Hey guys! Gogogadget831 here and welcome back to Total....Drama....Theory! It's been a long while since I've done these types of blogs and I've been meaning to do several of these for a while, but due to the lack of time and inspiration, I haven't gotten around to doing so lately. However, I've been wanting to go back to my blogging roots for a while, so I'm finally back with a lot more ideas! So, today's topic is fixing the love triangle in Total Drama World Tour (apologies in advance if this blog doesn't sound great; haven't blogged in almost a year :P). 

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking. Some of you might be thinking, "Oh Gogo, why are you bringing up such a controversial part of the show that tore up the fanbase?" or "What if you align with one couple over the other?" But the thing is, there are so many different ways that this love triangle plotline could have been executed. To be honest, I did like the idea of the love triangle and it had a great amount of potential, but in all honesty, the execution could have been better and could have made the love triangle members a bit less OOC. So, I'm going to be sharing not one, but multiple different ways that this plotline could have gone down. One will be in favor of Duncney, another one will be in favor of Gwuncan, another in which Duncan is with neither Courtney or Gwen, and the final one will involve no Duncan returning whatsoever. I'm sharing all these different plotlines to prevent myself from sounding biased towards one side or the other, and to emphasize the fact that this plotline had potential and there were so many different ways to go about executing it (just not the greatest idea was executed). So without further ado, let's dive right in!


How this would start out is that Duncan would obviously return, Team Amazon would win for capturing him, Noah would be eliminated from Team CIRRRRH, and Duncan would join the team. Now that he's back in the game, Courtney still becomes demanding of him in order for him to become the "perfect" boyfriend. Overtime, Duncan's irritation towards Courtney becomes more visible and he becomes increasingly fed up with her constantly bothering him. A few episodes (maybe like 2-3 episodes?) later, he finally reaches a breaking point and breaks up with Courtney on the spot (and providing actual reasons for the break-up too, because hello? Communication?), leaving her devastated. In this case, Duncan's motive for the break-up would be understandable and the audience can be there to sympathize with him. Courtney also realizes that while she really wants to win the million dollars, she is still crazy for Duncan and doesn't want to let him go. She will also realize that she has not treated Duncan the greatest, and it will show that despite her demanding nature, she does have a big heart and she really does genuinely care for Duncan, thus showing a "nice" dimension to her. So, along with continuing to focus on the game, we could have a running gag throughout the next few episodes that show her being nice to Duncan, whether it be snagging food for him in first class, sketching a skull for him, complimenting him, the list goes on. She does the best she can to change her way of thinking and while still determined to get what she wants, not to be too demanding. Along with that, perhaps she could confide with characters like Gwen or Sierra as to how to win her man back and learning how to relax and remain calm when trying to accomplish something she desires. This gives her the opportunity for her to interact with the other characters and develop friendships on the show outside of her (former) relationship with Duncan and improve herself as a person. She and Duncan could form friendships and even rivalries with their respective teammates, and could pave way for a few sublplots from these interactions. Duncan will not be that easily convinced that Courtney has changed and will continue to keep his distance from her. Courtney becomes discouraged as her attempts to win over Duncan fail. However, close to one of their eliminations, at the brink of Courtney's discouragement, in front of Duncan, she lets out a huge apology to him for the way she treated him and admits that she still has feelings for him and doesn't want to let her go. Duncan is finally convinced that Courtney has changed and they get back together. This might sound similar to the plotline of Gwen trying to make amends with Courtney, but this cuts out all of the annoying gags that leave Courtney in pain and Gwen even more upset. If this alternative plotline were to happen, not only could this pave way for interesting events to happen on the show, this could really show multiple dimensions to Courtney's character - despite being a perfectionist who's always determined to get what she wants and is very competitive in general, she does have a genuine, caring side to her, and shows concern for others. 


Now, another possible scenario is having the plotline in favor of Gwuncan. So, how could we possibly pull this off? Well, we would have the same outcome with Duncan coming back to the game and then breaking up with Courtney after being fed up with her behavior. However this time, Courtney gets devastated BUT chooses to focus more on the game and keep her distance from Duncan. She's upset about it, but her teammates (i.e. Gwen and Sierra) try to encourage her to be more mature about the situation and try to grow from the experience and learn from her mistakes she made through her relationship with Duncan. Courtney is reluctant to give up on her traditional mindset and ways of doing things, but has the capability to learn a thing or two from her teammates and implement what she has learned in order to become a better person. Along the way, even a bit before Duncan and Courtney hook up, Gwen and Duncan continue to develop their friendship (not to the extent of hooking up just yet), and after Duncan and Courtney break up, perhaps once the merge occurs, Gwen and Duncan interact even more and grow closer and has the potential to blossom into a relationship. I do not want to sound biased here, but I think after Duncan breaks up with Courtney, I don't think it would be the right time for Gwen and Duncan to hook up, as it would make Courtney feel worse, especially considering Gwen is a possible candidate to help Courtney go through the difficult time she's having. But I suppose if Gwen didn't help Courtney through her difficult time and I suppose if you wanted some drama to occur amongst them, then that scenario would probably be okay for you. But if it were up to me, I would probably give it a season for them to hook up. However, if there was a chance that Courtney didn't want to associate with Duncan anymore, then the scenario of Gwen and Duncan growing closer and blossoming into a relationship could work. I know it was kind of difficult for me to come up with a scenario that would work for Gwuncan, but the thing is, there are a handful of different ways that this could have worked. Feel free to discuss the proper way to implement Gwuncan below! 


The same scenario would apply here with Duncan coming back, breaking up with Courtney, and Courtney's teammates helping her cope with the break-up. Along the way, Duncan and Gwen have the opportunity to become close friends (but not to the point of a relationship). What other plots could we focus on? Well, that's simple. Have more development from characters like Tyler (hopefully he would stay longer in the game in this scenario), have more Coderra and Aleheather interactions and focus on their development, focus on Duncan's interactions with his newfound teammates, have Courtney develop close friendships with Gwen and Sierra as they help her out, the list goes on with the number of possibilities for possible subplots if we didn't have the love triangle. In a way, it would be a good and unique change to World Tour. It doesn't need a love triangle to be interesting. Extra subplots, running gags, comedy, interesting challenges, and music more than make up for it. 

No Duncan Returning

Okay, I actually think that with Duncan not returning for the season, this season still would have been great. As much as I loved Duncan in TDI and TDA, he's had enough time in the sun and I think putting more focus on the other characters and other plotlines would have been truly great. More focus on Alejandro manipulating the other contestants, Coderra and Aleheather moments, interactions amongst members of Team Amazon and CIRRRRH, Gwen and Courtney interactions, the list goes on. And what if Ezekiel DID return but did not become deformed (will be doing another theory blog on this in the future)? What if he did things other than attempting to "act cool", fit into the crowd, and make dumb comments? He could come back with newfound desire for redemption and a desire to do the best he can in the competition. Rather than having Duncan in the spotlight once again, we could have some actual development from Ezekiel. I know it might be tricky considering how his personality was portrayed in the past, but if there is actual effort to add some depth to his character and personality, Ezekiel is capable for contributing quite a bit of good into a season with a lot of good elements to it already. 

Well, that's about all I have right now. Feel free to discuss possible alternate plotlines for the love triangle as well as your own ideas on how you would improve the structure of World Tour! Feel free to share some feedback as well! This blog wasn't the greatest, but I haven't blogged in almost a year (don't judge me!). I'll see you guys soon in my next blog and thanks for reading! Gogogadget831, out!

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