Hey guys! GoGoGadget831 here, and welcome to my seasonal review of Total Drama Action! Here, I'm going to be looking at every aspect of the show and how each of those aspects were played throughout the show. These are the sections of this seasonal review: Characters, Character Interactions, Episodes, Comedy/Drama, Challenges, Continuity, How Realistic The Show Was, and Final Thoughts. Alright, let's get started!


1. Geoff: This was not a good season for Geoff. He had so much potential to make it far into the game, but thanks to his make-out sessions with Bridgette, that didn't happen. Starting in the 2nd aftermath, he started becoming an unlikable host and a cardboard copy of Chris to the point that he bullied his friends for higher ratings. In the 3rd aftermath, he was still a jerk, but he finally got his comuppance and apologizes for the way he acted. Despite being a jerk, he showed that he did have a heart and was only doing his deeds for higher ratings. After he apologizes for the way he acted, he stops becoming a full-blown jerk and became a bit more chill. I'm a bit bummed out that he didn't make it to World Tour, but he definitely needs a break, especially with how he was derailed this season.

2. Bridgette: This wasn't a very good season for Bridgette either. Like Geoff, she had a lot of potential, but that was thrown away thanks to her make-out sessions with Geoff. She was alright in the aftermath shows, but pretty much her only role was to be irritated by Geoff's jerky actions (I did like how she got back at Geoff in the 3rd aftermath though). I'm glad that she made it to World Tour and actually get some time to develop on her own and away from Geoff. 

3. Izzy: What else can I say about Izzy? She was really fantastic this season. She definitely makes for a good actress and it's really funny seeing her go crazy on set, from going loco for boom boom to cussing out her crew. I'm really ecstatic she made it to World Tour and I'm excited to rewatch her craziness at its finest. It was funny seeing her showdown with Chef at the alien movie challenge, listening to her weird noises, and being on the run from Chef during the aftermath segments. I don't have much to say about her. She was fantastic through and through.

4. Trent: What happened to you Trent? Seriously, what happened to you? You started off pretty decently in the beginning of the season by looking out for your castmates and being a supportive boyfriend to Gwen. Then, starting from Beach Blanket Bogus, you became one of the most insane people I've ever seen on the show, even more crazier than Izzy! I could not stand Trent in Beach Blanket Bogus or 3:10 To Crazytown. His stupid number 9 obsession came out of nowhere and he suddenly made horrifying goo goo eyes at Gwen to the point where he says the wrong thing to her, acts obsessed with her, and starts sabotaging his team's challenges for her. He cries a lot during his elimination and when he finds out what Gwen did behind his back. The first aftermath tried to make us feel sorry for Trent without acknowledging his wrong actions, which was one flaw with the episode. With that being said though, in the second aftermath, when the whole universe was out to get Gwen for her actions, he actually stands up for her and TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS ACTIONS, which redeems his character for me. He seemed to act a bit more calm and relaxed without Gwen after his appearance in the first aftermath and more or less turned back to normal. Also, his implication of Gwen's actions during the last aftermath was very awkward. Trent, you've had a much better season in Total Drama Island, but this was definitely not your season.

5. Gwen: Gwen started off pretty strong in the beginning of the season. She became good friends with Duncan and she had a great boyfriend by her side. She also got the chance to experience a fun alien-movie challenge with her friends and she definitely had some pretty good moments in that episode. Her team started off really strong in the beginning by winning the first challenge of the season. Unfortunately, things went downhill during the beach movie challenge when Trent becomes obsessed with her. She is understandably creeped out by Trent and I do wish that she could have talked to him about his weirdness. Then, 3:10 To Crazytown and Trent became crazier than ever, which resulted in Gwen becoming even more uncomfortable around him and understandably, breaking up with him. Then, when Justin overheard their break-up, he and Grips think that she and Trent have been treating, which causes Gwen to tell his team to vote him off to get on their good side. But she still owed them big time as she sabotaged a challenge for her team, causing them to become suspicious of her actions and vote her off. I felt really sorry for Gwen this season. It felt like the whole universe was out to get her when she had a good reason to break up with her boyfriend. It was hard watching her get this much hatred for only one small action. Yes, she convinced his team to vote him off, but it was understandable, as she wanted to get on their good side. In my opinion, Gwen deserves much better than this.

6. DJ: Overall, though not as good as in Total Drama Island, I thought DJ was decent this season, though I wish he had more screentime. His alliance with Chef had so much potential to grow into a major interaction and explore each of their characters a bit more. Regardless, their interactions were decent to watch, and it was pretty entertaining seeing Chef try to toughen DJ up a bit. It was also good of DJ to make Chef's food more delicious thanks to his Momma's spice. I was pretty bummed out that he got eliminated too soon, but it was pretty understandable, as he wanted to make his mom proud. It shows that he is a devoted friend and a devoted son for those he cares about most and is always willing to maintain his integrity and avoid hurting people as much as possible. I would like to try his sandwiches one day. 

7. Owen: Owen didn't bug me that much this season. Overall, I thought he was pretty funny. He's still the lovable, hilarious fat guy a lot of fans know and love. He definitely had a lot of great laughs this season, though the plotline with his broken jaw wasn't super interesting. It was pretty funny watching his hallucinations of his teammates as food as well as a few slapstick gags of him getting hurt throughout the challenges. I think he left at the right time during the show, even after an unfair elimination. His speech at the end was pretty funny and it was nice seeing him get all the Gilded Chrises. Then, after that, we have his subplot of his cheese cellar debt and trying to get money to pay it off. We have him return to the game, which bothered a lot of people who considered him a "screenhog". Honestly, I didn't have strong feelings towards him one way or the other when he returned and despite his return being kind of pointless, he did manage to get a few laughs. The way he got discovered by everyone was definitely shocking and it was clear that he was feeling guilty about him (except maybe Top Dog), but in the end, he was glad that he could finally go back to being himself. Overall, he was decent to watch and he did have some great moments in this season.

8. Heather: I really don't have too much to say about Heather. This season, she went from being the antagonist to an anti-hero. Although she wasn't as villainous nor threatening as last season, she still managed to stay consistent with her extreme sarcasm and bossy nature. The bald jokes surrounding her were really funny and I did like her brief plotline with her trying to get some real hair. Her sarcasm, as usual, was really funny, and it was pretty interesting seeing her be on to Gwen when she believes that she's sabotaging a challenge. She's even on good terms with Leshawna when her time on the season ends and they end up being "acquaintences". She was good in this season and I loved that the writers kept her consistent. 

9. Leshawna: I thoroughly enjoyed Leshawna this season. Regardless of those scenes when she fake-cried to get to the spa with Leshaniqua and trash-talked about her fellow teammates behind their backs, the writers managed to redeem her character in a really clever way. When all those secrets were revealed, she actually feels guilty about it and tries desperately to make it up to her teammates. And she does a very well-done cheer to make up for it. She also gets to interact more with Harold this season and their interactions this season were really funny. She even becomes acquaintences with Heather! I was a bit disappointed by her elimination though. Needless to say that despite some of the dirt she experienced this season, she definitely made up for it and this season proved to be pretty decent for her.

10. Justin: Ohhhh boy, let's talk about Justin. Talk about a letdown villain. I mean yes, he used his good looks to convince Lindsay and Beth to eliminate Izzy in Full Metal Drama and he managed to get Gwen eliminated by blackmailing her. But that's about it. Most of the jokes surrounding him are jokes that inflict pain on him and then he gets all depressed because his injuries spoil how good-looking he is. Then, we have The Princess Pride where he is nothing but a pain magnet and then starts randomly falling for Courtney. It was really pathetic of him to be THIS gullible towards Courtney and then he gets a really pathetic elimination which shows how terrible of a villain he is. He definitely could have used his brains to his advantage. He doesn't seem THAT dumb. He's supposed to be a villain and villains use their brains to come up with strategies. It's a real shame that Justin only relied on his beauty to take him far into the villain territory and no surprise, it didn't pay off well. After all the hype he got in the TDI special, overall, he was a MAJOR disappointment, which makes me kind of glad he's not competing next season.

11. Lindsay: I was super happy with Lindsay this season. She had so many amazing moments this season. She was still the classic dummy from last season that we all knew and love, with her innocence and her dumb comments bringing lots of good laughs to the table. In addition to that, she had some really amazing character development. She actually tried evolving into a leader and tried to prove to people that she wasn't as dumb as she looked. In the beginning, she messes up a bit in some pretty humorous ways and did have to get help from Beth along the way, but eventually, proves to be a decent leader. Then, when Courtney comes into the picture, she proves to be a major threat on Lindsay's position as a leader, which makes her even more determined to prove herself to everyone. And she indeed does by winning some challenges for herself. I loved her in the episode Get A Clue when she solved the mystery and even made a strategic move by bringing Duncan to the movies with her to spite Courtney. Yes, her elimination was really stupid, but she left the show bringing a great impact to the season. Well done, Lindsay. Well done. 

12. Much like Lindsay, Harold got some really fantastic character development this season. I just love how awkward and nerdy he can be. He definitely did a great job showing everyone his mad skills and all that he could do. Not just beatboxing, but he could also dance, work a nun-yo, come up with some cool strategies to bring his team to victory, pull out some great martial-arts moves, work a nun-chuk, and can even fart for the win by eating a few burritos. I did feel a bit bad for him when he kept on picking on Harold. But did he let that get him down? No. Regardless of being rejected by Duncan and a few others, he keeps showing off his mad skills and even use them to bring victory for himself and his team, in episodes like Masters of Disaster, Full Metal Drama, and Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen. By the end of his time on the show, he even got back at Duncan for bullying him so much, like unpants-ing him and putting rocks in his mattress. I even loved his interactions with Leshawna. Even though Leshawna kept on saying that things between the two of them weren't meant to be, that nerd just won't give up! Leshawna's always on his mind and he's willing to do anything for her. As a whole, he was a pleasure to watch.

13. Courtney: In all honesty, Courtney proved to be a much better villain than Justin. She was the villain that actually had the brains to do whatever it took to win. She used lawyers to her advantage to prove that she had more power over the other contestants and even Chris. She was the type of person who never took failure as an option and is willing to do as much as she could to come out victorious. Yes, her whining and complaining could get a bit annoying at times, but to be honest, it feels like the Courtney I've known since Total Drama Island, except more meaner and more vocal in terms of the complaining. She did feel like a godplayer in the beginning when the teams merge, but after that, she began to see Lindsay and Beth as possible threats and was actually trying to make sure that she came out victorious in the end. Lindsay really did a great job driving her crazy :P. Regardless of how annoying she might have been, she actually proved to have strategy, she helped end the Killer Grips' annoying losing streak, and her sarcasm and yelling did get some good laughs here and there. Overall, she was decent.

14. Duncan: Duncan didn't bother me that much this season. The only thing that really bugged me about him was the many ways he kept on picking on Harold. Most of the times he actually does aren't very funny, especially in 3:10 To Crazytown, when he claimed that he was doing it only because he got Courtney booted last season. I mean, it was last season, so why didn't he do it before? Nitpicks aside, he did have some pretty good moments, like his creative explosion in Full Metal Drama, his rockin' moves in Rock n' Rule, his super alter ego in Super Hero-ld, and him getting beaten by Courtney in One Million Bucks B.C. and Million Dollar Babies. In my opinion, he didn't really deserve to win the million dollars, mainly because Beth did more than him, whilst he showed off his bad boy moves and picked on Harold most of the time. But it was nice seeing him and Courtney make up at the end and it was funny seeing him gush over Courtney, which annoyed her a bit. Overall, this was definitely a solid season for Duncan. Also, he gave a really powerful performance in Riot on Set, which does a great job of showing his emotional side. 

15. Beth: Talk about an underdog indeed! This was definitely a great season for Beth! Ever since I saw her stand up to Heather in Paintball Deer Hunter, I had high hopes for this character. I was actually really surprised that she ended up making it really far in Total Drama Action, especially the final 2. Even though her boyfriend gag could get a bit annoying and she didn't crack that many jokes, she definitely proved to be a good competitor. She won a lot of challenges for herself during the last half of the season and she definitely had some good character development. She doesn't let anyone drag her down, especially Heather, Leshawna, and Courtney, and she's always willing to stand her ground. She even has a decent friendship with Lindsay. It's not too similar to Katie and Sadie's, in that both are distinctly different people, and Beth actually acknowledges that he friend as flaws, as any human would. Her quirkiness and nerdy comments got some good laughs as well as her clumsiness. It was also nice seeing her bond with an intelligent raccoon in Top Dog. Overall, I enjoyed Beth and I felt that she got some good character development this season. Not to mention that she has a REAL boyfriend. 

16. Chris: Chris didn't really change too much this season. He did become more self-centered and mean this season, but it's not as bad as the later seasons. He still remained a decent host and always willing to stir up the drama in the show. He also had some really funny lines here and there. Overall, not too bad. 

17. Chef: Chef was AMAZING in this season. I would say that this is Chef's best season. First of all, let me just say that he has a GREAT sense of fashion and I really loved seeing all his dresses, bikinis, and cool outfits. Let's not forget his samurai suit and supervillain suit. He also had many good laughs with his intimidating nature, sarcasm, and his anger towards the contestants and Chris especially. I really liked his interactions with DJ and we even get to learn a bit more of his backstory. He used to be a softie just like DJ and had several other jobs before joining the show. He's definitely a great character that deserves to be explored a bit more. 

Overall, while some character derailments existed here and there, most of the contestants were pretty much back to their normal selves by the time the season ended. Some characters got really great character development, a few remained consistent throughout, and a few were derailed (though most of them were back to normal by the end). The characters have flaws, but some good aspects to them as well.

Character Interactions:

1. Geoff and Bridgette: Still my favorite couple in the whole show. Even though they did get too distracted with each other and Geoff acted like an unlikable jerk in the aftermath segments, they still managed to make it out okay and still remain a strong couple. They're pretty chill as a couple aside from their flaws and they definitely have legitimate chemistry and care for each other. Even their make-out sessions could get a bit funny at times. Overall, a solid couple.

2. Gwen and Trent: It's a real shame that this couple got destroyed in the course of five episodes. If it weren't for Trent's sudden derailment and insanity, they would've still remained strong. But, the Beach Blanket Bogus, 3:10 To Crazytown, and The Chefshank Redemption led to some pretty disastrous results. Thankfully this only lasted for a small part of the season. Unfortunately, it's a pretty memorable part and some of the badness caused from them, like Trent's derailment and the dirt Gwen got after, cannot be erased. That being said, it's great that Trent stood up for Gwen, leaving them on good terms with each other. Regardless of all that they went through this season, they've got good chemistry. I don't mean to sound biased, but I really hope they get back together at some point in the future.

3. Gwen and Duncan: I actually didn't have any problems with them being friends. Even though they acted super close to each other, like hugging after the surfing challenge and wrestling under the stars, Gwen managed to convince everyone that they were good friends and nothing more. It was nice seeing their friendship and it was pretty humorous seeing them messing with the bus in Beach Blanket Bogus. Not much to say here. 

4. Gwen and the Grips: Wasn't a fan of their interaction. It felt like the whole universe was out to punish Gwen for every move she made. It made me feel really sorry for Gwen and I felt that Justin was being villainous in the wrong way. But aside from that, it was an effective move on his part, but I think it would've been better if Justin made an alliance against their leader to vote him off and then assert himself as the leader. I guess you have to take what you get here. 

5. Lindsay and Beth: They managed to hold a pretty solid friendship and I think they're better than Katie and Sadie. They manage to stay strong throughout the whole season, despite Beth pointing out her flaws. It was nice to see Beth help Lindsay become a better leader and things like that. I do respect the friendship between the two of them and their interactions were decent. They were pretty funny in Celebrity Manhunt with the Mona Lisa incident. And they had a really sweet parting with Lindsay saying that friends were better than money. Good friendship.

6. Leshawna and Everybody: Although everyone was mad at Leshawna for fake-crying to get her "well-deserved" spa night as well as for trash-talking about everyone behind their backs, Leshawna manages to make up for it in the best way possible by complimenting all of her fellow contestants in a cheer in Million Dollar Babies. They definitely managed to redeem her character. Even Duncan and Harold agree to form an alliance with her, only for it to be replaced with the guys' alliance. It's amazing how writers can derail a character and save a character over the course of an episode. When her time in the season ends, she's on good terms with everyone (except maybe Duncan and debatably Courtney). 

7. Leshawna and Harold: I liked this interaction a lot this season. We have Harold constantly hitting on Leshawna and promising to do anything for her no matter what. And Leshawna, even though she likes Harold, claims that things between them weren't meant to be. Harold doesn't seem to get over that and he seems to do anything to support Leshawna and try to win her over. He even gets his feelings hurt and loses some trust for Leshawna when he finds out about the spa incident. But in the end, they still manage to have a strong friendship. Leshawna seems to always be on Harold's mind and he still won't give up on her. Pretty enjoyable to watch.

8. Duncan and Harold: Duncan bullying Harold could be really frustrating to watch, especially since Harold does nothing to Duncan this season. However, they do manage to learn how to get along in Full Metal Drama when they use each other's strategies to help win the game. It was great to see a more serious side of their interaction. It was also nice seeing them get along in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen when they were climbing up that mountain (though Owen just had to ruin it). Some of Duncan's pranks were somewhat funny, like messing with Harold's nun-yo and kicking Harold's burrito inside his pocket. In the end, before Harold's time on the show is up, he still manages to throw in some pranks at Duncan. Despite some frustrating parts to their interactions, there are some good aspects to it.

9. Beth and Justin: There isn't too much to say about Beth and Justin's interaction. First, Beth goes all goo goo-eyed for Justin and has dreams to marry him. Later in the series, in The Princess Pride, she loses her attraction towards him. All that this interaction pretty much is is Beth gushing over Justin's beauty. Nothing much else to talk about.

10. Beth and Harold: This was WEIRD. Moving on...

11. Leshawna and Heather: I liked watching them bicker in the first half of the season, like in 3:10 To Crazytown and Masters of Disaster (weight and hair). It was also pretty funny seeing Heather be disgusted by Leshawna farting in Full Metal Drama. Even though they were much funnier as enemies, it was really nice seeing them be acquaintences in Million Dollar Babies. It was nice to see Heather stick up for Leshawna and accept the fact that she talked trash about her. She even leaves on good terms with her and they're there to support each other in the 3rd aftermath. Pretty good to watch this season, even if there wasn't as many interactions as season 1.

12. Beth and Duncan: There didn't share many interactions until Mutiny on the Soundstage rolled along. They were interesting to watch, as Beth wanted teamsies, but got rejected by Duncan. BUT, when Duncan wanted teamsies, Beth rejected him. This was rather interesting and I wanted to know if it would evolve into a friendship or rivalry. And chances are, it ends in a decent friendship. It was nice seeing them bond during the obstacle course challenge when Chris and Chef were torturing them, and when Duncan gets injured, Beth comes to save him. They're not really rivals after that. They share a decent friendship and it was nice seeing a friendship between a nice girl and a bad boy. Their interactions were definitely great in the finale.

13. Justin and Courtney: I don't even know what the heck this is. It came out of nowhere as a dumb excuse for Justin to be eliminated and to lose his powers of beauty. 

14. Owen and Izzy: Not much to say about them. It was pretty cute seeing the two of them flirt and pretty funny to see them get distracted by each other during The Sand-Witch Project. 

15. Duncan and Courtney: Pretty good stuff too. It was pretty funny seeing Duncan gushing over Courtney and then Courtney getting irritated by some of his actions and even going so far as to attack him in One Million Bucks B.C. and Million Dollar Babies. Their relationship also shows that Duncan does have his limits. For example, in Top Dog, when Courtney makes him memorize a 32-page document, it gets way out of hand for Duncan, which forces him to vote her off. But it was pretty sweet seeing them make up at the end. Their love-hate relationship does get a few laughs, but I liked it better in Total Drama Island, when Courtney wasn't as controlling as she was this season.

16. Chris and Chef: This was another good interaction to watch this season. It's always funny seeing Chris make fun of Chef and then Chef getting really mad at Chris for it and doing something like punching him. I also liked those parts in Alien Resurregg-tion when Chef kept on demanding that Chris give him his money. Chris also even flirted with him a few times by awkwardly asking him his plans in The Chefshank Redemption O___O. Their relationship was very interesting in Mutiny on the Soundstage when Chef announces that he's tired of being treated as inferior on the show and says that he's leaving. Chris tries to hide the fact that he's sad about it, but deep down inside, he cares a lot about Chef and doesn't want him to leave. And the way they make up at the end is really sweet when they decide to torture the contestants together once again. Would like to see more interactions between these two in the future.

17. DJ and Chef: I really wish these two got more screentime together. I was very fascinated by this interaction and I really wanted to see how Chef was going to toughen DJ up. Unfortunately, guilt takes over DJ's subconscious and he votes himself off to keep his integrity. This is a great interaction that allows us to explore different parts of these characters and I would've liked to see that explored a bit more. But for what it is, it's decent and I really liked seeing the two interact. It definitely had a lot of potential, but unfortuntaely, it ended way too early.

Overall, I have to say that several of the interactions this season were decent. While there were a few that were awkward and weird, for the most part, the interactions were well-done and there were many good aspects to each of them. They did do a good job of keeping me invested and even though there were a few interactions that weren't handled very well, for the most part, there was effort put into it. 


1. Monster Cash: GREAT

2. Alien Resurreggtion: GREAT

3. Riot on Set: GOOD

4. Beach Blanket Bogus: BAD (moderately)

5. 3:10 To Crazytown: BAD (severely)

6. TDA Aftermath I: Trent's Descent: GOOD

7. The Chefshank Redemption: MEH

8. One Flu Over The Cuckoos: GOOD

9. The Sand-Witch Project: GREAT

10. Masters of Disaster: GOOD

11. Full Metal Drama: GREAT

12. TDA Aftermath II: For-Gwen and Forget: BAD (moderately)

13. Ocean's Eight or Nine: GOOD

14. One Million Bucks B.C.: MEH

15. Million Dollar Babies: GREAT

16. Dial M For Merger: GREAT

17. Super Hero-ld: GOOD

18. TDA Aftermath III: O-wen or Lose: GOOD

19. The Princess Pride: BAD (moderately)

20. Get A Clue: GREAT

21. Rock n' Rule: GOOD

22. Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen: MEH

23. 2008: A Space Owen: BAD (moderately)

24. Top Dog: GREAT

25. Mutiny on the Soundstage: GREAT

26. TDA Aftermath IV: Who Wants To Pick A Millionaire: GOOD

27. Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special: GREAT

This season, there were 5 bad episodes, 3 meh episodes, and 19 good episodes. For the most part, the good outweighs the meh and the bad. When the episodes are bad, with the exception of 3:10 To Crazytown, the badness is not THAT severe. Most of the good episodes here are great. There are a lot of really fantastic episodes this season that are definitely worth watching. 

Comedy and Drama:

While there wasn't as much drama this season, the comedy more than made up for it. The comedy this season was definitely great and for the most part, every character got a moment to shine. There were so many great jokes in this season and the jokes did a really great job of keeping me invested the whole time. The season definitely wasn't without the drama though. There were so many interesting character interactions and moments that kept me invested. Even several of these challenges were interesting and I really wanted to see how each of the characters were going to get through those challenges. There are also many good references and some good parodies to movie scenes in the season and it definitely adds some clever comedy to it. There was some good tension here and there, and while the drama isn't as good as last season, it's still pretty decent. Overall, the comedy is spot on, but I would've liked a bit more drama. 


I really liked the challenges here. All of them were really unique, were different everytime, and for the most part, matched each movie genre perfectly. Aside from the Vomit Comet in 2008: A Space Owen, and the lasso challenge in 3:10 To Crazytown, I really liked most of the challenges this season. The spy movie challenge was great, the mystery challenge was amazing, the animal buddy challenge was entertaining, the sports challenge made for some really funny gags, and the superhero challenge allowed the contestants to express their creativity and come up with a unique superhero alter ego. The challenges definitely kept me entertained for the duration of the episode.


For the most part, the continuity in this season was alright. The only weird continuity errors were Courtney being lactose intolerant when she had cheese puffs in Get a Clue and an ice cream sandwich in Basic Straining, and in the Sand-Witch Project when Beth said that she couldn't scream, but in Ocean's Eight or Nine and The Princess Pride, she screams. There are also sudden things that occur, like in Beach Blanket Bogus, when Trent's OCD comes out of nowhere, and in The Princess Pride, when Beth and Lindsay are suddenly not attracted to Justin, even when he doesn't have a scratch on his face. The continuity can get really weird at times, but it's not as bad as the continuity we will see a few seasons from now...

How Realistic The Show Is:

For the most part, the show manages to maintain its realistic tone. Nothing unrealistic seems to happen in this season. Aside from the pterodactyls and the weird-looking beavers in One Million Bucks B.C., and the mutants in Celebrity Manhunt, there really isn't anything weird or over-the-top like aliens from outer space and radioactive creatures and things like that. I still feel the same realistic feel that I felt in Total Drama Island when I watch this season. It does a decent job in maintaining its realistic tone.

Final Thoughts of the Season:

As a whole, despite its flaws and not being as good as Total Drama Island, I'm going to call Total Drama Action a GOOD season. The season is definitely not flawless. It has many flaws, like Trent's horrible character derailment, Justin being a lame villain, Geoff being an unlikable jerk in the aftermaths, and some episodes of the season being bland and lackluster at times. But regardless of the bad qualities, it does have many redeeming traits to it, like good character development from Beth, Lindsay, and Harold, decent character interactions, great comedy, brilliant challenges, some good drama, and tying up all the loose ends of the show really well. It also manages to maintain its realistic tone and even though it can get a bit lackluster at times, it still invests me in and keeps me interested in whatever is going on. Despite the bad aspects, the good outweighs the bad and it still manages to be a decent season.

Well, that's all I have for this season. Thanks for watching this season with me and I'll see you all in season 3! GoGoGadget831, out! 

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