segments. I mean, Blaineley has pretty much taken over the role of Captain Hollywood in the aftermaths this season and pretty much tries to embarrass everyone and make them feel the pain (Truth or Tractor Trailer?! Seriously!). But then, she does the unthinkable....ship Bridgette to collllld Siberia! And this pushes Geoff over the edge and he sings that insulting song about her and comes up with a segment featuring Blaineley's best moments. It just comes to show that if you mess with Geoff too much, he's gonna take his pants off, dance and sing a song about how terrible you are, and reveal all your dirty little secrets on live TV! Although not shown that much, it was fun while it lasted. 

7. Owen and Noah: I swear, these two remind me very much of Timon and Pumbaa. Except Owen is the more 'pally' type and Noah is kind of 'meh' on the whole friendship thing. They've had very enjoyable interactions in I See London... when Noah keeps on making Owen laugh with his Sierra impressions, Owen and Noah sharing a parachute, and teaming up to catch Jack The Ripper. Best of all, Noah actually thinks that Owen has a brain in him. They were pretty enjoyable to watch throughout the season and I'm looking forward to see how their friendship develops in the Ridonculous Race.

8. Lindsay and Tyler: It was pretty clever of the writers not to forget about continuity here, because last time when we had an actual Lindsay and Tyler interaction, Lindsay didn't remember who Tyler was in Haut-e Camp-ture. It's good that they picked up that running gag in World Tour and it was pretty funny watching Tyler try to convince Lindsay that he is actually Tyler. Best of all, she remembers who he was in Slap Slap Revolution and doesn't completely forget about him. They're still going strong and it's great to see how much Tyler really cares about her by refusing to cheat on his girlfriend, unlike SOMEONE in this season. 

9. DJ and Lindsay: Not much to say here, except I was really happy with the way that they teamed up in The Am-Ah-Zon Race to score themselves a victory for the first time. I liked their interactions throughout the episode and they have a pretty legitimate friendship. 

10. DJ and Heather and Alejandro: It was pretty interesting how Heather tried to form an alliance with DJ. It made for some pretty good competition with her and Alejandro and it was great to see her support DJ throughout Newf Kids on the Rock. But, in the end, he chooses to ally with Alejandro, then he finds out about Alejandro's deed, and it backfires on him big time. Kind of a shame because I really wanted to know what would come of DJ and Heather's alliance if it managed to remain strong. Only a minor thing. Oh well...

11. DJ and the animals: This sucked. Moving on...

12. Noah and Alejandro: This would have made for a very interesting rivalry if only Noah hadn't been eliminated. I would have liked to see Noah interact more with that eel. But no...we need more Duncan!

13. Alejandro and Tyler: It was actually pretty clever putting Tyler in some drama. Even though Tyler is bad at keeping secrets, it was interesting to see him get pressured by Alejandro to reveal it. And boy, does it feel good for him to reveal it to the whole world! But sadly, thanks to Alejandro and Duncan's alliance, he was eliminated unfairly. 

14. Alejandro and Duncan: Honestly, I could really care less about these two. Their interactions weren't very interesting nor that investing, but kudos to Alejandro for making Duncan get the beating of his life in the Serengeti. It was alright seeing them pretending to go along with each other, though it didn't lead to that much.

15. Courtney and Duncan and Gwen: GOOD LORD. I don't even know where to begin with this one. Well, last time on Celebrity Manhunt, Courtney and Duncan were making out like crazy on the bus after a big argument, and in the beginning of the season, Duncan was smirking flirtatiously at Gwen for some weird reason. Then, he quits, and the two girls are very saddened by it. In his absence, Courtney and Gwen gradually form a budding friendship, which is pretty nice to see. However, it seemed pretty clear that in Newf Kids on the Rock, Gwen had some feelings for Duncan by "spotting" him on one of the rocks and saying that she was in a relationship with Duncan instead of Trent. Then, Courtney and Gwen bring back Duncan to the game in I See London.... and out of nowhere, Duncan says he missed Gwen behind Courtney's back and goes ahead and kisses her in the confessional. As a result, Gwen seems more OOC and doesn't seem to regret her actions, Duncan becomes an unlikable jerk who gets away with everything, and Courtney becomes a psychopath. I really despised the love triangle this season because of how poorly it was executed and how character-damaging it felt. I mean, it's one thing if Duncan breaks up with Courtney and then forms a budding romance with Gwen. But the way it was executed this season was so botched and just made all three of them come off as unlikable. There was barely any build-up to it whatsoever, was only in a small part of the season, and then never brought up again. What was even the purpose of doing this? It felt so unnecessary. I hope they fix up this mess and that I don't have to see character damage like this again.

16. Cody and Duncan: S/o to Cody for punching Duncan in Greece's Pieces, messing with him in Picnic at Hanging Dork, and kicking his head in Rapa-Phooey! 

17. Courtney and Alejandro: Wasn't a huge fan of these two together. It made Courtney come off as too desperate to make Duncan feel bad and I just don't think they have chemistry. It was good strategy on Alejandro's part to make her lose control though. 

18. Courtney and Heather and Gwen: Pretty entertaining to watch in the first half of the season. It was pretty funny seeing Courtney and Gwen make fun of Heather and Heather continuously proving that she was valuable for her team. In addition, it was nice seeing Courtney and Gwen form a budding friendship with one another, but all that was destroyed thanks to Duncan -___-. Then, Alejandro came along and flirted with both Courtney and Heather, inducing jealously and conflict in the two of them that was pretty funny. 

19. Owen and Izzy: I was very surprised about the way that they broke up. Before, they seemed pretty happy with their relationship. But in Jamaica Me Sweat, their break-up was so abrupt and it wasn't resolved again after that. Despite not having strong feelings for this couple, I was baffled that their break-up isn't mentioned again. I don't even know what else to say. It was just so weird.

20. Cody and Sierra: This interaction can be either funny or unfunny (I wouldn't exactly call it hit-or-miss since the jokes don't really hit bulls-eye or fail that badly). But they did make me chuckle every once in a while. It definitely brought the energy out of Sierra and could bring a wide range of emotions from her, from really happy (gushing over Cody's stuff and things like that), to really sad (Cody voting for her), to really mad (people hurting or messing with Cody). I did like their development throughout the show and I liked that brief plotline of Sierra trying to make Cody feel guilty about voting her off. Sierra's wedding gag, although a bit repetitive, was pretty entertaining too. I really liked their interactions at the end, when Sierra shows that she's willing to do anything for Cody, like make a cake for his birthday and support him throughout his journey. Cody then realizes how good of a friend Sierra is to him and they become close friends by the end of the season. I really enjoyed seeing their interaction evolve into a friendship and I wonder how they'll develop it in the future.

21. Alejandro and Cody and Sierra and Heather: Heather trying to ally with Cody and Sierra while Alejandro tries to ally with Cody to vote off one another was really clever in Rapa-Phooey and Awwwww, Drumheller and definitely made for some great tension. It was also good strategy for Alejandro to try to break up Sierra and Cody's marriage. We actually feel for Sierra when Alejandro shows her the picture of Cody and Heather "cuddling". It was also pretty funny watching Sierra chase Heather around because of that. Then, in the end, it's revealed that it was a fake after all and they agree to vote off Alejandro! I also laughed at the finale when Cody kept calling Alejandro "Al", not taking any nonsense from him after all that he's done to him, like almost killing him in the tiebreaker!

22. Heather and Alejandro: Really entertaining to watch from beginning to end. It's great that Heather actually faces against some real stiff competition this time around. Alejandro actually proved to as good, if not, a better opponent than Heather. It's great to see Heather stand up to him through motivation and strategy. There's also this hilarious running gag when Alejandro keeps flirting with her or with other girls that just enrage her. She doesn't want to admit that she is definitely into him and it's hilarious to see them lose different challenges because of getting distracted by each other. They're bitter rivals throughout the season and their rivalry slowly evolves into great tension and romance as the season progresses. Everyone tells them to just give it up and make out already, which anger them, as they want to believe that they hate each other. Well, at least Heather does. In the end, Heather and Alejandro manage to share a romantic moment that results in Heather outsmarting Alejandro by kneeing him in the groin and pushing him off the volcano. Good going Heather! All in all, very entertaining to watch and I'm eager to see how their romance/conflict develops in the future.

Overall, there were many great character interactions this season, aside from a few (i.e. the love triangle, Courtney and Alejandro, etc.). I also wish that some interactions lasted longer (i.e. Owen and Noah, Noah and Alejandro, etc.). But all in all, they were executed really well and definitely contributed to some great character development this season. Now, let's talk about the episodes:


1. Walk Like An Egyptian Part 1 - GOOD

2. Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2 - GOOD

3. Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan - GOOD

4. Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better - MEH (close to bad)

5. Broadway, Baby - GREAT

6. Aftermath I: Bridgette Over Troubled Water - AMAZING (top 10 worthy)

7. Slap Slap Revolution - GREAT

8. The Am-Ah-Zon-Race - GOOD (close to meh)

9. Can't Help Falling in Louvre - GOOD

10. Newf Kids on the Rock - GOOD

11. Jamaica Me Sweat - MEH

12. Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon - GOOD

13. I See London... - MEH (close to good)

14. Greece's Pieces - GOOD (close to meh)

15. The Ex-Files - BAD (severely)

16. Picnic at Hanging Dork - BAD (moderately)

17. Sweden Sour - GOOD

18. Aftermath: Aftermayhem - GOOD

19. Niagara Brawls - GOOD

20. Chinese Fake-Out - BAD (moderately)

21. African Lying Safari - GOOD

22. Rapa-Phooey - GREAT

23. Awwwww, Drumheller - GOOD

24. Hawaiian Style - GOOD

25. Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles - AMAZING

26. Hawaiian Punch - BAD (moderate-severe)

So, in all, there were 19 good episodes, 3 meh episodes, and 4 bad episodes. There are still more good episodes than bad and much like TDA, when the episodes are good, a lot of the time, they're really good, and when most of the episodes are bad, they're not that bad (with a few exceptions). Alright, onto the comedy and drama!

Comedy and Drama:

Overall, I have to say that the comedy and drama was pretty spot on. Despite one or two dull episodes here and there, for the most part, the episodes manage to invest me in with really good comedy and drama that invests me in. The comedy comes in all different forms (from physical to words) and most of it hits bulls-eye, with a few exceptions (DJ's curse, Feral Zeke). There exists some good drama (Geoff and Bridgette in Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Heather and Alejandro, Sierra and Cody) with some that isn't very good (The love triangle). Aside from some repetitive gags and drama, the writers did make an effort to mix it up a bit every episode and when they mix it up, it really works well. Now, let's get to the challenges.


In general, I really loved most of the challenges in this episode. I thought the idea of a season that involves contestants going around the world and completing challenges was brilliant and it really paid off here. I thought that the portrayal of each of the locations were spot-on. I loved how the show portrayed New York City, the German Alps, and all of the other locations. The challenges were definitely different and it's great that the show has a lot of variety in these challenges. You get to see contestants race with baby carriages in Central Park, do a German dance, compete in Old School Olympics, and even capture a dangerous animal in the Serengeti. The challenges were all so great and I loved how unique they were. Where do I even begin with the songs? Even my least favorite songs of the season were good and special in their own way. I love pretty much all of the songs this season. They're all so wonderful and they bring a lot of energy and color into this season. I really hope they make another world tour season because there are so many great songs and great places to visit around the world. Now, let's get to the continuity:


As a whole, the show seems to keep its continuity straight. The only nitpick that I have about the continuity is Leshawna and Heather's interactions. In the middle of TDA, they got along just fine and became friends by the end. However, in TDWT, they were suddenly enemies and it kind of came out of nowhere. Aside from that, the show got its continuity straight, although there weren't too many references to TDA. Now, how realistic the show was:

How Realistic The Show Was

In terms of how realistic this season was, for the most part, the season seemed pretty realistic. Unfortunately, there were several parts of this season that felt very unrealistic. For example, Zeke's transformation. It is extremely rare for a human being to become feral like this so quickly. It's extremely disturbing, uncomfortable to watch, and the fact that he survived a volcanic eruption seems very weird to me. Wouldn't he be dead if he got covered in all that lava? Same with Alejandro. Also, can pineapples really cause a volcanic eruption? That just doesn't seem right. Anyways, there was also the Ex-Files which featured weird aliens, which completely departed from the realistic tone of the episode. That episode was really weird and there were certainly plenty of other locations to visit other than Area 51. But aside from those aspects, the show managed to maintain a pretty realistic tone. 

Final Thoughts of the Season

Taking into account everything that has happened this season as well as my personal preference, I'm going to call Total Drama World Tour a GOOD season. Sure it has its flaws, like the infamous love triangle, feral Zeke, Owen and Izzy's abrupt break-up, Team Victory's quick disappearance, and that disappointing finale. But the things that are good in this season are really good and they definitely overcome the bad aspects in this season. There were plenty of character this season that got really good character development, there were a lot of interesting character interactions, the songs were fantastic, the challenges were great, the aftermath episodes were entertaining, and the atmosphere was definitely fantastic. There is so much to like about this season, despite having more flaws than TDI. I like it just as much as TDA (which I find extremely underrated). All three of these seasons have fantastic elements to them and are definitely worth watching many times to come. 

Well, with that said, thank you all for watching season 3 with me and I'll see you all in season 4! GoGoGadget831, out! 

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