Here are the titles for all the episodes of Total Drama All Stars: my way! This is meant to be humorous and based on what happened in each of the episodes. Well, here they are:

Episode 1: Heroish vs Villainish (not too much action here)

Episode 2: The So-Called "Evil Dread" (nothing evil really happened)

Episode 3: "Saving" Gray Sweatpants (ironic, because they couldn't save "gray sweatpants" in the end!)

Episode 4: Vomitrocious Fright (lots of vomiting!)

Episode 5: Pregnant Goth Girl Madness (hint: Gwen!)

Episode 6: Everyone Eggspects Heather's Elimination (*sigh* so predictable)

Episode 7: "Best Friends" Punched (Reference to Gwen and Courtney)

Episode 8: You Regatta Be A Bad Boy (not a great one, but I tried...)

Episode 9: Zeek and Ye Shall Sleep (sorry, I thought this episode was boring)

Episode 10: The Malejandro Course (interesting conflict between the two)

Episode 11: Derailment Muddy Derailment (so much derailment here!)

Episode 12: The Poop and the Poopy-ful (too many poop jokes!)

Episode 13: The Nostalgia Wreck-ening (WORST FINALE EVER! Ruined the nostalgia of Camp Wawanakwa, the Peanut Gallery, etc.)

So yeah, those are my titles for each of the episodes. Let me know if you come up with better titles for them! No hate comments please! I tried...

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