Episode 7: Phobia Factor

Premise: After a night of talking about each other's fears, Chris organizes a "fear facing" type challenge.

Challenge: A Fear Factor type challenge

Winner(s): Screaming Gophers

Eliminated: Tyler, for being unable to face and conquer his fear of chickens.

My Favorite Part: Courtney supporting Duncan throughout the challenge.

This episode is pretty meh. There were some things I liked though. I really liked how Courtney was supporting Duncan as he was facing his fear. I thought it was really sweet and it's the first time we actually see Courtney's sweet side. I was also very surprised by some of the fears each person had, including Courtney being afraid of green jelly, Izzy being afraid of flying (she's crazy! She should tolerate anything nature has to throw at her!), Cody diffusing a time bomb under pressure, and the most surprising of all, Duncan being scared of Celine Dion music store standees! I also did like Lindsay and Sadie facing their fear of bad haircuts together and it was nice to see Sadie interact with someone aside from Katie. And there were some little things like Heather spewing juice at Trent and Chef dressing up as a lady. But for the most part, this episode is pretty dull. There weren't too many laugh out loud moments nor that much drama. The idea for the challenge was decent, but it was pretty obvious that Chris was going to find some way to torment the contestants and organize a challenge like that. Another thing is that the challenge was very biased and mainly leaned towards the favor of the Gophers. Most of the Gophers succeeded, but many of the Killer Bass members, like Bridgette, Courtney, and Tyler, were not able to succeed. It did feel kinda rigged and biased. I also found Tyler's elimination at the end to be kind of mean-spirited and I felt really sorry for Tyler when he had to put up with all those chickens. Again, not a terrible episode. Not a great one. Just meh. 

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