Welp, this review was long overdue. I know it's super late, but I came back from an awesome vacation last week and I've been getting a really bad case of post-vacation blues. So, I wasn't really that motivated to do anything. And with work and stuff, it just made it worse :P. However, I'm slowly getting there and getting used to things being back to normal again. So, I'm making progress :). But...I digress. Anyways, it's time for my final seasonal review of Total Drama Pahkitew Island. If you've read my episode reviews on Deviantart, you'll notice that a lot of this season exceeded my expectations while other parts were pretty mediocre and not that good. But, how does this season hold up compared to the other seasons? Well, let's find out in my review of Total...Drama...Pahkitew Island! Let's start off with the characters and how they have developed throughout the season. This time, they will be listed according to my rankings (worst to best):

14. Rodney: It honestly doesn't surprise me that Rodney ranks the lowest in this list. He was annoying in the beginning and he was annoying all the way to the very end. I don't have too much to say about this character. I mean sure his innocence can be cute at times and it was pretty funny watching his oddball moments. However, all he really did was fawn over three girls and never really interacted with them. He seems to be a pretty flat character and he's just not that interesting. I'm glad that he got the boot early, because he would have been even more annoying if he stuck around for a longer time. I don't really understand the point of his character. He just seems to be a poorly done rehash of Scott and DJ combined. And they were much better characters than Rodney. I don't hate this character, but I just don't like him very much. 

13. Dave: Dear lord, wasn't this guy a lot of fun? I mean, in the beginning, I thought he was pretty entertaining to watch. It was pretty funny seeing him get irritated by Beardo and Leonard and he did have a few funny lines here and there. He was just your average nice guy. Seeing him as a neat freak was sort of funny as well, but I will admit that that got old REALLY fast. And unfortunately, his character went completely downhill as the season progressed. The many different ways he tried to win Sky over really derailed his character big time. And in the later episodes, he became even more annoying and unlikable. In the process of winning Sky over, he was acting like a complete jerk and he literally went insane. He then became the series' cry baby soon after that and he became a chore to sit through. I thought he was much worse in the finale than in the episode he was eliminated in. If he does come back, I hope his character doesn't revolve around Sky. He deserves more independent character development. 

12. Leonard: I really wasn't a huge fan of Leonard when I watched the season. I honestly thought it was really weird how Total Drama would write a character like this: a character who's constantly living in their own world and thinking way unrealistically. I think this is a LARPer character done WRONG. A good LARPer character would know when to snap back into reality and can distinguish between reality and fantasy pretty well. This guy is just in his fantasy world all the time and constantly tries to do spells that always don't work and always fail epically. Honestly, if Leonard was portrayed a bit more realistically, he would've been a better character. But I guess you have to take what you get. Although he had a few funny lines here and there, he's still one of my least favorites of the season. 

11. Amy: I really don't have too much to say about Amy. I think she's a very meh character. It was pretty funny seeing her in agony a few times, but I think she's just a bland queen bee. All she really did in the season was boss Samey around for a few episodes, and that's pretty much it. I wasn't too surprised that she would come back in a later episode to get her revenge against her sister. She's just a bland rehash of Heather and that's about it. Her character could've had a chance to expand a bit. Why does she boss Samey around all the time when she literally does nothing to her? What causes her to possess such a harsh nature like this? There's so much I want to know about this character, but sadly, she was booted off too early to see some potential development from her. If she does return in the future, I hope her character does not just revolve around her bossing Samey around.

10. Sky: A lot of you are probably going to be mad that I'm ranking Sky this low, but honestly, I really wasn't too thrilled about this character. I will say that she is an improvement compared to Zoey, and her athletic abilities can be explained rather than come out of nowhere. It was really nice watching her do all those sweet moves and I will admit that it's nice seeing a character remain focused on the game rather than their crush. But personally, I just didn't find her very interesting. I found her pretty boring. Don't get me wrong, I liked seeing her as a dedicated athlete and leader. But she's just not that interesting. If she did have some dimensions to her personality and actually showed a side that we haven't seen before, she probably would have been a better character. But as is, she's just your typical dedicated athlete who's in it to win it. Although I admire that trait in contestants, I personally enjoyed the other characters more. 

9. Samey: I actually found myself enjoying Samey a lot more than Amy in this season. For whatever time Samey had on this show, I thought she was a pretty good character. I really liked seeing her interact with Jasmine in the first couple of episodes and it was nice seeing her stand up for herself. It was also nice seeing her finally get revenge on her sister after all that she's been through. Unfortunately, aside from her conflict with Amy and her friendship with Jasmine, I don't think she's a very interesting character. I felt that her character mainly revolved around Amy this season. She's also your typical nice cheerleader and that's about it. I wish we could've gotten to know this character a bit more and view another aspect of her personality aside from niceness. But, as is, she was pretty enjoyable in this season and she didn't do anything that irritated me. I don't have much to say, but she was a pretty good character. 

8. Beardo: I mainly like this guy for guilty pleasure and I thought he was much more enjoyable than Leonard. I mean sure his sound effects could get pretty annoying at times, but you have to admit that some of them were really hilarious, like the Pacman noise and the noises he makes when he's in the cannon. I really don't have much to say about him. For the time he had on the show, he was pretty okay and I thought he was a pretty good source of comic relief. I hope he, along with Staci, will return in a future season and get better development rather than remaining as elimination fodder. 

7. Scarlett: It was really cool watching Scarlett develop in this season. She's in this position in my rankings because I personally enjoyed the 6 other characters a bit more than her. In addition, she didn't really do anything in the first couple of episodes. However, once she became Max's "sidekick", we finally got to see a side of her that none of us expected: her evil, devious side. Seeing that side of her was a lot of fun to watch. She reminded me of an evil, smarter but female version of Cameron! She also had a lot of funny lines here and there, especially her scientific talk. Scarlett Fever was obviously her finest moment, because that was where the final revelation was! We've never seen an antagonist like this! Most of the Total Drama antagonists seemed very obvious. But Scarlett being an antagonist was actually a really good shocker. I hope we see more antagonists like this in the future. Well done Scarlett. Well done. 

6. Max: I was really expecting to hate Max in this season. He really looked like the love child of Sierra and Dr. Doofenshmirtz and I was thinking, "Oh god, this guy is gonna ruin the season..." However, after seeing him in this season, I was actually very surprised. This guy was really hilarious and he really didn't seem that threatening at all. I do agree that he's a bad antagonist and stuff. But I can't help it. He's just too funny! He had so many good moments in the show, as you would see in my favorite parts of each episode. He was pretty much the Scott of the season and a lot of his moments made me laugh and they made me laugh HARD. There was also an episode where we saw a much softer side to him! I don't know what else to say. He was just ENJOYABLE and I hope he returns for another season. We need more of his evil laughter and schemes in another season!

5. Ella: Just like Max, I was really expecting to hate Ella in this season. Boy, was I wrong! I am in love with this character! I really enjoyed her songs throughout the season. They just reminded me of the good times back in Total Drama World Tour (they need to make a second World Tour season!!). I really admired her sweet, innocent nature and how she literally does nothing offensive in her time during the show. She was a pleasure to watch in the first couple of episodes and I was pretty disappointed that she was disqualified pretty early in the season. But I pray that they make another World Tour season and put her in it! Ella for World Tour! Ella for World Tour! 

4. Topher: A lot of you may be surprised that Topher is this high on the list. But I really found myself really liking this character. Like I have said in the past, he is definitely not as good as Sierra. That is very, very true. But I have to admit that he is just really hilarious. It was pretty funny watching him mess with Chris about his looks and age and also constantly complimenting himself about his looks and charisma. That was pretty funny. Unfortunately, he did get a bit annoying in the episode that he got eliminated in. But aside from that, this guy got a lot of good laughs and I'm willing to see where his character will go in the future if he does compete. I wonder what he'll be like as a host though...

3. Jasmine: I absolutely adored Jasmine in this season. She really exceeded my expectations and she turned out to be a really good character. I really liked what Total Drama did by placing an Australian competitor to compete. I think it's one of the first times we've actually seen a foreign competitor in the series. Judging by her appearance and how tall she was, I was a little bit scared. But I was pleasantly surprised as she improved in the duration of the season. I liked seeing her be the determined leader and the adventurous gal. She also was shown to have a good heart and even have a few weaknesses, such as her claustrophobia. It's good that she wasn't completely depicted as a godplayer. It was also nice seeing her stick up to people like Samey and Shawn and actually stay focused on winning the game. She has a really good personality and she's a great character.

2. Shawn: Just like Jasmine, Shawn really exceeded my expectations in this season. I thought it was pretty different for Total Drama to include someone who truly feared the zombie apocalypse. I thought Shawn had many dimensions to his character, from his paranoia side to his heartfelt side. Although he seemed very paranoid and seems to think unrealistically with all his zombie thoughts, he slowly learned to think with his heart and stick up to other people, especially Jasmine. He also had a lot of funny moments, from spraying Dave with snot to his armpit serenade. This guy is a great character and he was much better than I was expecting him to be. I hope to see him again in the future. 

1. Sugar: A lot of people hate Sugar, but personally, like I kept saying in the past, I love her. I mean sure her moments are really gross and stuff and I felt really bad for Ella when she kept on getting picked on by Sugar. But Sugar was just so funny. Her craptry was pretty funny and I really liked how she kept on making fun of Max. It was also funny seeing her fawn over "the wizard" and messing with other people. She was actually really funny and I thought she was better than Sky (no offense to Sky fans!). I thought she was also a pretty good competitor and she did a lot to contribute to the competition in the game. I hope to see her again in the future. 

As you can see, I liked most of the character development in this season. I thought most of the characters were used very well and had something going for them. Aside from a few annoyances and some serious character derailment from a certain character above, I was pretty happy with how the character development went and it was one of the advantages of this season. Now, let's take a look at the interactions throughout the season: 

1. Dave and Sky: DEAR LORD. I have quite a bit to say about Dave and Sky. To start off, I just want to say that I'm kind of glad that they didn't hook up. I mean at first, I thought they were okay. They did have mutual attraction towards one another in the beginning, but Sky wanted to focus more on the game. But she did admit that she liked Dave BUT. BUT being the keyword. And we don't even hear what comes after the BUT until the finale. Honestly, the lack of proper communication between these two baffles me. And before we even hear the BUT, they both act like unlikable jerks to each other. Dave acts all clingy and acts like a complete jerk towards Sky and then Sky refuses to even talk to him properly and communicate to him the fact that she has a boyfriend. And in the finale, Dave doesn't even let her explain everything she had to say. They're just not that compatible enough to be in a relationship, based on the lack of communication and Dave's sick obsession with Sky. I thought they were okay in the early episodes, but as the season progressed, they became more frustrating to sit through. 

2. Jasmine and Shawn: I have to say that this couple is probably up there as one of my favorite couples in Total Drama. I really liked the gradual development of their relationship. I will admit that even though I love Zoke as a guilty pleasure, I felt that their relationship was way too rushed. On the other hand, Jasmine and Shawn's relationship developed slower and it did get better as the season progressed. I liked how friendly they were to each other in the earlier episodes and how they were realizing all that they had in common and stuff. Although they showed signs of attraction to each other early in the season, they weren't clingy with each other and they didn't rush it too much. I think it's best that they keep it slow. And they did get better as a result. Then we come to the 5th episode when their friendship/relationship is kept in jeopardy due to Shawn's paranoia of zombies. I felt really bad for Shawn because of the situation he was in, but you know what? It made the season more interesting. And Shawn did get some pretty good character development when he was slowly learning to think more with his heart and worry less about his fear of zombies. It really paid off in episode 9 when he finally wins Jasmine's heart back and risks his life to let her win invincibility. It was really sweet of him to do that. Speaking of which, their relationship was very sweet to watch for the last couple of episodes. It was also interesting seeing Shawn in a state of tension when deciding what to do with the million dollars. Would he share it with Jasmine or would he not? And once again, their relationship is in jeopardy when all of his confessionals are revealed. But I'm glad that he made up for it in the end. It just comes to show that despite his paranoias, Shawn is in fact human and he does have a heart. And Jasmine does have good taste in men after all ;D. So, I thoroughly enjoyed Jasmine and Shawn's relationship this season. 

3. Amy and Samey: I don't really have too much to say about their sibling rivalry, as it wasn't the main focus of the season. I guess this is just your average sibling rivalry featuring the superior and the inferior. The superior constantly bosses the inferior around and the inferior has a hard time standing up against the superior. Their rivalry was fun while it lasted and I did like the plot twist in which Samey finally got her revenge against Amy and got her eliminated. It was actually cool to see Total Drama utilize twin siblings for this season. I wasn't too pleased when Amy came back because I wanted to see Samey develop more without her sibling around constantly giving her a hard time. I enjoyed Samey more and I liked the way she developed a strong side thanks to Jasmine, but I found Amy to just be a pretty flat character. She's mean and that's pretty much it. Not much to say here, but I wish that this rivalry could've had more development. 

4. Max and Scarlett: These two are such an odd duo. But hey, they really worked. I really enjoyed watching these two this season. It's just really hilarious how Scarlett gets irritated at Max for being an evil wannabe while Max keeps on calling Scarlett his inferior "sidekick". I also find it really ironic that Max is the less evil one while Scarlett is the true evil one. I thought it was a really nice way for Total Drama to put some twists in the characters. I think it made the characters and the season more interesting. It was also pretty ironic how they got eliminated together! You don't see that every day, haha. These two did have a lot of really good moments throughout the season and it was nice watching their development as the series progressed. I wonder how they're going to interact, supposing that they ever return for a future season. 

5. Samey and Jasmine: I actually don't have much to say about these two. I will say that it was cool of Jasmine to encourage Samey to stand up for herself and not let Amy boss her around anymore. It certainly worked wonders in episode 3 when she got her sister eliminated! I would've liked to see their friendship develop a bit more, but it was pretty nice while it lasted. 

6. Sugar and Ella: I felt really sorry for Ella when Sugar kept on picking on her and treating her like dirt. But I did really like how Ella tried hard to be friends with her and kept on remaining optimistic as she was doing so. I wouldn't be surprised if someday, Sugar and Ella did become the best of friends. Haha, just kidding. I highly doubt that would happen! If it did, that would be pretty weird. Ella did try to be friends with her, but it wasn't as overboard as Gwen moping and doping about being friends with Courtney again. It wasn't taken too extremely. Though it wasn't the major focus of the season, it was pretty fun watching them interact while it lasted. I'm rambling a bit here, but they were pretty fun to watch. 

7. Sugar and Leonard: I found it pretty funny how Sugar kept on crushing on Leonard. I also liked in episode 12 when she gets blasted off and she yells, "I'm coming, wizard!" I wonder how Leonard feels about her??

8. Ella and Dave: I thought this plotline was a bit pointless, as it only lasted for two episodes and was barely the main focus of both of them. I felt that Ella was too trapped in her fantasy world and she really needed to understand that Dave doesn't have feelings for her. I'm rambling again, but I really don't have much to say about their interaction. It was too brief. But I hope that Ella finds her prince one day :(. 

9. Sugar and Sky: So, their interaction didn't really have much focus until the later episodes. But honestly, I thought they were really funny. Sky really wanted to make an alliance and had no choice but to make one with Sugar since Shawn and Jasmine were tight and stuff. Sugar did share some funny lines with Sky in the episodes and it all went downhill in episode 11 when Sugar backstabbed Sky to finish up the challenge and their alliance is pretty much done from there. I would've liked to see their rivalry develop a bit more, but on the other hand, it was pretty fun while it lasted.

10. Chris and Topher: Oops, I almost forgot one of the more major interactions in the season: Chris and Topher! And I have to admit that this was another pretty entertaining interaction. It was hilarious how Topher tried taking over Chris's hosting duties and announce all the events that were going on in the show. I did also feel bad for Chris when Topher kept on showing concern about his looks and his age, but I have to admit that that was pretty funny at times. It was also hilarious when Chris completely changes his look and Topher has a hard time recognizing what was different about Chris! Not to mention that twist ending in episode 8 when Topher has been announced to host the show by the producer when the producer was actually Chris in disguise! It was finally great for Topher to get some comuppance from Chris for constantly picking on him so much! I wonder how they'll interact in the future, supposing Topher returns for another season? 

Overall, the interactions really had me invested in the show and it made the season more interesting. Not to mention the hilarious moments that they all contributed to the season. There were a few duds in the interactions and there were times when I wished that some parts of the interactions could have used more development, but I guess you have to take what you get. And overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions this season and I think they might be better than the development of the interactions established in TDROTI. And they were definitely a step up compared to TDAS. Now, let's start off with my overall feelings of each of the episodes. Since I've already covered all the episodes in my episode reviews, I'll just do a brief summary of my thoughts on all of the episodes:


1. So Uhh, This Is My Team: GOOD. This episode was an AWESOME start to the season. I really liked how they spent the first half of the episode actually developing the characters and giving them a distinctive personality. I liked the set up of the interactions, the challenge was pretty unique, the elimination was pretty predictable but entertaining, and it had a lot of good laughs, which is probably why I had a lot of favorite parts in the episode. 

2. I Love You, Grease Pig: GOOD. This was another great episode that I thought was even better than the last episode. I thought the character development and the interaction development was a lot better, the elimination was pretty satisfying, the challenge was interesting and unique, and it had enough comedy and drama to keep me satisfied. This episode is probably up there as one of my favorite episodes of the season (top 5!). 

3. Twinning Isn't Everything: GOOD. This was a good episode, though I don't think it was as good as the other two episodes. But this one was pretty entertaining as well. I really liked the elimination twist in the end and I liked the many set ups throughout the challenge and with the interactions and stuff. This episode had just enough jokes and drama for me to call it a good episode and it is still an episode that I would watch a few more times in the future. Ed MacDonald actually wrote a decent episode this time! 

4. I Love You, I Love You Knots: GOOD. This is probably my second favorite episode of the season. I really liked this episode. The idea of a truth or dare challenge was really clever and including Clucky and the electrocution gags were clever touches. I liked all the crazy stuff that everyone did throughout the episode and the elimination was very, very satisfying to say the least. Most of the gags in this episode hit bulls-eye and they were the main reason why I think that this is a great episode.  

5. A Blast From The Past: GOOD. Ed MacDonald wrote yet another decent episode. I probably like this episode about as much as I liked episode 3. Of course it was pretty obvious that Amy would come back for her revenge. Hey, Amy and Samey have a violent sibling rivalry! What do you expect? Haha, anyways, the challenge was pretty entertaining, the elimination was pretty predictable by the time Amy showed up, and most of the jokes were hilarious and the drama was used well too. This is yet another good episode. 

6. Mo Monkey, Mo Problems: GOOD. I thought that this was a great episode. Each of the characters had some great moments, the challenge was pretty entertaining, and although I was a bit saddened about Ella's elimination, her song at the end was AMAZING. We've clearly got a solid first half of the season and this proved to me that this season is turning out to be better than All-Stars. This is probably another episode I'd put in my top 5 of the best episodes of TDPI. 

7. This Is The Pits: GOOD. This episode is not as great as the other episodes, but it's decent enough for me to call it a good episode. Not too much happened here, but there were a few funny moments and I really liked that twist ending when nobody won and nobody got eliminated. That's something you don't really see all the time in Total Drama. The character development was pretty good and there isn't anything offensive about this episode. It's pretty decent. 

8. Three Zones And A Baby: MEH. I didn't hate this episode, but I wasn't really thrilled about it. There really wasn't that much that stood out for me, aside from that twist ending when Topher gets eliminated and when Max actually shows that he has a soft side. But surprisingly, this episode is kind of forgettable and not very great. It's not a bad one, but I don't remember too much from this episode, aside from a few funny moments.

9. Hurl And Go Seek: BAD. Oh man...this episode was a bad one. Although it's not in my bottom 5 of the worst episodes of Total Drama history, this is just not a very good episode. I did not like the challenge at all. The campers basically eat disgusting food and get really sick to the point that they turn into zombies and puke over everything they come across. It just seems pretty mean-spirited and really uncomfortable to watch. Not to mention that Dave and Sky were absolutely painful to watch in this episode, especially considering the fact that they are the main focus of this episode. All they do is basically scream and cry at each other and that's about it. There are some good moments here and there, such as Sugar winning the challenge and Jasmine and Shawn making up, but this episode is just not good. 

10. Scarlett Fever: GOOD. This episode was an AMAZING episode. I really liked the many revelations in this episode, from Scarlett revealing her evil side to Chris revealing that the island is in fact, mechanical. The twist ending with the elimination was also very entertaining and all of the characters had some great moments, from Shawn taking down all the robots to Sugar taking down Scarlett. This is a great episode that is over-the-top in terms of comedy and drama, but in a GOOD way. This is a great episode that I will go back to watching several times in the future. 

11. Sky Fall: GOOD. This episode is not my personal favorite episode, but for what it is, it's a decent episode. I really liked seeing the evil side of Sugar and how she used her brain to outsmart some of the contestants. It's not really what you would expect from a contestant who's typically not one of the smartest competitors in Total Drama. The challenge was also enjoyable enough and the revelation of the final 3 wasn't too bad. I really don't have much to say about this episode. It's a pretty good one. 

12. Pahk'd With Talent: GOOD. This was a great episode. I really liked the challenge idea of the competitors choosing their own challenges. And each of the competitors had some fantastic moments in these challenges, but my favorite would have to be the talent show one. From Shawn's armpit serenade to Sugar's horribly hilarious craptry routine, this episode had a ton of great laughs and this is definitely an episode I would go back to watching again and again. 

13. Lies, Cries, And One Big Prize: BAD. I didn't want to believe that the finale would be another bad one, but honestly, I was really, really disappointed with this finale. Once again, Dave was used HORRIBLY in this episode, but even more worse than in the episode that he was eliminated in. He acts like a bigger tantrum-throwing cry baby who even tries to kill Sky at the end of the episode, which is just taking things WAY too far. Sure he deserved to get some sort of comeuppance, but I think being trapped alone with that bear on the island is just way too far and pretty mean-spirited. I also lost respect for Sky when she didn't even tell Dave about her boyfriend when she had plenty of time before to do so. I guess my favorite part of this episode would have to be Jasmine and Shawn's moments, but come on, they have more cuter moments in the previous episodes. Another thing I didn't like about this episode is that once again, they chose not to have a peanut gallery. I think this episode would have been slightly better or at least a meh episode if they brought back the eliminated contestants. It would make the episode more interesting and it would have made for some really funny and charming moments. I guess the main thing that I do not like about this episode was that it really made me realize that this show is becoming much more unrealistic and cartoony. It just seems to be losing its edge and doesn't really seem to be a parody of Survivor anymore. But I'll get more in depth with that in my overall season ranking section. Overall, this finale was just really lame and uninteresting and honestly, a very disappointing way to end an awesome season. 

So, as you can see, most of the episodes were good. There were only 2 major duds in this episode and there a few episodes that were only decent and weren't particularly interesting. But most of the good episodes in this season were amazing. There were some really fantastic episodes in this season. If you want to take a look at my episode rankings, check out my profile. The episode rankings for this season should be somewhere there. Anyways, let's take a look at the comedy and drama. 

Comedy and Drama: Overall, I thought the comedy and the drama this season were really spot-on. It probably explains why I had a lot of favorite parts for most of the episodes. The comedy and drama here were huge steps-up compared to Total Drama All-Stars. They all amounted to something and the jokes that worked REALLY worked. The many twists and turns throughout the season were also very entertaining to watch and there were plenty of great moments. Those are probably some of the biggest advantages of this season. Now, let's take a look at the challenges:

Challenges: Overall, I really enjoyed the challenges this season. I thought they were all very unique and interesting. As I mentioned above, I really liked the final 3 challenge when the contestants got to choose their own challenge themes. I also really liked the truth-or-dare challenge, the grease pig challenge, and the 'Stop Scarlett' challenge. There were some really good challenges here and I felt that most of them were utilized really well. Once again, they weren't just walking from Point A to Point B. There were actually more to all of these challenges and they had a lot to offer. I hope that the writers come up with more creative challenges like these in the future. Now, the writing: 

Writing: I think the writing for this season was really, really good. I didn't see any noticeable issues with continuity and it seemed pretty spot-on. All of the characters were very consistent and they developed really well, the plotlines were interesting, and the comedy and the drama was well-written. There weren't too many issues with the exception of a few duds. The writing is much, much better than last season. Last but not least, how REALISTIC the season was:

Realistic: I really hate to admit it, but probably one of the biggest flaws about this season was that it feels very unrealistic. I know that Total Drama is a cartoon and it's supposed to be over-the-top at times, but I think the ideas of including robots on the island and making the island completely mechanical is just taking things way too far. In my opinion, I think the show needs to lay off the robot and radioactive themes and just make things simple and more applicable to real-life. 

Well, here it comes...the overall season ranking. 

Overall Season Ranking (Good, Meh, Bad): Sooo, what rating am I going to give this season? Is it a good season? Is it a bad season? Or is it just a meh season?'s the thing guys. I can safely say that this is not a bad season at all. But at the same time, I felt very conflicted on what to rate this season. It was somewhere between good and meh. Let me just say now that there is a TON going for this season. I feel like it represents Total Drama pretty well, most of the episodes were enjoyable to watch, the funny and dramatic moments were amazing, most of the character development was great, and the challenges were great as well. As you can tell, those are the main advantages of this season. But at the same time, some of those duds that I mentioned above kind of hurt this season pretty badly and there are also some pretty major flaws and a few things that are just missing from the season. I thought about what ranking to give it for a really long time. But from a Total Drama fan's point of view and a critical point of view, rating it as both an individual season and how it holds up compared to the other seasons, I'm going to go ahead and call it a GOOD season. This is not a fantastic season. I'm going to call it a MARGINALLY GOOD season. I know that I might get some flak for this. But like I said before, I really like this season. This is definitely a season I would go back to watching multiple times in the future. But honestly, despite all the huge advantages of this season, I just feel like the season did not live up to all my expectations. I just have the feeling that Total Drama is slowly losing the edge that it once had in the past. It just doesn't feel like the same reality show that I grew up with in middle school. Though the episodes were great, I just don't seem to enjoy them as much as the other episodes in the past seasons. The characters also seem to act more cartoony rather than normal teenagers and sometimes, they just act rather weird and over-the-top. And like I said above, the most major flaw about this season is how unrealistic it is becoming. As I said, I think the show needs to really lay off the robot and radioactive themes and actually move on to something more realistic and entertaining. But aside from the flaws that I mentioned above, I enjoyed this season and I think it did its job of representing Total Drama well. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this season. Despite some mediocre aspects, a lot of the season exceeded my expectations. My final rating is a 7/10, which is about the same rating I gave TDROTI. I didn't enjoy it as much as TDI, TDA, and TDWT, but I liked it as much as TDROTI and definitely more than TDAS.

Finally, I just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure watching this season with all of you. I read through most of the blogs and the season reviews and I enjoyed reading everyone's opinion on the season and how it held up! Thanks for watching the season with me and here's to hoping for a better future for Total Drama ahead! GoGoGadget, out! 

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