Okay, it's been almost a month since Total Drama All Stars ended. Before I put it all to rest, I just want to say my final thoughts for the season. In the beginning, I was super-hyped for this season. I wanted to see Alejandro get out of the robot suit, I wanted to see the old and new competitors interact, I wanted to see more Mike and Zoey and an on screen kiss between the two, and I wanted to see how the love triangle thing was going to be solved. After watching the season, I thought, "WHAT THE H*LL HAPPENED?!" I mean, it's so weird watching an over-hyped season like this go so bizarrely bad.

Let's start off with the characters:

Lindsay: I was really sad to see her go first and I'm sure everyone else was. I wanted to see her interact with the other cast members and I wanted to see her get better character development. In the first couple of seasons, she proved that she wasn't as dumb as she looked, especially cursing off Heather back in TDI and getting her head shaved by Chef. But this season, she seemed to get backwards character development and seemed to be even stupider. But I was still sad to see her for only one episode.

Lightning: He was more annoying and stupid than last season, but I was glad that he got eliminated early. Wish Brick would've come back instead of Lightning.

Jo: I was really sad to see her be eliminated early. I mean sure she was the same old bossy, angry Jo. But I really wanted to see more of her and her rivalry with Heather. I also wanted to see her interact with Gwen and the other competitors and even to make a few friends. She deserved more screen time and she could've been a more worthy antagonist of the season.

Sam: Very forgettable character. Didn't even know he was around. Should've been eliminated in the first or second episode. Heck, he shouldn't have been in All-Stars in the first place, because let's face it. He's not an All-Star.

Heather: Still same old awesome Heather. Liked her hate towards Alejandro in the beginning. HATED the way she was heartlessly eliminated, but at least Alejandro got his revenge after being trapped in the robot suit for a year. Was happy to see her in the finale.

Sierra: She became even more one-dimensional, annoying, and Cody-obsessed. Izzy would have been a much better replacement (heck, even Staci!). Moving on...

Duncan: Acted pretty stupid this season. I didn't find his "good guy" plot very interesting. Acted really stupid around Gwen, causing them to break up (which I was pretty happy about, but I digress). I really wanted him to interact more with Courtney and try to win her back as well as see him have an interesting conflict with Scott. But NOOOOO. He got put in big boy jail and was never mentioned again. Wanted to see him interact more with the other competitors, especially Mal! Why couldn't they interact anyway?! He knew Mal from juvy! That would make for more interesting conflict! So yeah, that's Duncan this season...

Cameron: Didn't really care for him. Not very interesting, but not horrible at the same time. Found it offensive to his character that he fell for Mal's tricks and kissed Courtney. He was okay I guess.

Alejandro: Became a total wimp this season. I miss his antagonistic ways and charm in TDWT. Was confused about how much he flirted with Gwen earlier in the season and didn't do so after that. Could've been an interesting conflict between him and Duncan. Maybe Gwen could've used Alejandro to make Duncan jealous and make Duncan realize what an idiot he was. That's just an idea. But overall, he was okay. He just seemed like a background character and he didn't really do anything when Heather was gone. He had a hilarious conflict with Mal though, even if it was brief. Miss his strategy talk though.

Courtney: Oh boy, Courtney. She was quite a roller coaster this season. She was one of my favorite characters in Total Drama, but this season made me lose some respect for her. Her relationship with Scott was mehhhh (not the same as Duncney, but I digress). I liked that she and Gwen finally became friends, after that grueling love triangle from TDWT. But when Sundae Muddy Sundae came around, I began to support her less and less. WHY?! I mean WHY did she have to become TDA Courtney again?! It just came right out of nowhere and there wasn't much build-up to it earlier in the season. Just WHY? And the worst part was that it wasn't resolved in the end! She probably got the most derailment out of all the characters this season: a total trainwreck. 

Gwen: Oh man, Gwen. In the beginning of the season, it felt like she was pregnant because of all her mood swings. From crying in the confessional about not making up with Courtney to yelling at Duncan and randomly breaking up with him. However, later in the season, she did become less whiny. I liked that she made friends with Cameron, Zoey, and Mike. That shows some form of interaction between the first and second generation cast members. Would've liked to see her respond more to Alejandro's flirting earlier in the season. Would've made for a more interesting plotline. Also would've liked to see her interact more with Jo. Her character was KIND OF derailed, but not as much as Courtney.

Scott: What a turnaround. He went from despicably unlikeable in TDROTI to actually hilarious and likeable. This guy became the new Owen of the season. He's hilarious, with his awkward interaction towards Courtney and constantly getting injured all the time. I also liked his farm talk and I felt that I got to know him better as a person. I have to admit that out of all the characters this season, he probably got the best character development. 

Zoey: She's my favorite female of the 2nd generation cast and still is. However, after watching this season, I'm beginning to realize some of the flaws associated with her character. I know, I was pretty mad about her being so gullible about Mal and her not turning into Commando Zoey again. Also, she's not the most interesting character since her plot is mainly centered around Mike. She's just your average, nice girl and that's about it. I think she won too many challenges as well. But give her credit that seeing her interacting with some of the other cast members was nice and it was also nice to see how much Mike and Zoey care about each other throughout the season. Despite some of the flaws associated with Zoey and the derailment of her character this season, she's still my favorite female of the 2nd generation cast. :)

Mike: He's my favorite male of the 2nd generation cast and still is. I sort of liked the idea about him having an evil personality. However, I would've liked to see him do more devious things. All he did was break things in the beginning and that's about it. Though he's a better antagonist than Scott, Courtney, and Justin, he's not as good as Heather or Alejandro. I wished he could've been more of an Alejandro and used his strategy more often to get people eliminated. Though Mal appeared to be a cool villain, for the most part, I have to admit that he was pretty lame. I would've liked to see more of Mike in this season. I wanted to get to know him better as an individual. Like Zoey, aside from his personalities, he's just your typical, nice guy. But now that he has conquered his MPD and has gained all of the abilities of his personalities, it should make way for some new perks. This leads me to his personalities and how he conquered them. I hated the way he pushed the button and rid of his MPD. I have to admit that that move was pretty offensive. It should've been a huge battle to get rid of Mal once and for all and to save his other personalities. But no...I guess it's just poor writing. RIP Chester, Svetlana, Vito, and Manitoba. I hope it's just a one-time gag and that we will see the four of them sometime in the future. I don't see Mal reappearing, at least not anytime soon. But we'll see if Mike competes in another season or makes a cameo. Despite some of the flaws associated with Mike and the derailment of his character in this season, he's still my favorite male of the 2nd generation cast. :)

Character Development Ranking: 3/10 (Most of the character development this season was pretty sucky but not to the point that all the characters were completely ruined)

Now that we've talked about the characters, let's talk about the interactions:

Duncan and Gwen: Oh man, wasn't this a lot of fun (sarcastically). Okay, they went from being totally in love with each other in TDWT and TDROTI to like "Hey, he/she exists. So what?" in this season. Judging from that interaction, I KNEW they were going to break up. And to my surprise, I was RIGHT! This was such an unnecessary mess that built up to nothing. I mean I DESPISE Gwuncan. But come on, there could've been a better way for them to break up. 

Gwen and Courtney: I really wanted them to be friends again from the beginning. I was really ecstatic in Suckers Punched when they became friends again. I was ENRAGED about Sundae Muddy Sundae when Courtney just randomly went back to TDA Courtney WITHOUT ANY BUILD-UP. I hope their friendship gets resolved in another season, because this just left the resolution to the love triangle completely meaningless. Seriously, what a miserable piece of character development/interaction.

Scott and Courtney: I don't really care about them. They're just there. Didn't really care that they "broke up" in Sundae Muddy Sundae. I'm pretty neutral about this couple. Personally, I prefer Duncney, but Scottney is mehhh.

Alejandro and Gwen: What was the point of Alejandro flirting with Gwen in the beginning of the season when it built up to nothing? Would've liked to see more interaction between these two and it would be interesting if Gwen flirted with Alejandro to make Duncan jealous and make him realize what a jerk he was, but that's just my opinion. 

Gwen and Cameron: Pretty solid friendship/interaction. Liked the way Gwen high-fived/kissed Cameron while Mike/Zoey and Alejandro/Heather were making out. I liked this interaction. Also liked how Gwen interacted with Zoey. Good interaction of old and new contestants.

Heather and Jo: Would've liked to see more of this conflict. Could've been as good as Heather and Leshawna or Heather and Gwen, but nooooo. Jo just had to be eliminated early. It would be cool if they developed a stronger rivalry or eventually became friends. I really liked this interaction. Very hilarious.

Alejandro and Heather: They went from bitter rivals throughout the beginning of the season (which I liked) to Geoff and Bridgette lovebirds in the finale. Seriously, where's the build-up to this?! How did this happen?! WE NEED EXPLANATION! However, it was pretty funny when they ticked off Chris. But WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE STRATEGIC ALEJANDRO AND HEATHER?! GAHHH! But I can speculate.

Sierra and Camcody: Blehhhh....made Sierra even more obnoxious and annoying.

Duncan and Courtney: More interaction between these two would've been nice. Would've been really cool to see them make up and possibly get back together. But yeah...I guess it is what it is. But the jealously plotline was just left behind in the dust. Really made me mad. 

Mal and Duncan: INTERACTION BETWEEN THESE TWO WOULD'VE BEEN NICE, BUT NOOOOOOOO. It was barely even touched on. So much for knowing Mal throughout juvy and that not being mentioned again after Duncan getting arrested. 

Mal and Alejandro: HILARIOUS CONFLICT. That's all I can say.

And last but not least, Mike and Zoey: Get the hate mail ready. Here we go...Mike and Zoey are my favorite Total Drama couple. I don't know, there's just something about them that I really like. I mean they're both nice people, but I really liked the way that they interacted from the beginning. They have really good chemistry, they both take the time to get to know one another, and they always understand each other and help each other whenever they need help. My favorite moment of the entire season was when they reunited and had their first kiss and that made me like them more than ever, even more than Duncney and Gidgette, my other favorite Total Drama couples. People may argue that they're a really boring couple and that their plotlines only revolve around each other and they were too predictable of a final two. But idk, they just seem like a more realistic couple and they do have perks and chemistry in their relationship. Aside from those aspects, I do not see them competing in a season anytime soon. I think both of their plotlines are pretty much done. Now that Mike has conquered his MPD, his plotline is done. If he does compete in another season, I don't see him making it to the final 5 again or anything like that. And since Zoey's plotline revolves around Mike, I don't see her making it very far in another season if she competes. Their plotlines are both done and they've been concluded very well. I don't want them to be ruined by future seasons in competing and I really don't want them to break up, but I doubt they will. They're so cute! They're still going strong and they're my favorite couple of the Total Drama franchise.

Overall Character Interaction Ranking: 3.5/10 (some were fine, but most were built up for nothing or were just left behind in the dust). 

Now, let's talk about the episodes:

1. Heroes vs Villains: Very strong start for the season. This got me super-hyped for what was to come. Really liked the interactions among the characters and the ways that they were introduced. I liked that Alejandro got out of the robot suit, the Duncan and Gwen interaction was pretty interesting, and Mike and Zoey were still going strong and the Heather and Jo conflict made the episode hilarious and interesting at the same time. Scott also had a lot of really good laughs throughout. Wasn't very happy about Lindsay being eliminated, but I guess it is what it is. 

2. Evil Dread: Not as good as the first episode, but a very solid episode as well. The introduction to Mal got me super-hyped about what was to come in the future. I was pretty happy that Lightning got the boot and I really enjoyed watching Heather and Jo fighting. I think that was the highlight of the episode.

3. Saving Private Leechball: Just as good as Evil Dread. Solid challenge (good throwback to Paintball Deer Hunter), nice dramatic team-switch (brief Duncney interaction), and some pretty good laughs throughout the shoot-outs.

4. Food Fright: Decent episode. Nothing interesting really happened for me. This episode sadly made Sierra even more annoying (thanks a lot Mal!). 

5. Moon Madness: Decent episode. Pretty interesting to see Mal in control throughout this episode. I laughed evily as Duncan and Gwen broke up (come on, did it have to be this rushed?! and why on earth did Gwen act like she was pregnant in this episode?! what a drama queen!). Scott was hilarious in this episode when he ran across the bridge, lol. "Nice" Heather was pretty funny as well. Overall, it was okay.

6. No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition: Again, another decent episode. Hated the way Heather was eliminated and I felt bad for Mike when he got trapped inside his own brain and let Mal take control. Duncan also finally recognized Mal from juvy, so that got me excited to see how those two would interact. I liked how Gwen and Cameron interacted as well as Scott and Courtney. Pretty okay episode.

7. Suckers Punched: Many people say that this is the best episode of the season. Though I don't think it's as good as the first episode, it's still a pretty dang good episode. It was cool to see Mike and Mal interact after a while and I was extremely happy that Gwen and Courtney became friends again! It was good to see Izzy again, but her cameo was TOO brief (thanks a lot, Mal!). Duncan trying to prove that he's a mean guy was pretty funny and it was also funny how he annoyed Gwen by telling Sierra to make more Gwuncan videos. Also liked how Alejandro went face to face with Jose! Very solid episode. Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from there...

8. You Regatta Be Kidding Me: Mehhh. This episode was mehhhh. This was where Zoey began acting all gullible towards Mal and it will take her a long time to realize that Mike is not Mike. Hated how Duncan just randomly left the show and got arrested. Great, just great. I was expecting him to try and get Courtney to stop ignoring him and I was also expecting him to try and interact with Gwen, Scott, and Mal. So much for trying to get Courtney jealous...

9. Zeek and Ye Shall Find: A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. For the 100th Total Drama episode, this episode was sooooo lame. I thought it was cool that Alejandro finally caught on to Mal, but hated it that everyone else was gullible about Mal. Come on, there were so many clues that Mike is not Mike, but they can't even tell! Come on! This episode was very boring as well. In addition, I HATED that they are still using Feral Zeke. Come on now, it's been over two years and they're still using that annoying gag. It's not only annoying. It's absolutely deplorable to such an underrated character and to Zeke fans. It's not that funny anymore. Make him human again. I also found Cameron's elimination lame. He got hurt and that's about it. I also hated how he blindly kissed Courtney. That derailed his "innocent, bubble-boy" character there. Lame Lame episode.

10. The Obsta-Kill Course: I actually sort of enjoyed this episode. I really liked the Malejandro conflict and it was cool to see an evil Svetlana. I really hated it that Zoey STILL has no idea that Mike is not Mike, even though there were several hints about how weird "Mike" was acting. It was good to see Chester and Svetlana again. It was also good to see more Courtney and Gwen love, haha. Pretty decent episode.

11. Sundae Muddy Sundae: Well guys, this is it. The big one. Probably the worst episode of Total Drama period. The infamous Sundae Muddy Sundae. RIP Courtney who suffered from horrible character development and terrible writing. Why? Just why did they have to change her back to TDA Courtney when there was no build-up towards that point? Even worse, everyone's against her and none of her conflicts are resolved in the end. Horrible, horrible, horrible episode. Even worse, Zoey STILL doesn't know about Mal! Though I liked the scenes with the Robot and Scott, of course. 

12. The Bold and the Booty-ful: I actually enjoyed this episode. It was good to see Mike finally reunite with all of his personalities and I liked that dream sequence of Mike and Zoey kissing in the rain ("so romantical!"). Scott, as usual, was amazing. Zoey FINALLY finds about Mal (it's about time!) and as usual, she wins this challenge (seriously, how many times is this girl gonna win?!). Plus, I loved the part with the bear poop painting. I know it sounds kiddish, but this was the moment that kept me laughing on the floor throughout the entire episode. And how angry Chris got (priceless!). It was a decent episode, but I thought the final two was way too predictable and the way Gwen got eliminated was sort of unfair. But I think she's had enough of the show to last a lifetime. 

13. The Final Wreck-ening: WORST FINALE EVER. Not as bad as Sundae Muddy Sundae, but it's still pretty dang bad. I didn't really like the way that Mike conquered his MPD. You can't just push a button and be automatically cured of a disorder! It takes a lifetime to conquer and you have to live with it, not push a button, GAHHHH! Sorry. Seriously, it was lame. It should've been an epic battle, like Mal passes out and gets sent down to the subconscious where he and the other personalities have a fight to the finish to see who will win. And somehow, Zoey notices that Mike is unconscious and finds a way inside his brain and they all defeat Mal once and for all. That would've been better, but what was shown on TV instead was so lame and anticlimactic. And the other players flying away in the balloons?! WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT?! Are they just dead or something?! Also, I wanted all the other conflicts to be resolved! Gwentney: never mentioned again! Scottney: Never resolved! Gwuncaney: never mentioned again! GAHHHHH!!!!! And the final challenge was LAME! It's just climbing a mountain! BIG WHOOP! And the way Mike/Zoey won was anticlimactic as well. It would've been better if they were racing and then Ezekiel (hopefully in his human form) pulled out the sword and won the prize money, proving that the game was all his. Oh, and the worst part was SINKING CAMP WAWANAKWA! NO....JUST NO...The place where Total Drama began?! Really?! I don't mind another season on another island, but SINKING CAMP WAWANAKWA!!!! REALLY!!! This show is becoming more and more cartoony and unrealistic...The only good thing about the episode was when Mike and Zoey kissed and Alejandro and Heather started making out, angering Chris. THAT'S IT. Everything else about this finale SUCKED EGGS. Heck, even Owen couldn't save this episode, let alone, the season! 

Overall TDAS Episodes Ranking: 4/10 (Had a few good episodes, several mehhh episodes, but three HORRENDOUS episodes)

Now, let's talk about the cameos:

Izzy's cameo was way too brief (cough cough...MAL). Owen's cameo was pointless and lame, but fresh reminder of his days back on the island. Ezekiel's cameo was AWFUL. Would've liked to see him human again. This season could've used more cameos or at least a peanut gallery for the finale! But no....someone just had to blow all the other contestants away into the sun....ruining our traditional peanut gallery!!! Ugh, it frustrates me!

Cameos Ranking: 1.5/10

And the challenges:

Overall, they were pretty lame. Some of them were nice throwbacks, but the others, like the finale, the sundae one, and the egg one were just boring.

Challenges Ranking: 3/10

The humor/drama:

Much of the drama in the show added up to nothing. I liked the drama associated with Mal, until the reset button was pushed, eliminating all the personalities. Poor drama between Courtney and the others. This made all the other plotlines throughout the show pointless and made the characters way out of whack. There were too many unresolved plotlines, too many loose ends that weren't tied, and much of the writing and drama was handled poorly.

Also, I did not find myself laughing aloud throughout the season. The only scenes that made me laugh were the robot scenes, Heather and Jo fighting, the introduction of the characters in the beginning of the episode, Duncan and Gwen breaking up, Courtney and Gwen making up, Scott getting injured, the bear poop painting scene, and the part when Mike/Zoey and Alejandro/Heather all make out, angering Chris. That's pretty much it.

Humor/Drama Ranking: 3.5/10

Finally, how realistic the show was:

I know it's just a cartoon and all. But, let's face it, this is supposed to be a parody of a reality show. And honestly, this show is becoming way too unrealistic and cartoony. It seems more like a kids show than a teens show. The first couple of seasons were intended for pre-teens and teens, but this season just made the contestants act more immature than usual and it became too cartoony. 

Reality Ranking: 2.5/10


I wanted to like this season. I really wanted to. But there were just too many plotholes, unexplained storylines, poor character development, horrible writing, unfunny jokes, drama amounting to nothing, unrealistic scenes, deplorable gags, and overly predictable moments. Sometimes, it has some good moments, but for the most part, it's just a lame, lame season, and a really disappointing follow-up to such an awesome franchise. It's probably the worst Total Drama season ever. That said, I do not have high hopes for Season 6, but if people do say that it's better than this disappointment, I will give it a chance and pray that it does not make the same dreadful mistakes as TDAS. I hope the writers are aware of the horrendous mistakes that they made and that they make sure that they do not happen again, because this ride was just very disappointing and unpleasant. This season had so much potential and the writers just chose not to take advantage of it. Yup, so those are my overall thoughts of the season. If you enjoyed it, great. Doesn't mean you're an idiot. Doesn't mean you're a horrible person. Post your thoughts of the season below! :)

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