Hey guys, I would like to say that my review of TDPI Episode 1 is finally out on Deviantart! It's up on the link above. I know it's a day late, but like I said at the beginning of my blog, I am out of town for three weeks and I won't be home until late July. So I have to wait for the episodes to come out on Youtube and then watch it from there. I do plan on doing one episode review per day since they take time and I typically have a lot to say in my reviews. I am also out of town for a summer program, so I do not have much time to quickly type up these reviews. I only have time during the nighttime. Soooo yeah. But I hope you guys enjoy reading about my thoughts for this episode and feel free to leave a comment if you wish! TDPI Episode 2 Reviewed will be coming out tomorrow! 

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