Guys!! Guess what? I was talking to someone on Fresh and they said that there are going to be some celebrities who will be teaming up with all the veteran contestants in the game. They said:

"There will be four guest stars appearing alongside each of the veteran contestants. Ed Sheeran and Trent are going to be jamming it up together in their musical duo. Anne Maria and Snooki are going to show that they have the most booty, style, and hottest hair. Staci is going to take fame lessons from Kim Kardashian on growing her fanbase. And Noah is going to have his ear plugs the whole time as he listens to Justin Bieber's obnoxious voice. Things are going to be interesting for this show!" 

Let me tell you that I am very excited for this and I really can't wait to see the direction that the writers are going to take for this show.

LOLLOLOL, April Fools obviously :P. 

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