Okay, so I was watching the exclusive clip after Sierra's elimination ( and I was reading the comments below the video. Suddenly, I see a comment made by one user from Denmark who happened to see some of the clips that haven't aired in Canada. Here's how he described them: 

Exclusive 1: Cameron don't get why he's on the villains team, and tries to do an evil laugh. Exclusive 2: Duncan is in jail, calling her mother (it's her birthday) and a scary man looks at him during the end, so he asks for a lawyer. Exclusive 3: Ezikiel has the cake from the 100th episode, and all the animals in the wood gets happy. Exclusive 4: Alejandro ends up in Antarktis, where Heather show up in a sled, slaps him, they smile, and get away together. Exclusive 5: Gwen and Scott end up at Niagra Falls, falling down the waterfall. (Didn't see one with Courtney, not even sure if there is any.)

So yeah, I don't know if he's completely correct or not, but based on the details that he gave, it sounds about right. 

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