Okay, so I was doing a bit of thinking recently and here are my thoughts for season 7:

What if the contestants that flew away in the balloons came back to compete in season 7? Since the season after Pahkitew Island is most likely going to be another All-Stars season (with *sigh* 13 episodes AGAIN), there are going to be 14 contestants with 7 of the contestants who made it to the merge in TDPI and 7 returning contestants. I was thinking that maybe the 7 or 8 contestants who flew away in the balloons would be the ones returning. I thought it would be a pretty cool idea. We could also see some of the unfinished plotlines, including Scottney and maybe we could put Duncan in there and try to win Courtney back. We can also see them interact with the TDPI cast as well. We could possibly have Duncan and Jo interact once again, maybe another Jo and Lightning alliance thing, more Scott vs Fang, and all that. Bummer that IF we get this version, we may not see anymore Aleheather and Gwen, but no more Cameron, Mike, and Zoey! Any thoughts? 

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