Episode 6: The Sucky Outdoors

Premise: The contestants have to spend a night camping out in the woods. Duncan scares his team with a horror story, Izzy pulls a prank on her team, and a friendship is put on jeopardy!

Fun Fact: Owen killed a bear with his bare hands! (or did he?)

Challenge: Survive a night out in the woods

Winner(s): Screaming Gophers

Eliminated: Katie, because she and Sadie got lost in the woods and they arrived at camp too late to save their team from losing.

My Favorite Part: Duncan's scary story

This is a good episode once again. There are several funny jokes and good moments in this one. My favorite part is obviously Duncan's scary story and I also laughed hard when Courtney kept on cuddling to Duncan when she was scared! They even cuddled together when they were sleeping (same with Geoff and Bridgette! Foreshadowing much?). Izzy disguising herself as a bear was really funny (she made Cody pee his pants!) as well as Owen's over-dramatic story of him killing a bear with his grandfather (*insert Zim screaming, "Lies!"). We also get our first major interaction between Geoff and Bridgette as Geoff tells her, "Wow! You pitch a tent like a guy! I're not girly about getting dirty and stuff!" It was also funny when Bridgette clumsily burned down the tent as well as Heather's constant complaining and Duncan calling Katie and Sadie "Tweedle-dumb" and "Tweedle-idiot". Katie and Sadie are a bit annoying in this episode, because there's too much "eee-ing", which can get annoying very quickly if there is a whole episode centered around that for 22 minutes. But I will say that I liked the drama between the two and it really felt that their friendship was at stake. Though the drama felt kind of rushed, it was very sweet how they became friends again. The elimination was also sad, but sweet at the same time. Unfortunately, Sadie doesn't really get any character development or focus when Katie is gone, but it is good to see her competing on her own without all the "eee-ing". All in all, this is a good episode. 

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