This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.


Well, a lot of people are doing this, so I figured that I should to. Anyway, here are my thoughts for Pahkitew Island. Before I start, I just wanted to say that I think I have been too hard on this upcoming season after watching that horrible finale for All-Stars. After that finale and upon seeing the original designs for the PI contestants, I just said, "Okay, I'm done. No more Total Drama. They've clearly given up". But I think I'm going to give this season another chance. 

Here are my thoughts about the characters:

-Sugar: Upon seeing the original character design for this character, I wanted to rip my eyes out because she looked like the love child of Anne Maria and Staci. But when I saw the new design for her, I've got to say that her appearance has significantly improved and she's probably gonna be one of my favorite characters this season. I have high hopes for this "Honey-Boo Boo-esque" character. 

-Sky: An Asian version of Zoey. I thought Zoey was a good character, though All-Stars used her horribly. I hope they take this character in a better direction and not make her another Mary-Sue. Pretty solid character design.

-Dave: The love child of Mike and Noah?? Whaa?? I honestly liked his old design better, when he looked more like Chandler from Friends. But I think I might like this character. I would've liked it if he wasn't a carbon copy of Noah with Mike's colors though. By the way, I heard that Dave and Sky are going to be a couple. I hope they take a good direction with this couple. They seem pretty good together. 

-Jasmine: Why the heck is she so huge?! Come on, we don't need another Dakotazoid. Any way, I liked it a bit better when her skin color was a bit lighter, not to be racist or anything. She sort of looks like a female Indiana Jones and people say she might become a leader-like figure like Jo. She also seems like a godplayer, so I don't think I'm gonna like her that much. Plus, I don't buy those weird rumors that she's married to Manitoba. 

-Beardo: Sort of what I expected him to be, but his design looks cooler here. It is such a shame that he's already leaked to be the first one gone. Seriously, why does Fresh always have to spoil the elimination order? It ruins the show you know. But I digress. Sadly, our beloved Beardo is going to end up like the Staci of filler.

-Amy and Samey: The designs of these two are very well done. Samey looks like the nice twin, but unfortunately, I don't think she's gonna make it very far. Amy looks pretty devious, so I think she'll make it far. I have a feeling she might eliminate her own sister. I also have a strong hunch that Amy's going to be the villain after Max is eliminated.

-Max: This is Sierra and Cody's love child named Cody Jr. Whaaa? I liked his old design better. I hope he's one of the first ones eliminated. 'Nuff said. 

-Leonard: A good friend of mine really wants him to win, even referring to him as (WARNING: May be racist) Gandalf. His design didn't change that much, but he looks a bit cooler than before. He seems to be a good comic relief. Can't wait to see him this season. 

-Scarlett: Come on. Did they put any effort into this design? This character looks like a combination of Cameron and Beth. I have a feeling that she's not even going to make it to the merge. She looks like an old librarian. 

-Ella: This design is better than her old one. For once, she doesn't look as much as a Disney-princess rip-off. Some people are praising her like she's Dawn. Though I don't think she's as good as the other characters, she's decent. I don't really care about her, to be honest. 

-Topher: Though I liked his old design better with the dark brown hair and the red and yellow tracksuit, this character is one of the best looking character designs so far. I heard he's going to be a male Sierra over Chris. I hope he makes it far. 

-Rodney: Combination of Scott and DJ and Wreck-it Ralph? I don't think this character is gonna be very interesting. He just seems to look happy and that's pretty much it. There have been strange rumors that he's going to hook up with Jasmine. They're both huger than Dakotazoid, so they might be compatible. Hmm....

-Shawn: He looks like Ezekiel. Let's hope he doesn't turn feral, but I doubt it. He looks like he could be related to Jude Lizowski, but he doesn't have blond hair :(. But pretty solid character design. I hope he makes it far in the game. 

Okay, now let's talk about the new island. Honestly, the new island, based on the logo, looks pretty okay. It's good that they're moving to another island, though I DESPISED the fact that Camp Wawanakwa sank. I would've liked it if they just decided to move to another island rather than let Camp Wawanakwa sink, but it is what it is I guess. I think the challenges are not going to be any different as they were on Total Drama Island, so not too much of a shocker there. 

Another thing: I really hope that they have more cameos in this season. The only cameos we had last season were feral Zeke (ughhh, I hope they make him human again), Izzy (who got beaten up by Mal, -___-), and Owen on waterskis and shouting "Awesome!". I hope we have more this season. I have a HUGE hunch that Owen and feral Zeke (unfortunately) are going to come back to make cameos this season along with some of the screenhogs, like Duncan, Mike, Zoey, and Gwen. Is there anyone else you guys think are going to cameo this season?

Finally, I've also been doing a bit of thinking this afternoon and I have a strong feeling that the future seasons are going to play out like this: Season 6 is going to be on a new island (Pahkitew), Season 7 will be an All-Stars season and Pahkitew Island will sink, Season 8 will be on a new island, Season 9 will be another All-Stars season and the new island will sink, and the cycle will continue on, bringing back the same screenhogs over and over again. I sure hope that the next couple of seasons are not like that endless cycle. I really hope there is another World Tour season along with an Underdog or Redemption season.

Feel free to post your thoughts/predictions about the characters, challenges, and cameos in Pahkitew Island and how the next couple of seasons will or should play out. 

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