Hey guys! GoGoGadget831 here and welcome to my Total Drama Island seasonal review! Here, I'm going to be looking at every aspect of the show and how each of those aspects were played throughout the show. These are the sections of this seasonal review: Characters, Character Interactions, Episodes, Comedy/Drama, Challenges, Continuity, How Realistic the Show Was, and Final Thoughts. Alright, let's get started!


1. Ezekiel: To be honest, I didn't really have strong feelings for this character one way or the other this season. Despite being a home-schooled guy and a socially awkward person in general, he did have quite a bit of potential to being a decent character and forming connections with the other connections. But he definitely blew it with his sexist comments. As I've read in his wiki page, he doesn't seem to do it intentionally. He's basically reciting what he was taught. We don't see him until Haut-e Camp-ture, where he does have a few lines and a few instances where he hits on Bridgette. Oh, he looks really good with his rapper attire. Overall, I would say he's a socially awkward, home-schooled guy with good intentions and definitely having the potential to being a good competitor in the show (ignoring World Tour).

2. Eva: Some people are not very fond of this character because her entire personality involves her just being angry and she doesn't really have a lot going for her. But to be honest, I see what people mean. But for me, I find her to be REALLY funny. Her anger breakdowns throughout the series were pretty hilarious, especially when she kicks Chris in the shin and throws a spear at Courtney in The Big Sleep. She even threatens to put everyone in body bags if they vote her off O___O. You don't see that every day! She also cools down a bit after No Pain, No Game and seems like a decent character. She's also really sassy! I laughed so hard when she called Leshawna "girlfriend". She even insults Heather for stinking so much in The Very Last Episode, Really! and Noah for running like a girl in Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island. There was another scene which was executed pretty well when Noah criticizes Eva for falling for Justin's charms and giving him the case. In that situation, she actually accepts the criticism and feels bad for herself. I would describe her as the over-the-top rage-aholic who is sassy and has a few vulnerabilities, like every human being. I would really like to see more development with this character. She has a lot of potential, like Ezekiel, to be a good competitor and to form connections with the other contestants. Overall, she was used well here, but her character development could have improved a bit more.

3. Noah: When I first saw the season, I absolutely could not stand Noah. I thought he was really annoying and not funny at all. However, as I rewatched the series more times, I found myself really liking this character. He's REALLY funny and several lines and moments involving him make me laugh hard. He is such a witty person and he makes such smart remarks that turn out to be really humorous. His sarcasm does get a lot of good laughs and it kind of reminds me of how I am sometimes with my remarks. Sarcastic humor, in general, makes me laugh much more than it did in the past, and I think it is so brilliantly done if done right. And Noah definitely does it right. I felt that his screentime was used very well and his great moments in Haut-e Camp-ture and Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island made up for his early elimination. Though, I do wish he had more moments before his elimination. 

4. Justin: Like Ezekiel, I didn't care too much for his existence. He spoke in Not So Happy Campers, Part 1 and then never again until Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island. The only moments from his I remember were when he painted his eyes in The Big Sleep, put out that fire in Not Quite Famous, and his talent routine which is basically a parody of Flashdance. However, I did like the idea of him being a potential villain. He was pretty decent in the special episode and did a clever job of tricking the other contestants into handing him the case and getting things his way. All in all though, he was pretty forgettable this season.

5. Katie: She didn't really do much this season, aside from being in a super tight friendship with Sadie. I wish she could have interacted more with the other contestants and had a personality outside of Sadie. Unfortunately, that's not the case here. Although, I did like the tension between the two in The Sucky Outdoors, but that only lasted for like half the episode. And their argument over Justin was not very interesting in the special. Though some moments of Katie and Sadie were pretty funny and it was kind of funny seeing them giddy, seeing it too much got pretty annoying. I'm kind of glad that they're not competing in season 2. They would've been really annoying if that was the case.

6. Tyler: It's a real shame that this guy didn't get too much screentime. Yes, he did get a few funny moments, like in Not So Happy Campers Part 1 when he was water-skiing and fell into the pile of suitcases and splashed Heather, his hallucination of Katie and Sadie being attacked by the bear, and then in Dodgebrawl when he kept on failing to hit the Screaming Gophers. Too bad that his fear of chickens got him the boot. I felt really sorry for him in Phobia Factor, as he never got a break from his fear and did feel kind of mean-spirited. However, he did have a pretty good relationship with Lindsay, but sadly she doesn't even know who he is anymore XD. Nevertheless, despite his early out, I still have hope for his character and I hope that he gets more development in a future season. He's a really hilarious character with so much potential and definitely underrated too. 

7. Cody: Oh wow, this character. When this show came out, people went nuts over him. They really loved his good looks, his geeky nature, his humorous moments, just about everything about him. It's hard to argue with that. I think he's a pretty well done character. Even though Gwen found him really annoying with him constantly hitting on her, Cody was willing to go to such lengths as to hook up Trent with Gwen. It shows how good of a friend he is and how far he's willing to go to make his friends/crushes happy. I also liked the idea of him being really great at dodgeball and having some pretty good skills in general. I felt really sorry for him during his elimination as he was mauled by a bear and his teammates really didn't find him useful anymore. He also had a few funny moments, like the ways he hits on Gwen and when he tries getting a tan for the ladies and ends up getting sunburnt. Those are his most memorable moments and he doesn't really have any other moments, which is kind of a shame because with more development, he would have been truly great. But I guess you have to take what you get. I'm very optimistic about his character. He's well-done here and I'm excited to see his next appearance (even with Gwen's bra!). 

8. Beth: Like Ezekiel and Justin, I didn't really have strong feelings for her one way or the other. She didn't really have any memorable moments. But I do remember her being pretty funny in the first episode when she hugs Chris and says that he looked smaller in real-life and then talking and spitting over Heather's face. Those moments are funny but not very memorable. The only memorable things that she did were steal that tiki doll from Boney Island. And she got some great character development in Paintball Deer Hunter when she showed her assertive side and knew when to say "no", especially to bad influences like Heather. She also had a few lines in the special. But aside from that, she wasn't THAT memorable. She still has some potential and I hope that she gets some good development in a future season.

9. Sadie: Much like Katie, she didn't really get any character development aside from her friendship. Like I said above, their friendship could have some funny moments, like them fighting and a few funny and dumb lines from them here and there, but they could get annoying sometimes. After Katie's elimination, Sadie had potential to grow on her own and perhaps form a friendship with Lindsay and Harold. But that wasn't really focused on in the duration of her stay and after she was eliminated, her character basically revolved around Katie all over again. 

10. Courtney: This was definitely a good season for Courtney. She's basically an uptight, over-achieving, no-nonsense kind of gal. She'll never take 'no' for an answer and she's totally 'in it to win it'. I admired the way she would always do her best in the challenges and try to win it for her team. I also liked the fact that she's not a godplayer (and we'll see a very annoying one a few seasons later....). She does have weaknesses like everyone else, like when she refused to jump off the cliff in Not So Happy Campers Part 2 and refused to jump in the green jelly in Phobia Factor. She had some really funny lines and it's absolutely hilarious seeing her angry, especially at Harold and Duncan. She also became a bit more laid-back in Basic Straining thanks to Duncan and I got a hearty laugh when she told Chef to take a chill pill. Then, after her elimination, she went back to the angry, overachieving, uptight perfectionist that we all knew from the beginning. And she also showed her nice side, like how she supported Duncan when he was conquering his fear of Celine Dion music store standees and admired his heart of gold. All in all, she was definitely great this season.

11. Harold: Harold was absolutely FANTASTIC this season. He had so many awesome moments this season, especially when he won against Owen in dodgeball and helped his team win the talent show with his beatboxing skills. He also has some really funny moments, like when he saw Heather's boobies, accidentally burns his team's oars in Up the Creek, tries to fend off ninjas with his nunchuk and the nunchuk hits him and he falls in the toilet, and calls Leshawna 'big and loud'. His interactions with Leshawna were also pretty sweet and it was pretty funny seeing him try to win her over. He also tries to be good friends with Heather in the special and try to convince her to join the good side, even though he fails. Also, I did not see it coming when Harold tampers with the votes to get Courtney eliminated. It was actually pretty clever on his part. He's really got some mad skills and I really hope to see more of them in the future.

12. Trent: Trent was pretty cool this season. He's got a good singing voice, he gets straight A's, and he definitely made quite a few friends in his stay. He wasn't super interesting though. His main plot in the season revolved around Gwen, which I didn't mind that much (spoilers, it will bite him in the butt next season). But regardless, he was decent to watch and I really admired his relationship with Gwen. It was really sweet to see him try to win her over by supporting her throughout the finale and carrying a boulder for her. He's a really nice guy who does no harm. My only nitpick about him was how gullible he was about Heather in Search and Do Not Destroy and I definitely think he should know better than that. Aside from that, not too much to say about him. He's a solid character.

13. Bridgette: I liked Bridgette a lot this season. She's definitely a gorgeous surfer girl who loves making friends and spending lots of time in the ocean. Even though she's not the most interesting character and not involved in the most plotlines, I found her a very likable character. She made lots of good friends and even has a strong relationship with Geoff. I just love how likable she is as a person and I definitely have some sympathy for her, as she doesn't want there to be any drama among the teams and the girls. She doesn't like being involved in or causing drama. She just wants to make friends, have a good time on the show, and win. Her elimination was extremely shocking, but definitely good for the show to do something like that. I hope that she gets more development in the future.

14. Lindsay: What can I say about Lindsay? Lindsay was absolutely a joy to watch this season. Even though she's a stereotypical dumb blonde, I can't help but laugh hard at almost all of her moments. I just love how clumsy, dumb, and odd she is and it makes for some really hilarious laughs. Another thing the writers did right with her character was that they made her more than just dumb. They also made her a devoted friend to others, even if she was gullible or that friendship was with the wrong person. Her standing up against Heather was the moment in which she really shone as a character. I view her as the dumb blonde who is a devoted friend and kind soul as long as nobody betrays her. It just comes to show that she's not as dumb as she looks. I hope to see more development from her.

15. DJ: I don't have too much to say about DJ. Although not the most interesting character, he manages to be a very likable soul. Even though he appears very timid and not the type to hurt a fly, he manages to stand up for himself and win challenges multiple times throughout the series. He wins a toboggan race bravely, stands up to Owen when getting hunted down, conquers his fear of snakes, and a couple of other moments. His performance in Hook, Line, and Screamer was hilarious and I think he got eliminated at the right time. He's a lovable jock who made a lot of friends and I hope that we see the tough side of him in the future.

16. Izzy: Okay, I'm going to keep this one short, because obviously, to no one's surprise, Izzy is my favorite character of the whole series. I just love the amount of energy that Katie Crown puts into her performance. Izzy is so weird, bizarre, and kooky, but those qualities just make her even more interesting to watch. Every time she's on screen, I just feel so invested in her character and every moment of hers makes me laugh and it makes me laugh hard. She got eliminated the first time, but then came back again, with more great moments, and did I mention a boyfriend? XD. She had some great showdowns with Chef, creepy yet humorous moments, and so many qualities that makes her a fantastic character to watch onscreen. More Izzy please!

17. Geoff: Geoff has always been one of my favorite contestants of the whole series. I don't know what it is about him, but he's such a likable character. I really admire the fact that despite being a party dude and hanging out with the cool crowd, he's not a snob. He likes everyone for who they are and even tries to make friends with the not-so friendly. He does have a few funny moments, like his freakouts and his moves on Bridgette. He's not the funniest character, but much like Bridgette, I just love how likable he is. I even admired his friendship with Gwen and the rest of the gang. Despite all these positive aspects, he does face a few downfalls with his injuries in some of the challenges (Dodgebrawl and X-treme Torture), and he can be a bit clueless and careless about certain things (the portage in Up The Creek and DJ's bunny in Who Can You Trust?). But he's a very likable soul and I love his interactions with Bridgette. Hope to see more of him in the future.

18. Leshawna: Leshawna was great here. Her kick-butt attitude and her sassiness definitely made her great. I really liked her rivalry with Heather and the many different ways she would go to get her revenge against that girl, like locking her up in the freezer and locking her up in the confessional. She refuses to take dirt, especially from Heather and Eva, and is always willing to stand up for herself, which is why she won plenty of challenges for herself, including the log rolling challenge in No Pain, No Game. She's got some really funny moments here and there and I also admire the fact that she's a good friend to everyone as long as no one messes with her. I like the way she supports Bridgette in Brunch of Disgustingness and consoles Gwen over Trent in Search and Do Not Destroy. Her interactions with Harold in X-Treme Torture and the special were really sweet too. Her elimination was really stupid and clearly rigged in Haut-e Camp-ture though and it would've been cool to see her in the final 3 at least. Aside from that, she's definitely a great character and I would love to see more of her in the future.

19. Duncan: Duncan managed to be a decent character this season and a lot of Duncan haters agree that this is his best season. He's pulled a lot of funny pranks and tricks on Chef and Harold and his bad-boy attitude was certainly enjoyable to watch. He's also had some pretty bold moments, like coming up with the dodgeball strategy, messing with Chef, facing off against all those raccoons, and facing off against Chef as the Escaped Psycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook. Him trying to be the tough guy, especially to Leshawna, Courtney, and a few others got some really good laughs and he was definitely entertaining to watch. He also had some good strategy, like voting off Geoff and Bridgette for being big threats to win and trying to form alliances with some of the other contestants. And it was nice showing his heart of gold by bringing DJ a new pet bunny and in his relationship with Courtney and it was good seeing the nice side of him, even though he constantly hides it. All in all, a good character.

20. Heather: What can I say about Heather? Well, when I first watched the season, I found her very unlikable. She's done some really terrible things, like reading Gwen's diary in front of everyone, kissing Trent in front of Gwen, and treating Lindsay and Beth like dirt. But rewatching the series, she actually made me laugh a lot. Her sarcasm and her talking back to everyone was really funny and I love the long list of complaints that she had for the game and all the "losers" around her. I also love watching her in pain when she deserved it, including the ant farm incident, her boobies, bathing in sewage thanks to Leshawna, and the best tasting icing on the cake, getting her head shaved in I Triple Dog Dare You! (with a smiley face in the back of her hand, courtesy of Leshawna). Not only was the comedy surrounding her funny, but she also brought some great drama to the show and it was actually pretty diabolical. It was great for her to bring some tension into the show and I think it was executed really well. There was also a scene when Heather lied to Harold that she didn't like being mean all the time when not surprisingly, she really did. Throughout the series, she's very consistent. For many reasons, Heather the queen of mean will always find a spot in my top favorite characters of the series. 

21. Gwen: This season, Gwen was a great competitor. She's the contestant who's been through the most dirt of the whole show, especially dirt from Heather. She's had her diary read in front of everyone, she's had her rival kiss her boyfriend, she's had her pants ripped, she's been through so much. And not to mention all the torture provided from Chris and Chef. You just can't help but to have some sympathy for her. She's very introvertish, she respects her personal space, she judges people all the time, and it's difficult for her to come out of her shell and make good friends with the people around her. However, as the season progresses, she makes a lot of good friends. This includes Leshawna, Bridgette, Cody, Owen, Geoff, Duncan, and Trent. It just comes to show that when no one is hating on her and when she is in a good mood, Gwen can be a pretty nice person to get to know. She also doesn't have much fear, except for being buried alive (;D), but she conquers it in the end. It was nice seeing her win challenges for herself, especially facing the Escaped Psycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook and it was also nice seeing Geoff bring out the sweet, party side of Gwen. She was definitely a good character and she deserved to win the million in her ending.

22. Owen: Like Gwen, Owen was also a good competitor to watch. He just brings so much energy into the show with his hilarious lines, constant injuries, and positive attitude. Yes, things do tend to get in his way. But he just rolls along and tries his best to conquer them. The sequences when he gets injured are really funny but not too over-the-top. It was also nice seeing him get along with all the other contestants, including Gwen, and it was great seeing him stand up to Heather later in the season. I guess some of my only nitpicks are some of the stupid things that he's done (eating the ribs and throwing the oranges at Trent in If You Can't Take The Heat and several of the gross-out stuff). The gross-out is kind of hit or miss, but didn't bug me too much since they were over fast. But when the gross-out is done to inflict pain or misery on someone (like Heather), it's really funny. I was pretty satisfied that Owen won the million, though in my opinion, Gwen deserves it a bit more than Owen. All in all, he was decent to watch. He also proved to be a great, loyal friend to everyone (except Heather). Not much else to say.

23. Chef: Chef was AMAZING in this season. And as you will see in many of my seasonal reviews, he is easily one of the best parts of the whole series. I just love how sadistic he is as a cook and even as a host. I love how he insults and tortures the contestants in a humorous manner and he's got a great sense of fashion XD. I love his showdowns with Izzy and his conflicts with Duncan and he's all in all enjoyable to watch. He's got a really threatening, no-nonsense kind of voice that makes him enjoyable to watch.

24. Chris: Chris is a pretty good host. While his self-centered attitude and the lack of sympathy he has for the contestants can be annoying sometimes, many of his moments have good laughs and I really like the snarky comments that he gives often. I really like the way he introduces the episodes and the dramatic atmosphere he establishes for the challenges and especially the eliminations. Be prepared though, as his attitude gets even worse as the series progresses. So, enjoy it while you can. 

The characters this season were great to watch. Every character had some positive aspects to them and the positive aspects for the most part overcome the negative. At best, they are fantastic. At worst, they are average character that I don't have many strong feelings for.

Character Interactions

1. Gwen and Trent: Overall, I did like the build-up for their relationship. They kind of hit it off at the beginning of the episode as just friends and it didn't feel too rushed, though they did grow close very fast. Some of the drama that Heather caused between the two was pretty clever and despite all the drama that Heather caused, they still managed to stay strong in the end. They weren't too clingy nor love-hate. They genuinely cared about each other and it was nice seeing the relationship between the two. They were independent of one another and they knew when to focus on each other and on other things. My only nitpick is in No Pain, No Game when Gwen was still mad at Trent for leaving her buried alive, even though they interacted quite a bit in the episodes between Phobia Factor and No Pain, No Game. But other than that, it doesn't stop this relationship from being good.

2. Geoff and Bridgette: This is my favorite couple of the whole series. I don't know why I love these two so much. They have such great chemistry and it's so good to see the two together. I mean, it starts off pretty rocky with Geoff attempting to hit on her, but failing. However, it was nice seeing Bridgette warm up to Geoff in Up the Creek and growing even closer in Who Can You Trust. Like Gwen and Trent, they knew when to focus on the game and when to focus on each other. Then, once Bridgette gets eliminated, they show that they really care and love each other and decide to start a relationship. Then, we have the making-out running gag :P. I still wonder how that gag even started. But they're just such a likable pair though. They're just so sweet together, those failed attempts at Geoff hitting on Bridgette were genuinely funny, and their relationship is really strong. I almost wish that I had a relationship like that. I love these two and I cross my fingers that they don't get ruined in the future.

3. Duncan and Courtney: These two have great chemistry and I did like the build-up of their relationship. When they first interacted, boy did they hate each other! (or at least Courtney hated Duncan) They were literally ready to grab each other by the throat and strangle each other. Duncan flirting with Courtney was really hilarious and it was hilarious when Courtney kept on rejecting her feelings towards Duncan and insulting his bad boy behavior, calling it immature. But in Basic Straining, she drops it all and helps Duncan steal desserts from Chef's kitchen and then finally hit it off. Not only is the 'hate' side of their relationship funny, but I really liked the 'love' side. I liked it when Courtney supported Duncan when conquering his fear and it's nice seeing the nice side of Courtney's character. She was also the one who saw Duncan give DJ the bunny and she was the first to witness Duncan's selfless behavior. It was also nice of Duncan to give her the skull gift once Courtney's on the Boat of Losers and hug her tightly when they were victorious in If You Can't Take The Heat. They still had that classic love-hate relationship even after both were eliminated and it's a lot of fun to watch this season.

4. Leshawna and Harold: Boy, did this relationship start off bad! It starts off with Harold calling Leshawna "big and loud" and then Leshawna getting really mad about it. They didn't have any major interactions until X-Treme Torture, where it was revealed that Harold was the one who wrote Leshawna the love letter. I thought that scene was unexpected, but very, very sweet. It's probably up there as one of the sweetest eliminations of all time. Leshawna then breaks it off with him in the finale because she felt that they move way too fast, but they are still on good terms with each other. Harold is still not over her yet though! It's kinda cute how he gushes all over her. Even though this interaction was not put into play that much, it was still cute while it lasted and I'm eager to see how it will develop in the future.

5. Tyler and Lindsay: I did like the idea of contestants from opposite teams being in a relationship. Even though the drama behind this relationship was over too fast, it was good to see Heather get irritated by Lindsay constantly crushing on Tyler and trying to prevent the two from being together. They were pretty cute and I chuckled at the plotline when Lindsay forgets who Tyler is. Also, when Owen wins in The Very Last Episode, Really!, Tyler and Lindsay kiss. I'm a bit confused by the continuity here, as before, Lindsay forgot who Tyler is. So, isn't she supposed to still forget who he is? Aside from that weird continuity here, I don't have too much to say about this relationship. It was decent.

6. Izzy and Owen: Like the Heather and Leshawna relationship, this relationship didn't show up until MUCH later. It randomly shows up in Hook, Line, and Screamer with Owen and Izzy making out in the woods and then Owen leaving Izzy to die at the hands of the psycho killer. Izzy then rejects Owen at the end of all of this. Then, in The Very Last Episode, Really!, Izzy comes back to support Owen and Owen kisses Izzy's cheek once he wins. Another weird continuity error here, but isn't Izzy still supposed to not like Owen for leaving her to die in the horror movie challenge? But that's just a little nitpick. Overall, I don't have much strong feelings for their relationship. Not the best, but not the worst. 

7. Leshawna, Gwen, and Bridgette: I liked their friendship here. It was relatively strong and it was nice for Gwen to form strong bonds with these two. They were there to support each other in times of need and they were strong the whole time. That running gag when Gwen and Bridgette were arguing about the haiku and their crushes in X-Treme Torture was pretty funny and I thought the plotline was brilliant as well as the shocking twist in the end. It was also nice of Leshawna to support Gwen and Bridgette when they were feeling down about the girls not getting along and about Heather kissing Trent. I hope this friendship gets revisited in the future.

8. DJ, Duncan, and Geoff: I don't have too much to say about their friendship. It was pretty solid throughout and it was nice seeing DJ and Geoff supporting each other when facing a daunting challenge (the worm spaghetti, blind toboggan race, swimming back to camp), though Geoff could be a bit careless at times (ditching his friend in Hook, Line, and Screamer for the ice cream truck and letting DJ's bunny get eaten unintentionally). It was also nice to see Duncan bring DJ a new bunny. And it was pretty hilarious seeing them prank Harold for leaving his underwear lying around. I hope this friendship gets revisited again.

9. Duncan and Harold: Pretty funny stuff. Yes, the pranks could get a bit mean-spirited and a bit over-the-top at times, but in If You Can't Take The Heat, he kind of deserved it for leaving his stuff around for all the guys to be grossed out at. And he didn't really deserve the pranks against him in Basic Straining. But I thought most of the pranks were pretty funny and I did like his reactions to them. And it was good for him to finally get his revenge against them by tampering with the votes to get Courtney out. 

10. Katie and Sadie: This is going to be really short, because I already talked about this before. It's a shame that they couldn't get development outside from each other. They had potential to be decent characters on their own. But unfortunately, that didn't happen. They could be funny sometimes, but other times, they were pretty annoying and unfunny. Kind of glad that they're not competing.

11. Cody and Gwen: It was pretty funny seeing Cody hit on Gwen in Up The Creek and then Gwen attacking him by hitting him in the groin. However, it was really nice of Cody to hook up Gwen and Trent to make Gwen happy. Definitely a good interaction between the two that can possibly grow into a friendship. 

12. Gwen and Heather: Definitely a good rivalry between the two. Heather has done some really terrible things to her, but Gwen always managed to get her revenge against Heather, including dumping ants from Harold's ant farm on her, and then she and Owen ganging up against Heather in I Triple Dog Dare You! I always liked the tension between the two and I thought it was executed really well, even if what Heather did to Gwen was too hurtful. The best part is that Gwen always got her revenge against Heather and had the opportunity to dish her dirt on her too. 

13. Leshawna and Heather: I find this interaction one of the most hilarious and memorable of the series. You gotta love the way Heather's sarcasm angers Leshawna to her boiling point and leads Leshawna to do some pretty terrible things to Heather, like connecting her shower pipes to the sewers, locking her up in the fridge, locking her up in the confessional after Owen did his business in there, and drawing a happy face on the back of her bald head. Like Gwen's interaction with Heather, Leshawna always manages to give Heather her 'just desserts' and those scenes are always really funny. It's just so fun watching the two bicker and I definitely want to see more moments between the two in the future.

14. Gwen and Owen: This was definitely a well-done friendship and Gwen actually considered Owen to be one of the only sane people on the island. I really liked how they teamed up to get rid of Heather and were good sports in the finale. Owen also proved to be bad at keeping secrets as he revealed the guys' alliance to her. Not much to say except a solid friendship.

15. Gwen and Geoff: I really liked this interaction in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon. I thought it was executed perfectly. Two teenagers with completely different personalities bond. Geoff tries to become friends with Gwen, who's very introvertish and judgmental of people but very scared and insecure about coming out of her shell. But, through teamwork and talking it out, they manage to be pretty close friends. It's a shame that Gwen insulted Geoff when talking about the people in camp and how much they sucked. Weird continuity right there. But overall, this friendship is done perfectly.

16. Duncan and Leshawna: Absolutely hilarious in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon. The kick-butt attitude and bad boy attitude go head-to-head in this episode and it pays off great. It was really funny seeing the two bicker and then Duncan revealing his soft side to Leshawna, making the two get along slightly better. It was also hilarious seeing Leshawna throw a head carving at Chris for making fun of Duncan for liking Courtney as a way to stand up for Duncan. Overall, good interaction.

17. Heather and Owen: Pretty hilarious interaction. Heather constantly threatens Owen and Owen claims that he's not scared of Heather when ironically, he really is. It was also nice to see him cuss out Heather when she dissed Izzy and get his revenge against Heather in I Triple Dog Dare You. Pretty hilarious and it kind of made me ship HeatherxOwen XD. 

18. Heather and Beth: It was really awesome seeing Beth stand up against Heather for constantly treating her like a slave. It was great development on her part and realize that what Heather was doing is wrong and that she was only using her to get to the finals. Probably Beth's most memorable moment in the season.

19. Heather and Lindsay: Pretty good stuff. Lead to some really funny moments among Heather and Lindsay. Lindsay is a bit gullible here, but it shows that she's a loyal, trust-worthy friend, even though her trust is for the wrong person. It was also great seeing her finally stand up for herself when Heather betrays her and finally realize that what Heather was doing the whole time was wrong. You also got to love the clever dare she made up to get her revenge against Heather. This interaction was very well done and I'm looking forward to seeing this rivalry in the future. 

20. Duncan and Gwen: Not too much to say here. It was kind of cool seeing people of the same personalities interacting. It was done pretty well in Hook, Line, and Screamer and it was cool seeing them on good terms in Are We There, Yeti. Should make for a pretty good friendship in the future.

21. Justin and Katie and Sadie: Pretty hilarious seeing Justin get irritated by Katie and Sadie and ditch them in the cave, resulting in Katie and Sadie fighting over Justin and gushing over him.

22. Lindsay and Beth: Good to see the two former allies of Heather bond. Didn't have too much screentime in the special episode, but does have potential to evolve into a good friendship.

23. Duncan and Heather: It was good to see Duncan try to form an alliance with Heather and then keeping on falling for Heather's tricks, especially in Wawanakwa Gone Wild and Are We There Yeti. Kind of made me ship DuncanxHeather too XD.

24. Chef and Duncan: Really enjoyable to watch. I laughed hard when Duncan kept on taunting Chef in Basic Straining and his big mouth ultimately gets him in trouble with Chef. I hope we get to see more of them in the future. They're really funny together. 

Overall, I would say that the interactions this season were fantastic. There were so many on-going plotlines that kept me invested throughout and it made the characters much more interesting and have multiple dimensions to their personalities. At best, fantastic. At worst, average. Most of them were well-done and I'm waiting to see how they will all develop in the future.


1. Not So Happy Campers Part 1: Good

2. Not So Happy Campers Part 2: Good

3. The Big Sleep: Meh

4. Dodgebrawl: GREAT

5. Not Quite Famous: Good

6. The Sucky Outdoors: Good

7. Phobia Factor: Meh

8. Up The Creek: Good

9. Paintball Deer Hunter: Meh

10. If You Can't Take The Heat: Good

11. Who Can You Trust: GREAT

12. Basic Straining: GREAT

13. X-Treme Torture: Good

14. Brunch of Disgustingness: Meh (more on the Good side)

15. No Pain, No Game: Good

16. Search and Do Not Destroy: Good

17. Hide and Be Sneaky: GREAT

18. That's Off The Chain: Good

19. Hook, Line, and Screamer: GREAT

20. Wawanakwa Gone Wild: Good

21. Trial by Tri-armed Triathlon: GREAT

22. Haut-e Camp-ture: GREAT

23. Camp Castaways: Bad (close to being Meh)

24. Are We There Yeti: Good

25. I Triple Dog Dare You: GREAT (best episode of season)

26. The Very Last Episode, Really: Good

27. Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island: GREAT

All in all, most of the episodes were good. At best, they were amazing and memorable. At worst, they were forgettable and bland.

Comedy and Drama

This season has really fantastic comedy and drama. Most of the characters got really great character development, I was invested in most of the character interactions and drama throughout the season, and most of the episodes were jam-packed with jokes and excitement that kept me at the edge of my feet. Many moments this season were memorable and contribute to a very memorable show as a whole. I could rewatch many of these moments a million times and never get tired of them. 


The challenges were really brilliant and unique in nature. I really liked the boot camp challenge, the dare challenge, extreme hide and seek, and the horror movie challenges. Many of them were unique and didn't feel very repetitive. They all made for some great laughs and some great drama and excitement.


For the most part, the show kept its continuity straight and acknowledged characteristics of the characters established in past episodes as well as the existence of all episodes beforehand. There were a few continuity errors, like in Haut-e Camp-ture when Lindsay forgets who Tyler is and then in The Very Last Episode, Really when they were kissing after Owen won. There's also Hook, Line, and Screamer when Izzy dislikes Owen for leaving her for dead and then is really happy when Owen wins in the finale. There's also a weird instance when Courtney discovers that the island was really close to civilization when there was no indication whatsoever. It was a small but unnecessary moment. Overall, solid continuity.

How Realistic Was The Show?

For the most part, the show kept its realistic tone, despite that moment when Courtney discovered that the island was not real after all. There were also instances when the show felt a bit cartoony, including the bears expressing human emotion in a few episodes and then in Haut-e Camp-ture when a coconut, a pile of snow, and an eskimo fall on Courtney at Playa des Losers. Aside from that, the show keeps its realistic tone and doesn't seem too unrealistic.

Final Thoughts of the Season

Overall, I can safely say that Total Drama Island is an awesome season. It has fantastic comedy, fantastic drama, fantastic characters, fantastic character development and interactions, memorable episodes, great challenges, and does its job really well: being a great parody of reality TV. It only has a few minor flaws which are the ones that I mentioned above. But overall, it's definitely a season worth watching again and again. 

With that said, thank you all for rewatching Season 1 with me. It's been great rewatching this fantastic season and I'm looking forward to rewatching the seasons after it. See you all in Season 2! 

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