Hey guys! GoGoGadget831 here, and I'm going to be doing a little update on my Ridonculous Race reviews and my future on this wiki. So, basically, college is starting up for me next week and unfortunately, I'm not going to spend as much time on the wiki as I used to. I've got really important classes I need to pass, extracurriculars to get involved in, and I'm also focusing on getting a job next summer. So, I'm going to be really busy. With that being said though, I'm still going to be watching/reviewing every episode of the Ridonculous Race. So, here's how this is going to work. I'm going to be watching and posting reviews of these episodes first thing in the morning (7ish) since I'm super busy in the day and evening time with classes, homework and all that stuff. I think I'll be able to manage that okay. So, if you want to avoid spoilers, better stay away from my reviews until it airs on TV ;). I also wouldn't expect a seasonal review right after the series is done airing since next month is where my midterms roll along. So, I'll be very busy. However, if I have a free weekend or possibly on break, I'll type a really quick seasonal review of it. So, that's about it for that. Despite a busy schedule every day, I think my plans for this series will work out just fine. 

In addition, I'm probably not going to post these very frequently in the school year, but I plan on doing a whole bunch of Total Drama Theories. There are several ideas that I have for them as of right now. I've done one on how I would improve Mike and I've done one on how I would write a Total Drama season. I also plan on doing one the day the Ridonculous Race airs on CN: Can the Ridonculous Race save the show? Others include: How would I improve Zoey's character?, How would I improve the love triangle in World Tour?, How would I improve the Zeke gag?, How would I write a 100th episode special?, Has Chris's behavior in the show gone way too far?, How come we haven't seen much of Chef in later seasons?, Why are good episodes of Total Drama rewatchable?, and Which is the Most Important Part of Total Drama (Comedy or Drama)? So, those are a few ideas that are on my mind. I'll have plenty more time to release those next summer and during any break that I have. So, expect those to come out on an occasional basis. And that's pretty much all that I have. My time on the wiki might be a bit more limited, but I'll still be around. Anyways, see you all next week when the Ridonculous Race airs! GoGoGadget831, out! 

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